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90' + 1'
A. Mionić
Samu Castillejo
90' + 1'
M. Brescianini
F. Borini
A. Stiller
T. Müller
H. Çalhanoğlu
Yellow Card
45' + 3'
L. Goretzka
J. Kimmich
1 - 0

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56% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 642 508
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That concludes our commentary of the ICC fixture between Bayern Munich and Milan! We hope you enjoyed it!
Bayern’s ICC tournament is over, and they’ll be in action next in the Audi Cup against Fenerbahce. Milan will play their second fixture in the International Champions Cup on Sunday against Benfica.
Milan open their International Champions Cup account with a loss as they fall 1-0 to Bayern Munich, thanks to a winner from Goretzka in first-half stoppage time. Bayern were certainly the dominant side and deserved their victory, though much of Milan’s first-half momentum was stopped with an injury to Hernandez who looked lively prior to being forced off through injury. Giampaolo looked to instruct his side to pass out from the back in his first match, which was met with mixed results as Milan often looked shakey in front of their own goal. Bayern had a late goal through Arp, but it was chalked off as Strinic’s header in the build-up was deemed to hit off the striker’s arm, though it ultimately didn’t affect the result, as Milan were unable to get back level.
M. Brescianini
F. Borini
90' + 1' It’s two alterations in stoppage time from Giampaolo as Borini is replaced by Brescianini.
A. Mionić
Samu Castillejo
90' + 1' Milan make a late change as Castillejo is replaced by Mionic.
90' The fourth official indicates an additional two minutes for stoppages.
88' With two minutes to go, it doesn’t look likely that Milan will be able to draw level, as they haven’t challenged Ulreich’s goal in quite some time. It hasn’t been a great debut for the Rossoneri, but they’ve definitely had chances which should’ve been converted. 
86' Bayern Munich haven’t played Milan in the Champions League since a meeting in 2007, with the Rossoneri winning the tie 2-0.
84' Bayern have the ball in the back of the net but it’s called off for handball! The cross comes into the six-yard box for Arp, but Strinic’s defensive header knocks it into the hand of the striker, which gave him an unfair advantage. He’s able to finish the chance with venom, but the referee immediately rules it out as Milan are let off the hook!
82' A poor clearance from Ulreich allows Milan to attack with four players, but Cutrone is unable to work any space at the edge of the 18-yard box for a shot. His eventual effort is blocked, and Piatek is whistled for a foul while challenging for the loose ball. 
A. Stiller
T. Müller
80' Stiller replaces Muller with 10 minutes remaining as Kovac makes another switch.
79' Calhanoglu curls the free-kick to the far post for Cutrone but it’s far too easy for the goalkeeper to claim with a simple catch.
78' Milan win a free-kick midway between the centre circle and the 18-yard box as Borini is pushed over in possession.
77' The set-piece is once again taken by Calhangolu, and this time Pavard is able to get his head to it first - clearing it away from his 18-yard box.
75' Calhanoglu takes a corner towards Piatek, but the towering figure of Sule clears it away at the first time of asking - though Milan win a second corner-kick after winning back possession. 
72' Milan are looking increasingly tired as Bayern dominate possession, but Giampaolo has not made a substitution to relieve his squad since before the hour. With most of the players slated to feature in the 2019/20 campaign already on the pitch, perhaps the new manager sees value in working on shape with his regulars.
70' Coman finds the fun of Muller inside the six-yard box, but he’s unable to get his close-range header on target despite getting in front of Conti to attack it! That should really have been 2-0!
67' Bayern are holding possession as they force Milan’s forwards to come up and press them. It almost works as Pavard gets himself free on the right flank, but a heavy touch from the World Cup winner allows the Rossoneri to reclaim it.
65' Borini tries to find Cutrone with a cross from the left as the game gets increasingly stretched, but Sule is able to nod it away for a Milan corner.
63' Sule gives the ball away in front of his own net but Cutrone is unable to get the ball out of his feet quick enough as Ulreich comes flying off his line to make the save!
61' Cutrone sends a cross into the penalty are but it’s hit too high for Borini as Mihaljevic is able to get to it first.
D. Alaba
K. Coman
59' Coman has been fantastic this evening, but he’ll get an early rest as Alaba replaces him - allowing Davies to play further forward.
S. Singh
Renato Sanches
59' Renato Sanches is withdrawn just before the hourmark as Singh gets a chance.
P. Cutrone
D. Maldini
58' Cutrone is on for Maldini as Milan make their first tactical change of the match.
