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Athletic Club v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 26/4/21

2 - 1
Álex Berenguer (8)
Íñigo Martínez (86)
S. Savić (77)
San Mamés Barria


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Atletico miss the chance to go five points clear at the top of LaLiga and are now just two points ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid with only five games left. They're winless in four on the road which Simeone will be hoping to change when they travel to Elche next time out. Athletic end their eight-match winless run, with Real Valladolid next for them.
Martinez's late goal seals a 2-1 win for Athletic over Atletico. Berenguer gave the hosts an early lead when he sent his diving header past Oblak. Atletico improved in the second half without having a shot on target until Savic nodded in Carrasco's corner to equalise. Athletic pulled it back though and Martinez thumped a header past Oblak from a corner to earn the three points for his side.
Unai López
Yellow Card
Athletic Club
90' + 3' Lopez is booked after he pulls back Carrasco to stop his run on the halfway line.
90' + 2' Yet again, it's Morcillo breaking quickly on the counter for Athletic and the visitors just don't get close to him. He's allowed to carry it all the way into the box before Koke finally gets across to nick it off him.
90' Frustration is starting to show in the Atletico players as the end of the game ticks closer and they're not happy as Williams tries to stop a quick throw-in from being taken. The referee goes across and manages to calm them down.
88' CHANCE! Torreira goes for goal straight from the restart in an attempt to catch Athletic out. He wasn't far away from equalising either as Simon is beaten, but it's just too high.
Ibai Gómez
Athletic Club
86' It's a great out-swinging corner from Gomez as he catches out the defenders at the near post and puts it on a plate for Martinez.
Íñigo Martínez
Athletic Club
86' MARTINEZ SCORES! It's poor defending from Atletico as Martinez has a free header in the middle of the box from Gomez's corner. It's a thumping effort and Oblak can't react quick enough to stop it from flying over his head and into the back of the net. 2-1 Athletic!
84' Athletic have been struggling to get out of their own half due to Atletico's pressure, so Garcia decides to have a go from range after a quick break. It's a speculative shot that doesn't trouble Oblak as it rolls wide of the far post.
Ibai Gómez
Álex Berenguer
Athletic Club
82' Final change for Athletic now and it's the goal scorer, Berenguer, that's going off for Gomez.
L. Torreira
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
81' Torreira is booked after he jumps for the ball at the same time as Morcillo and puts his arm into the back of his head.
79' Athletic are trying to regain their lead as they break quickly through Morcillo down the left again. He's allowed to carry the ball a long way and swings a cross in from the byline, but Williams' shot is blocked by Savic.
Y. Carrasco
Atlético Madrid
77' Carrasco manages to beat the first man from the corner and put it into a good area of the box to pick out a team-mate.
S. Savić
Atlético Madrid
77' SAVIC EQUALISES! Another corner for Atletico, but this time, Carrasco manages to pick out a team-mate in the box. Savic rises high above everyone else in the penalty area to get his head to the ball and he sends it into the far side of the net. 1-1!
76' BLOCK! Athletic break quickly on the counter with Morcillo making another good driving run down the left for the hosts. He whips a cross into the near post for Lopez who flicks it on towards goal. Savic blocks it at the near post and Oblak is quickly off his line to take it off Bereguer.
Unai López
Oihan Sancet
Athletic Club
75' Athletic are making a change now as well, with Sancet going off for Lopez.
Renan Lodi
Atlético Madrid
74' Final change for Atletico now and it's Lodi that's going off, with Hermoso replacing him.
73' Athletic have a lot of bodies in the box to close down the space ahead of the visitors, but Koke gets past Balenziaga with a burst of pace and fizzes a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Nobody follows it in though and the chance is wasted.
Mikel Vesga
Unai Vencedor
Athletic Club
71' Vesga is also being brought on in place of Vencedor.
Asier Villalibre
Athletic Club
71' Athletic are making a double change now and Marcelino is bringing on their top scorer, Williams for Villalibre.
70' The corner count keeps going up for Atletico after Nunez blocks Lodi's shot at the near post and puts it out. Lemar goes across to take it this time, but just like before, he can't beat the first man and it's comfortable for Athletic to deal with.
68' Atletico are still throwing everything they have at the hosts, but their passing in the final third is letting them down. Torreira floats a cross into the far post from the left, but it's too high for Suarez and Martinez heads it out for a corner which comes to nothing.
Dani García
Yellow Card
Athletic Club
66' Koke knocks the ball away just as Garcia stretches to nick it off him. He catches him on the top of his foot and has his name taken by the referee.
