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L. Fejsa
Yellow Card
H. Seferović
A. Taarabt
3 - 0
Rafa Silva
2 - 0
Raúl de Tomás
Yellow Card
Raúl de Tomás
1 - 0

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 5
Total Passes 652 336
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Benfica play Fiorentina in their next outing in the International Champions Cup next Wednesday at the Red Bull Arena, while Chivas take on Atletico Madrid in Arlington next week.
Benfica kick off their International Champions Cup campaign with a 3-0 victory over Chivas. It was not a perfect performance from the Portuguese outfit, but Bruno Lage will have been pleased with his side's clinical edge in the final third. Raul de Tomas opened the scoring with a close-range effort after good work from Caio. Benfica had to wait until the second half for the second goal as Rafa found the net before Haris Seferovic killed off the contest. Chivas had their moments in the game, hitting the woodwork three times. Miguel Ponce hit the bar and the post, while Alex Vega struck the underside of the bar. The Mexican side were unlucky to lose by a three-goal margin, although at times they were overwhelmed by the quality of Lage's men.
90' + 1' OFF THE POST! For the second time in the game Ponce hits the woodwork. He bends his effort over the wall from the free-kick and the ball appears to be heading towards the back of the net. Odisseas is rooted to the spot, but the post saves Benfica.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
90' Jardel brings down Cervantes on the edge of the box, handing Chivas a free-kick in a good position.
89' CHANCE! Beltran gets the better Ebuehi down the left flank and he supplies a low cross into the middle. Huerta makes a run to latch on to the ball, but he scuffs his strike straight at Odisseas.
87' Huerta has made probing runs in his limited time on the pitch. The wing-back has shown a great deal of desire to get into the action.
L. Fejsa
Yellow Card
85' Fejsa is booked just minutes after entering the action for handling the ball.
84' Chiquinho tries to weave his way through the Chivas defence before firing at goal. He does not get the power on his attempt, which trickles straight through to Gudino.
82' WIDE! Villalpando floats the ball into the box from the free-kick and Briseno is presented with a free header at goal from 12 yards. However, the defender can only place his attempt well wide of the target.
81' Huerta wins a free-kick on the right flank for Chivas after being brought down by Fejsa.
L. Fejsa
79' Ferro makes his way off the pitch for Fejsa.
F. Cervi
Álex Grimaldo
79' Cervi replaces Grimaldo for Benfica for the closing stages of the contest.
T. Ebuehi
Nuno Tavares
79' Tavares makes way for Ebuehi at the back.
79' It's an important final 11 minutes of the game for Chivas to ensure that they do not fold here. They've had their moments, but have been undone by Benfica's quality in the second half.
A. Živković
H. Seferović
79' Seferovic makes way after the stoppage as Zivkovic comes on to the pitch.
75' There will be a stoppage for a water break. It's time for Chivas to catch their breath after the onslaught from Benfica.
F. Beltrán
J. González
74' Beltran replaces Gonzalez for Chivas in the final third.
74' SAVE! Seferovic almost notches his second with an acrobatic strike. He latches on to Tavares' cross from deep and connects with a volley, forcing Gudino into a fine stop, turning the ball over the bar.
A. Taarabt
73' Taarabt produces a fine pass to cut open the Chivas defence, releasing Seferovic to shoot and score.
H. Seferović
73' GOALLLLLLLLL!!! SEFEROVIC MAKES IT THREE!! 3-0 BENFICA!!!! The Swiss gets on the scoresheet with a composed finish from close range. Taarabt on this occasion cuts open the Chivas defence with a throughball for the striker to collect. Seferovic holds his nerve and slots his strike past Gudino into the bottom corner.
72' Benfica are starting to take control of the contest and are finding space in the final third with ease at the moment.
70' Jota beats one challenge before sliding a precise throughball behind the Chivas defence for Rafa to collect and score.
Rafa Silva
70' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!! RAFA DOUBLES BENFICA'S LEAD!!! 2-0!!! The Portuguese side extend their advantage over Chivas with a fine team move. Jota cuts open the Chivas defence with an incisive throughball. He threads the needle to pick out Rafa's run and the midfielder slots the ball past Gudino, displaying a clinical edge 10 yards from goal.
C. Huerta
C. Villanueva
68' Villanueva makes way for Huerta in the Chivas defence.
68' SAVE! Grimaldo fires a cross into the box with pace from the left flank. Seferovic rises to head the ball towards goal, making glancing contact. Gudino produces a fine reaction save to turn the ball over the bar.
66' WIDE! Seferovic latches on to a throughball from Jota down the right inside channel and he fires a low strike at goal, but he places his attempt wide of the target.
A. Taarabt
65' Taarabt comes on to the field in the middle of the park for Gabriel.
65' Pizzi makes way for Chiquinho.
Raúl de Tomás
65' Jota is on for De Tomas in the final third.
A. Samaris
Florentino Luís
65' Samaris comes on to the field for Luis in the middle of the park.