57' Milan are extremely sloppy in front of their own goal as they look to pass it out from the back. They eventually run the ball out for a corner, which is taken by Thiago. It’s a routine from the training ground as he hits the cross towards Renato Sanches, who’s stationed outside the area. The Portugal international doesn’t catch it well though, and it’s saved by the goalkeeper.
55' Calabria gets on the end of a switch from Borini and drives towards the byline, pulling a weak pass back to the near post for Ulreich to smother.
53' Thiago tries an audacious diagonal ball for the run of Coman on the left, but an alert header from Calabria allows Gianluigi Donnarumma to get to it first.
51' Muller floates a lovely reverse chip into the penalty area looking for the run of Thiago, but the Milan goalkeeper leaps highest to claim the lofted ball.
H. Çalhanoğlu
Yellow Card
49' Calhanoglu gets into a footrace with Coman, which he is never likely to win. He slides in to bring down the France international, earning a yellow card for the foul.
48' Arp latches onto a loose ball in the penalty area and hits a curler towards Gianluigi Donnarumma which is too easy for the goalkeeper to save. 
S. Ulreich
M. Neuer
46' Ulreich is in for Neuer as Bayern also switch goalkeepers.
46' Milan get the second half underway from the kick-off!
I. Mihaljevic
J. Kimmich
46' Kimmich’s evening is done after 45 minutes, giving Mihaljevic a chance.
Thiago Alcântara
C. Tolisso
46' Thiago replaces Tolisso as Kovac makes a switch at the half. 
Bayern Munich have a wealth of experienced options on the bench, with Alaba, Lewandowski and Thiago all waiting to come on. Arp has looked lively in attack, but the service just hasn’t been there, perhaps indicating that Kovac’s first changes are needed in midfield if they wish to add to the advantage. For Giampaolo, most of the players available from the bench are from Milan’s youth squads, though they’ll surely be hungry to make a name for themselves if given the opportunity.
Bayern Munich enter the interval up 1-0 thanks to a late goal from Goretzka. Kovac’s side have thoroughly dominated possession but had a difficult time finding a way through a makeshift Milan defence before Kimmich’s splitting pass separated the sides. Davies and Coman look extremely lively down the right-hand side, giving Calabria difficulty with every attack. For the Rossoneri, Hernandez’s early departure is a worry and a shame, as he was a bright spark going forward and tracking back. It’s no surprise Milan conceded shortly after he was forcibly withdrawn due to injury.
J. Kimmich
45' + 3' Kimmich unlocks the defence and plays a superb assist through to Goretzka for the opener. 
L. Goretzka
45' + 3' GORETZKA MAKES IT 1-0 BAYERN MUNICH ON THE STROKE OF HALF-TIME! Kimmich passes it into the channel with lovely pace as it plays Goretzka through on goal. Donnarumma was far off his line, and had no chance at the early strike from the Germany international!
45' + 1' The referee indicates an additional three minutes at the end of the first half.
A. Conti
T. Hernández
45' The stretcher comes out for Hernandez as Giampaolo is forced into a first-half change. It doesn’t look good as the stretcher has to come out for the new signing. Conti will be his replacement.
42' Play is stopped as the medical staff come out to attend to Hernandez, who looks in some discomfort. His foot was stepped on accidentally by Sule during a Milan attack, which has done some damage to his ankle.
40' Arp climbs over the back of Hernandez to try and win a header in the Milan penalty area, but the referee immediately blows for a free-kick, which allows the Rossoneri to clear their lines.
37' Goretzka chips a free-kick into the penalty area after a Maldini foul, but Muller is unable to get a connection with his volley under pressure from Strinic, as Milan clear at the last moment.
35' Coman plays Davies in as the left-back sprints forward on the overlap, but the chest of Gabbia blocks the delivery at the near post.
33' Renato Sanches doesn’t see any options ahead of him as he tries a low strike from well outside the penalty area, which goes just wide of the goal.
31' Calabria gets to the byline and pulls it back across the face of goal, which catches Neuer and the defence completely flat-footed. Despite the presence of Castillejo, Borini and Piatek in the area, nobody is able to get on the end of it as Bayern clear. Piatek seems furious with the right-back, as the striker wanted the ball outside the six-yard box.
29' Calhanoglu tries to find Strinic again but this time it’s Pavard that meets it first to get it out of the 18-yard box.
28' Calhanoglu puts a corner to the outside of the six-yard box for Strinic, but the Sule gets a clearing header to the ball which gets it away from immediate danger, but Milan are able to win a quick, second set-piece.
26' A lovely interchange on the left between Renato Sanches and Davies gets Arp free in space down the channel, but the ball comes slightly too late as the flag goes up for offside.