L. Torreira
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
64' Another change for Atletico now and it's Torreira that's being brought on for Correa.
63' It's lifted over the top from Carrasco for Llorente, who none of the Athletic defenders are picking up at the far post. He volleys his cross back towards the six-yard box where Suarez is waiting, but Martinez gets there first to hook it clear.
Unai Vencedor
Yellow Card
Athletic Club
61' It's a clumsy challenge from Vencedor as he gets nowhere near the ball and takes Joao Felix out. The yellow card is out and that means he'll miss the next match.
João Félix
K. Trippier
Atlético Madrid
59' And Trippier comes off, with Joao Felix on for him.
T. Lemar
H. Herrera
Atlético Madrid
59' Herrera is also being brought off, with Lemar on to replace him.
L. Suárez
Atlético Madrid
59' Simeone is making a triple change now as he looks to try and get his side back into the game. Saul is brought off first, with Suarez on in his place.
58' CHANCE! Morcillo wins the ball in his own half and drives forward as he breaks on the counter. He switches play out to Sancet on the right and he takes the shot from the edge of the box but fires it just over the bar.
57' Athletic just can't get out of their own half at the moment and Lodi wins a free-kick after being tripped by Berenguer. Carrasco steps up to take it, but his cross is too high for everyone in the middle and it flies out of play.
55' Carrasco plays a one-two with Saul down the left to open up the space for himself to cut into the box. He's ahead of Lekue and goes for goal despite the tight angle, but his effort is always curling away from the target.
53' CLOSE! Atletico are keeping the pressure on the hosts here as Trippier squares it to Llorente on the edge of the box. He uses his first touch to knock it past Garcia before drilling a low shot towards the near bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
52' There are big shouts for a penalty from the Atletico players as they want a penalty for a handball against Nunez. His arm was tight to his side when he blocked Saul's cross though and the referee points for a corner, much to the visitors' frustration.
50' Atletico take the corner short to Koke on the left and he tries to float the ball over the top for Savic in the middle. There's too much on the cross though and he plays it straight into Simon's gloves.
48' Atletico are dominating possession in the opening minutes of the second half, but they haven't been able to get in behind Athletic yet. It's patient play from the visitors though as they try to push forward.
46' Atletico get us back underway for the second half! 
Athletic Club
46' There's a change at the back with Capa not coming out again after his knee injury, so Lekue is on in his place.
Atletico know a win today could be a big step to winning the league, but they haven't caused Simon too many problems in Athletic's goal. As for the hosts, they drifted off after a bright start and both managers will want to see a big improvement from their sides after the break.
Athletic take a 1-0 over Atletico into half-time. The hosts started brightly and got their reward when Berenguer dived forward to head Capa's deflected cross into the bottom corner. Atletico came to life then, with Carrasco seeing an effort tipped over the bar and Correa firing just wide and Villalibre was also denied by Oblak at the other end.
45' + 2' Capa has limped off the field, being aided by the medical staff, so he won't be coming back out for the second half.
45' + 1' Capa is down in the box holding his knee after an awkward fall when he challenged Carrasco for the ball. He's receiving treatment, but it looks like it's being signalled to the bench that he won't be able to carry on.
Oihan Sancet
Yellow Card
Athletic Club
44' Felipe carries the ball a long way and Sancet ends up dragging him down to stop his run which earns him a booking.
42' Both sides are giving the ball away cheaply in midfield when they win it back at the moment, stopping any progress forward into the final third. It looks like Garcia has set Berenguer off down the right, only for his heavy touch to gift it to Lodi.
40' Balenziaga goes long with his throw-in but Savic gets there ahead of Villalibre to head it clear. He only gets it as far as Vencedor on the edge of the box, but his looping header won't fall for Sancet at the far post.
38' Saul nicks the ball back off Garcia on the halfway line and plays a throughball down the left for Lodi to run onto. He leaves the left-back with a lot of work to do, though he manages to keep it in play until his looping cross lands on the roof of the net.
36' Morcillo sweeps the ball out to Berenguer on the right and he has acres of space to run into. He drifts inside to try and get into a shooting position but ends up firing his effort against Lodi on the edge of the box.
34' That last attack seems to have given Athletic a confidence boost and they're moving the ball upfield much quicker again. Capa is finding a lot of space down the right and whips an early cross into the box, but it's just behind Sancet in the middle.
32' SAVE! It's the first attack Athletic have put together in a while and Villalibre does really well to hold off Savic to get into shooting space in the box. He drills a low shot into the near post, and Oblak gets down to push it out for a corner.