61' De Tomas turns into space 30 yards from goal and goes for the strike, but he places his attempt harmlessly wide of the post.
Raúl de Tomás
Yellow Card
61' De Tomas fouls Briseno and goes into the book for the challenge.
60' OFF THE BAR! Benfica clear the corner as far as Vega and he goes for a strike on the half-volley. His effort sails towards the net and beats Odisseas, only to strike the underside of the bar and bounce clear of the goal. So unlucky for Chivas.
59' Ponce goes down under pressure from Tavares, but the referee points for only Chivas corner. The wing-back does not seem thrilled with the decision.
58' OVER! Cervantes and Vega combine down the right flank, which sees the latter float a cross into the box. Gonzalez rises highest in the penalty area to head at goal, only to see his header sail over the bar.
57' Chivas have been much improved since the restart. They're asking questions of the Benfica defence, although the Portuguese side have been active on the counter.
D. Villalpando
Yellow Card
55' Villalpando catches De Tomas with a late challenge and goes into the book.
53' De Tomas probes down the left inside channel and he places a low ball across the face of goal. However, Seferovic is not on the same page as his strike partner and fails to make a run to convert at the back post.
50' OFF THE BAR! Ponce is denied by the woodwork. Chivas break on the counter through Vega down the right and he works the ball across to the left flank. Ponce collects in space and hammers a strike towards the target. The ball beats Odisseas, but it clatters off the bar and bounces to safety.
49' Vega breaks into space down the right inside channel and he tries to force a low strike at goal. He connects with his shot, but Odisseas gets down to make the save.
48' Jardel and Gonzalez collide in the final third as the striker attempts to latch on to Villalpando's throughball, but the referee deems the contact incidental.
46' We're back under way in Santa Clara.
Rúben Dias
46' Jardel replaces Ruben at the back for the Portuguese outfit.
Rafa Silva
46' Ferreira replaces Caio at the break for Benfica.
Chivas were on the back foot for the majority of the first half, but there were signs that they were starting to come to life. Miguel Ponce saw his header well saved by Odisseas Vlachodimos, while Alex Vega saw his follow-up also denied by the Benfica keeper. The Mexican outfit have to be more dynamic in their approach in the second half to get back into the game.
Benfica take a 1-0 lead into the break in this International Champions Cup clash against Chivas. Raul de Tomas broke the deadlock in the fourth minute when he converted Caio's low cross at the back post. The Portuguese side were the better of the two teams in the first period, but other than the goal they were relatively quiet in the final third. Bruno Lage will want to see more from his side in the second half to kill off the contest.
45' + 2' Villalpando lifts a cross into the box from a corner on the right flank and Briseno wins the header across the face of goal, but no Chivas player can react before Villalpando attempts to gather and is caught offside.
45' There will be three minutes of added time.
45' Benfica opt to knock the ball around at the back rather than the direct approach, which peters out without threatening in the final third.
44' Villanueva is quickly on to the threat of Caio down the left, but he is adjudged to have fouled the Benfica winger. The Portuguese side have a chance to send the ball into the box before the end of the half.
42' SAVES! Odisseas keeps Benfica ahead in the match by producing two fine saves. First he makes a reaction stop to push Ponce's header away from the net after the defender connects with Van Rankin's cross from the right flank. Vega then gathers the loose ball and tries to force a low strike underneath the keeper, but Odisseas spreads himself to make the save.
Yellow Card
41' Ponce intercepts a short pass from Gabriel and drives forward from the back. The Benfica midfielder brings down the defender, running down the left flank with a sliding challenge. He goes into the book for mistiming his tackle.
38' Grimaldo makes a surging run down the left flank before feeding Seferovic. The forward wins a corner off the legs of Villanueva after seeing his low cross blocked.
J. González
Yellow Card
37' Gonzalez jumps into the back of Ruben in an aerial tussle and he goes into the book for the challenge.
35' Pizzi collects on the edge of the box and he cuts back on to his left foot to fire at goal. However, his effort is charged down by a wall of Chivas defenders.
33' We're back under way. Let's see if Chivas are able to make an impression before the end of the first half.
31' Here comes a break for the players to take in some water due to the hot conditions in Santa Clara.
29' It's all a bit too easy for Benfica at the moment. Their experience and quality is allowing them to dicate the tempo of the game. Chivas need to up the ante to get themselves a foothold in the contest.
27' Ponce makes a probing run down the left flank and he completes an offload to Villalpando. However, the midfielder fails to pick out Gonzalez on the edge of the box, allowing Ruben to make the interception.
25' Benfica's precision with their passing is giving them the edge in the contest. Chivas have not been able to enjoy a sustained period of possession.
23' Gabriel puts the free-kick into the box, floating his delivery towards the back post. Chivas are disciplined at the back and are able to clear their lines with relative ease.
22' Gabriel's close control helps him evade the boot of Villalpando, but the trailing leg of the midfielder catches him, resulting in a Benfica free-kick.
