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Key Events

90' + 1'
N. D'Agostino
J. Caletti
5 - 1
T. Broich
4 - 1
J. MacLaren
3 - 1
J. MacLaren
B. Borello
2 - 1
J. MacLaren
1 - 1

Match Stats

51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 11 4
Total Passes 466 440
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Brisbane Roar have come from behind to deliver a stunning performance to turn the game on its head and defeat the Central Coast Mariners 5-1. An eight minute Jamie Maclaren hat-trick was the highlight of the match. Brisbane Roar move to third whilst the Mariners remain on the bottom.
N. D'Agostino
90' + 1' GOAL ROAR - Broich with a beautiful pass to Caletti who then passes to D'Agostino who shoots from outside the box and the finish is sheer brilliance! Roar make it 5-1!
89' Broich tees up D'Agostino but the shot is blocked on its way to Necevski who takes possession of the ball.
87' O'Donovan flicks towards Buhagiar but Brown intercepts once again.
J. Bingham
Fábio Ferreira
85' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Goal scorer Fábio Ferreira comes off and he is replaced by Josh Bingham.
N. D'Agostino
B. Borello
85' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Brandon Borello comes off for Nicholas D'Agostino.
T. Broich
82' GOAL ROAR - Arana with a short pass to Broich who has time to pick his spot and shoot past four defenders and Necevski to score Brisbane's fourth goal. Roar leads 4-1.
79' Corey Brown has had a terrific second half in defence tonight. His father Rod Brown of course made his name as a striker in the old NSL days with Marconi, APIA Leichardt, Newcastle Breakers and the Brisbane Strikers.
76' What a devastating eight minute display by Jamie Maclaren that will be talked about here for a long time.
M. Neill
Liam Rose
73' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Liam Rose is replaced by Michael Neill.
T. Buhagiar
K. Appiah-Kubi
73' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - Kwabena Appiah-Kubi makes way forTrent Buhagiar.
J. MacLaren
70' GOAL ROAR - Jamie Maclaren, what a superstar! He is put through by Arana and with Necevski rushing at him Maclaren simply lobs the ball over and there's his hat-trick. Brisbane Roar leads 3-1.
69' Arana ignores all options and goes for goal himself and it wasn't pretty.
J. MacLaren
66' GOAL ROAR - Borrello crosses to the centre of the box where Liam Rose misses it. It rolls to Maclaren and he makes it a brace for the Roar. Brisbane Roar leads 2-1.
66' Necevski's clearance hits Maclaren in the rib cage but it bounces out safely for a goal kick.
65' Broich finds Brown who centres to Maclaren but his first time shot is over.
64' Maclaren beats Necevski but his shot hits the post!
B. Holman
62' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Brett Holman comes off for Manuel Arana.
J. MacLaren
62' GOAL ROAR - Borrello gets to the byline and cuts it back for Maclaren who deals with a defender before drilling it through the legs of Necevski to equalise for the Roar. It's 1-1 in Brisbane.
58' Roar has had 68% possession over the last five minutes with the pressure mounting on the Mariners.
55' Some desperate defence from the Mariners with both Holman and Hingert both denied from close range.
53' Roar have had 6 shots at goal to 2.
51' Roux centres the ball to O'Donovan and his shot beats everyone but hit hits the post. Very unlucky not to score!
Fábio Ferreira
49' GOAL MARINERS - McGing slides it over to Fábio Ferreira who shoots from outside the box and that's a brilliant individual goal from Fabio Ferreira! Mariners lead 1-0.
47' The Mariners will be looking to strike early in this second half to silence the crowd.
46' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - We have had some attacking end to end football in the first half and somehow we head to the break goalless. It's 0-0 at half-time.
A. Papadopoulos
Yellow Card
45' + 1' YELLOW CARD - Avraam Papadopoulos is shown the yellow card for one foul too many.
43' Connor Pain clearly hasn't heard of the saying to pick on someone his own size. He is unhappy with Papadopoulos and gives him a mighty shove before the referee calms them both down.
40' Appiah with the cross down the right and it's deflected for a corner.
37' Roux sends the cross into the box but there isn't anyone there to finish off the job.
35' Holman sends the ball forward looking for another touch, but Necevski has it safely in his hands.
33' Maclaren has his shot saved on the line after Necevski was caught in No Mans' land.
30' Brisbane are really beginning to apply the pressure.
29' Caletti with a good strike but he can't get it on target. It then falls for Borrello who shoots wide.
28' Another ball is whipped into the box and Rose knocks it out for another corner.
28' McGing concedes the corner with Maclaren ready to pounce.
25' Both defences are on top here at the moment.
23' Holman looks for Maclaren again who is in some form, but the ball is too heavy and Necevski gets to it first.
20' Galloway with the free kick but he will have to do better than that to beat Young.
19' Young nearly concedes what would have been the first goal of the match with Pain almost charging down his clearance.
Liam Rose
Yellow Card
16' YELLOW CARD - Liam Rose is shown the yellow card for his challenge on Maclaren.
15' Kristensen tries to play in Maclaren but once again the offside flag is up.
13' Ferreira looks for Pain with a good ball but he didn't plan for Hingert to get in the way and clear the ball.
11' Necevski punches the corner out of the way and clears.
10' Brown sends the cross in and Necevski has to palm it over for a corner.
8' Mariners have had 75% of the possession in the last five minutes.
6' Borrello slides it through to Maclaren but the flag is up for offside.
4' In the 21 times these teams have met Brisbane Roar has won 10 with the Mariners winning 5. There have been six draws.
1' The Mariners kick off to get us underway.
Central Coast (4-2-3-1): Necevski (GK); Galloway, Ascroft. Rose, Roux; McGing, Berry; Pain, Ferreira, Appiah-Kubi; O'Donovan. Subs: Izzo (GK), Neill, Buhagiar, Whyte, Bingham.
Brisbane (4-2-3-1): Young (GK); Hingert, Papadopoulos, North, Brown; Kristensen, Caletti; Borrello, Holman, Broich; Maclaren. Subs: Bilic (GK), Arana, Pepper, De Vere, D'Agostino.
Lets take a look at the line ups.
A draw or win takes the Brisbane Roar to third positon. A Mariners win would lift them off the bottom of the table.
Good evening and welcome to the last game of the round. It's Brisbane Roar vs Central Coast Mariners.