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T. Yengi
R. O'Donovan
R. O'Donovan
Yellow Card
T. Aldred
Yellow Card
J. Daley
Yellow Card
L. Pršo
Yellow Card

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 1
Total Passes 552 440
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FULL TIME - It's all over here at Dolphin Stadium and the match finishes in a stalemate with a 0-0 draw. Brisbane had two goals disallowed with Yuel also hitting the woodwork for the Jets but in the end both sides have to settle for a share of the spoils. 
90' + 4' O'Shea sends it in and it's a very poor corner that fades out to the near side for a goal kick. 
90' + 3' Danzaki sends it in with Boogaard heading it out for another corner. 
90' + 3' Danzaki wins the corner as Brisbane look for a final minute goal. 
90' + 1' Yengi uses his bulk to win the header in the box but he heads wide. 
90' There will be three minutes of stoppage time. 
T. Yengi
R. O'Donovan
90' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Roy O'Donovan comes off for Tete Yengi.
89' O'Shea sends it into the box with McDonald's header somehow saved by Duncan who has been brilliant tonight! It would not have counted had it gone in due to offside. 
88' Topor-Stanley fouls McDonald with Brisbane to get another set piece. 
88' O'Shea sends the free kick over the bar for a goal kick. 
88' Thurgate commits the foul on O'Shea that will give Brisbane the free kick in a very dangerous position. 
86' Wenzel-Halls gets in behind the defence but he lacks the power in the shot to beat Duncan. 
84' Both sides keep scrapping as they search for a goal that could turn out to be the winner. 
R. O'Donovan
Yellow Card
81' YELLOW CARD - Roy O'Donovan is booked for his challenge on Brown. 
80' The variation is taken on the set piece with Mauragis sliding in to concede the throw in. 
80' Akbari is fouled by Yuel and Brisbane will have the set piece. 
78' Not sure how this game still hasn't had a goal. 
T. Aldred
Yellow Card
75' YELLOW CARD - Tom Aldred is booked for tugging the shirt of O'Donovan. 
74' Brisbane win the corner and Jack Duncan somehow keeps it out!
72' Brisbane Roar are well on top at the moment. 
70' Wenzel-Halls shoots from inside the box but Duncan gets across to make the save. 
Ali Abbas
L. Pršo
70' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Luka Pršo comes off for Ali Abbas.
R. Akbari
J. Daley
67' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Jesse Daley is replaced by Rahmat Akbari.
J. Daley
Yellow Card
65' YELLOW CARD - Jesse Daley is shown the yellow card for his challenge on Prso.
62' Wenzel-Halls is through in the box and he goes down but there is no penalty. 
59' Unbelievable stuff here with O'Shea finding Danzaki who slides it past Duncan but he was offside! Danzaki has a second goal ruled out.
L. Pršo
Yellow Card
57' YELLOW CARD - Luka Pršo is booked for going in on Hingert. 
56' This game will open up as they players begin to tire. 
53' Gillesphey heads the corner back to Aldred who scrapes the shot in but it was a weak effort. 
53' Brisbane have the corner off Boogaard. 
53' Danzaki is limping around at the moment after receiving some contact to the leg.
49' It has been a slow start to the second half. 
L. Mauragis
K. Petratos
46' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Kosta Petratos is replaced by Lucas Mauragis.
45' The second half is underway. 
HALF TIME - We are scoreless at the break but due to a lack of trying with Yuel hitting the woodwork and Danzaki having a goal ruled out. The second half promises to deliver and we will be back after the break. 
45' + 1' Yuel tries to find space for the shot but he misses to the near side. 
45' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time. 
45' The wind is creating issues out there with Young having to adjust his goal kick routine after the ball is moved. 
45' Ugarkovic with the short corner to Koutroumbis who shoots but misses by a long way. 
44' Petratos gets past one defender and can't advance any further. He will settle for the corner. 
42' Yuel with a brilliant effort that comes back off the post! He's an excitement machine!
39' Wenzel-Halls with a great shot off a tight angle and Duncan gets a hand on it to send it out for a corner or did he? Goal kick is the decision. 
37' McDonald cuts it back for Danzaki who finds the back of the net but the ball went out of play before McDonald cut it back.
34' Brisbane are beginning to get on top. 
32' Brown finds Danzaki who heads it wide.
31' O'Shea drives the shot from outside the box but it's an easy save for Duncan. 
29' There's just no space in the final third for either side with both defences doing their jobs. 
27' Petratos gets past Hingert but his delivery into the box is along the ground and not going to worry the Brisbane defence. 
24' Yuel combines with Petratos but he can't get past Gillesphey. 
22' The Roar win the free kick but Brown's delivery is poor. 
21' Ugarkovic tries one from distance but Young makes a comfortable save. 
18' Wenzel-Halls gets past Boogaard but his cross to Danzaki is cut down by Topor-Stanley.
17' Prso with the header from inside the box but Young is standing on his line and has it well and truly covered. 
15' The corner is sent in towards Aldred who was all over Koutroumbis and play is stopped with the foul paid against the Roar defender. 
14' Hingert looks for Wenzel-Halls but it gets away from him and out it goes for a corner. 
13' Petratos appeals for a penalty after going down in the box but the referee ignores it and play continues. 
11' The crowd hasn't yet got into the game at this early stage. 
8' O'Shea goes to Hingert out wide but the offside flag goes up against him. 
6' This match promises plenty with both sides in some form. 
3' It has been an even start to the match to this stage. 
1' We are off and underway. 
Newcastle (3-4-3): Duncan (GK); Koutroumbis, Boogaard, Topor-Stanley; K Petratos, Ugarkovic, Thurgate, O'Toole; Prso, Yuel, O'Donovan. Subs: Italiano (GK), Abbas, Yengi, Armson, Jackson, Mauragis.
Brisbane (4-4-2): Young (GK); Brown, Gillesphey, Aldred, Hingert; Danzaki, Trewin, Daley, O'Shea; Wenzel-Halls, McDonald. Subs: Freke (GK), Kudo, Brindell-South, Akbari, Courtney-Perkins, Jelacic, Parsons. 
Newcastle are coming off the back of two consecutive wins and the subsequent appointment of new coach Craig Deans during the week. A win tonight will elevate them into the top six. 
Brisbane are looking to bounce back from their mid week loss to Macarthur and go back up to second position on the ladder with a win tonight. 
Good evening and welcome to Dolphin Stadium for tonight's clash between Brisbane and Newcastle.