24' Arp breaks into the ball following a Goretzka pass but he goes down in the penalty area after a challenge from Strinic. It’s nothing more than a 50-50 challenge says the referee, who urges for play to continue.
22' OVER THE BAR FROM MALDINI! Hernandez once again provides the spark for Milan as he gets onto the ball near the byline and cuts inside, losing Muller in the process before squaring it to an off-balance Maldini. The playmaker has a whack at the ball with his right foot, but he sends it just over from close range!
20' A long ball is hit from midfield into the Bayern penalty area for Piatek to latch onto, but Neuer smartly comes off his line and makes the catch at the top of his box.
18' The Rossoneri certainly look rusty in their first ICC match as they continue to have trouble holding onto the ball. Calhanoglu and Borini are far too deep, which hinders their attack moving forward through the midfield.
16' Milan are unable to get a touch on the ball as Bayern Munich continue to hold possession in the Rossoneri half. It’s been attack against defence for the first 16 minutes, which will only frustrate Giampaolo.
14' Bayern Munich give away a free-kick as Gabbia is brought down by Coman. Milan look insistent on passing it out from the back, which is inviting their opponents to press ever-higher.
12' Davies slips the ball down the flank for Coman, but the France international’s square pass inside the six-yard box is cleared away for a corner by Gabbia.
10' Coman uses his pace to get into the penalty area against Calabria, but the winger falls in the midst of trying to work an opening. He immediately appeals for a penalty, but replays clearly suggest he slipped on the turf, not under a challenge.
8' Kimmich puts a chipped ball into the area where Arp, Goretzka and Muller all queue up for the header. It’s the latter who gets contact, but it’s too weak to beat Gianluigi Donnarumma.
6' The German champions have their opponents pinned in their own half, but they’re unable to find a gap despite shifting play from left to right. The final cross into the near post is cleared well by Strinic, though Bayern Munich keep possession with a throw.
4' Hernandez wins the ball in his own half and charges though the Bayern midfield, firing a shot towards Neuer which he springs upwards, taking the sting out of the shot before allowing his defence to clear.
2' Muller gets an early cross to the near post for Arp, but Gianluigi Donnarumma sees the danger and steps to his left to make an easy catch.
1' Bayern Munich get the match underway from the kick-off! 
Milan’s starting XI for their first International Champions Cup fixture features both new and old faces, as Gianluigi Donnarumma starts in goal, behind a defence of Calabria, Gabbia, Strinic and Hernandez. Calhanoglu and Borini play in midfield either side of Biglia, while Piatek and Castillejo lead the line - ahead of playmaker Maldini, son of legendary defender Paolo. 
Bayern Munich make four changes from the XI that beat Real Madrid 3-1 on Saturday. Boateng and Martinez drop out of centre-back for Pavard and Sule, while Davies spells Alaba at left-back and Goretzka gets the start over Thiago in midfield.
MILAN SUBS: Andrea Capone, Gabriele Capanni, Alessandro Plizzari, Marco Brescianini, Patrick Cutrone, Antonio Mionic, Andrea Conti, Antonio Donnarumma.
MILAN XI (4-3-1-2): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Matteo Gabbia, Ivan Strinic, Theo Hernandez; Hakan Calhanoglu, Lucas Biglia, Fabio Borini; Daniel Maldini; Krzysztof Piatek, Samu Castillejo.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Robert Lewandowski, Sven Ulreich, David Alaba, Sarpreet Singh, Maximilian Zaiser, Ivan Mihaljevic, Louis Poznanski, Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, Thiago Alcantara, Angelo Stiller, Jonas Kehl, Ryan Johansson.
BAYERN MUNICH XI (4-3-3): Manuel Neuer; Alphonso Davies, Benjamin Pavard, Niklas Sule, Joshua Kimmich; Renato Sanches, Corentin Tolisso, Leon Goretzka; Kingsley Coman,  Jann-Fiete Arp, Thomas Muller.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let's take a look at the team news, starting with Bayern Munich! 
Milan open their ICC tournament tonight in Kansas City, where they face Bayern Munich for the first time since a 2017 preseason tournament in China. The Rossoneri haven’t featured since winning the last match of their Serie A season, 3-2 to SPAL, and have changed quite a bit since then. Marco Giampaolo replaces Gennaro Gattuso on the touchline, and new signings Theo Hernandez and Rade Krunic have been included in the North American 23-man squad.
After two matches played, Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich sit third with three points - behind only Benfica and Arsenal. A last-second loss to the Gunners in their opener was followed by a convincing 3-1 victory over Real Madrid; with Robert Lewandowski finding the back of the net in both games.
Good evening and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the International Champions Cup fixture between Bayern Munich and Milan!