20' Villalpando is played into space down the right flank and he looks for a team-mate in the box with a first-time cross, but there are no Chivas attackers there to convert the precise delivery.
18' SAVE! Vega goes for goal with a low strike from the free-kick, but Odisseas is able to get down to make a comfortable save to his right.
17' Gabriel brings down Vega on the charge and Chivas win a free-kick 20 yards from goal.
16' It has been an entertaining game in the opening 16 minutes. Both sides are playing with energy and are pressing their opponents. It has not been a usual pre-season amble.
14' Gonzalez latches on to a ball over the top for Chivas and he takes on an early strike on the half-volley. The forward connects well with his strike, but it sails narrowly over the bar.
12' Gabriel lines up a strike from distance for the Portuguese outfit, only to see his effort deflected into the hands of Gudino.
10' Grimaldo raids down the left flank and he supplies another low cross into the area, but Briseno takes action to head behind to clear the danger.
8' Benfica are dominating the early stages of the contest and are moving the ball with ease around the pitch. Chivas need to respond to disrupt their opponents' rhythm.
6' Grimaldo is afforded space and time down the left flank. He lifts a dangerous cross towards the six-yard box, forcing Briseno into action ahead of his keeper to clear behind.
5' Caio runs at Villanueva once again and almost gets the better of the defender, but the Chivas man does just enough to get back to make the challenge.
4' Caio uses his speed down the left flank to surge past one challenge before providing a pinpoint cross for De Tomas to score.
Raúl de Tomás
4' GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! DE TOMAS PUTS BENFICA AHEAD!! 1-0!! The Portuguese champions take the lead as De Tomas converts at the back post. Caio creates the opening down the left flank as he surges past his man. He supplies a dangerous low cross and the striker makes no mistake, tapping into the back of the net.
3' WIDE! De Tomas twists and turns on the edge of the Chivas box and pulls the trigger with a left-footed strike, only to place his strike wide of the post.
3' BLOCK! Gabriel lines up the free-kick and strikes the ball with his left foot, only to see his effort blocked by the Chivas wall.
2' Briseno brings down De Tomas in the final third, handing Benfica an opportunity to threaten from the resulting free-kick.
1' Chivas break forward in the opening seconds of the game, but Cervantes drills his attempt well over the bar from distance.
1' We're underway at Levi's Stadium.
The players are out on the pitch, so we should be underway shortly.
There are several changes for Chivas from their defeat against Fiorentina. Gonzalez and Vega come into the side to lead the attack, while Cervantes and Basulto come into the middle of the park. Marin and Briseno get the nod to start in the centre of defence, with Ponce and Villanueva start in the full-back positions.
De Tomas leads the line for Benfica in the contest alongside last season's top scorer Seferovic. Lage goes for a four-man midfield with skipper Pizzi playing on the right flank, while Ruben Dias and Ferro start in the middle of the backline.
CHIVAS SUBS: Oswaldo Alanis, Jose Rodriguez, Alan Pulido, Javier Lopez, Isaac Brizuela, Gael Sandoval, Alejandro Mayorga, Jesus Sanchez, Ronaldo Cisneros, Guillermo Mandrigal, Jesus Molina, Hiram Mier, Oribe Peralta, Michael Perez, Fernando Beltran, Alejandro Zendejas, Cesar Huerta, Antonio Torres, Alan Torres.
CHIVAS (4-4-2): Raul Gudino; Carlos Villanueva, Antonio Briseno, Hedgardo Marin, Miguel Ponce; Jose Van Rankin, Alan Cervantes, Miguel Basulto, Dieter Villalpando; Alexis Vega, Jose de Jesus Gonzalez.
BENFICA SUBS: Mile Svilar, German Conti, Lubomir Fejsa, Franco Cervi, Andrija Zivkovic, Chiquinho, Andreas Samaris, Tyronne Ebuehi, Rafa, Jardel, Andre Almeida, Adel Taarabt, Ivan Zlobin, Jota, Joao Ferreira, Tiago Dantas.
BENFICA (4-4-2): Odisseas Vlachodimos; Nuno Tavares, Ruben Dias, Ferro, Alejandro Grimaldo; Pizzi, Florentino Luis, Gabriel Pires, Caio; Raul de Tomas, Haris Seferovic.
Chivas have already been in action in the International Champions Cup. The Mexican side suffered a 2-1 defeat against Fiorentina, despite taking the lead through Eduardo Lopez. There were positives to take from the contest for coach Tomas Boy, although he will be seeking an improvement against Benfica in their second outing.
Benfica step up their preparations for the new campaign against the Mexican outfit, who will be a stern test for Bruno Lage and his team. The Portuguese side have lost to Anderlecht already in pre-season, but were able to bounce back with an 8-0 hammering of Academica. All eyes will be on Raul de Tomas to make an impression following his big money move as Benfica seek to overcome the lost of Joao Felix.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the International Champions Cup clash between Benfica and Chivas at Levi's Stadium.