31' Herrera spots Llorente making a driving run down the right and tries to switch play out to him. The forward gets caught on his heels though which gives Balenziaga chance to get back and intercept it.
29' Koke skips away from Balenziaga but doesn't have anyone for support in the box, so he pulls it back for Correa on the edge of the box. He turns Martinez before fizzing a shot across goal, but it's wide of the far post.
27' Athletic just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment and are struggling to get forward like they were at the beginning of the game. They're slow to move upfield which is making it easy for Atletico to intercept their attacks.
25' Carrasco plays a one-two with Herrera down the left to take Capa out of the game and drills a low cross back into the box to try and pick out Llorente. He can't control it on the stretch though and Martinez is there to clear the danger.
23' Atletico are keeping the pressure on the hosts here as Trippier swings another corner into the box and he picks out Felipe at the far post again. He nods it down for Savic who tries to flick it towards goal, but it's blocked by Nunez and hooked away.
21' Another corner for Atletico now and it's a good cross from Trippier into the middle. Felipe rises highest to get on the end of it this time and flicks his header on towards goal, but it's straight at Simon, who holds onto it.
19' Berenguer has been involved in more goals than any other Athletic player in LaLiga this season (eight goals, three assists).
17' Trippier's corner is whipped into the middle of the box and Villalibre is there to meet it for Athletic, but he only half clears it to Carrasco on the edge of the box. He sets himself to hit it on the volley and swipes at it, firing his shot high and wide of the target.
15' It's patient from the visitors and they're looking to make something happen down their left side. Lodi is driving forward down the left but runs into trouble in Vencedor, but manages to win a free-kick, which comes to nothing.
13' Atletico are keeping the ball well at the moment, but they can't get out of their own half as Athletic continue to close them down high up the field. Lodi switches play out to Trippier on the right, but he sends a wayward pass towards Saul, which is cut out by the hosts.
Marcos Llorente
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
11' Sancet was breaking on the counter after Atletico's corner and Llorente pulls him back, earning the first booking of the game.
10' GOOD SAVE! Correa dances away from Martinez's pressure on the right of the box and lifts a good cross into the middle to pick out Carrasco. He flicks his header on and Simon has to tip it over the crossbar.
Álex Berenguer
Athletic Club
8' BERENGUER SCORES! Berenguer is involved in the move from the start as he plays it out to Capa on the right before continuing his run into the box. The right-back's cross takes a deflection and Berenguer throws himself forward to head it across goal and into the corner. 1-0 Athletic! 
6' Berenguer steps away from Lodi to get in behind Atletico down their right and picks out Capa in space on the edge of the box. He takes it first time, despite having a lot of space around him, and fires it high over the bar.
4' Atletico are starting to see a bit more of the ball now and Saul tries to swing an early cross in from the right but Balenziaga blocks it with his hand. Trippier takes the free-kick, but it's cleared at the near post by Martinez.
2' Sancet wins a corner off Trippier, which is then swung into the far post by Morcillo. Nunez rises highest to meet it at the far post and heads it wide, but a free-kick goes against him as he'd judged to have fouled Llorente as he went for it.
1' Villalibre gets the game underway for Athletic!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Atletico Marid are winless in their last three league games away from home (D2 L1), their worst run without winning on the road in LaLiga this season.
Diego Simeone makes just one change to his side after their win over Huesca on Thursday, with Felipe coming in for the suspended Jose Gimenez. Suarez, Joao Felix and Lemar are also available on the bench after returning from injury.
Marcelino makes three changes to the team that drew with Real Betis last time out as he brings Martinez, Capa and Dani Garcia into the starting line-up. Lekue, De Marcos and Vesga all drop to the bench.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Geoffrey Kondogbia, Mario Hermoso, Lucas Torreira, Joao Felix, Moussa Dembele, Sime Vrsaljko, Luis Suarez, Thomas Lemar, Vitolo, Ivo Grbic.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Kieran Trippier, Stefan Savic, Felipe, Renan Lodi; Saul Niguez, Koke, Hector Herrera, Yannick Carrasco; Marcos Llorente, Angel Correa. 
ATHLETIC BILBAO SUBS: Inaki Williams, Mikel Vesga, Jokin Ezkieta, Inigo Vicente, Raul Garcia, Oscar De Marcos, Unai Lopez, Ibai Gomez.
ATHLETIC BILBAO STARTING XI (4-4-2): Unai Simon; Ander Capa, Unai Nunez, Inigo Martinez, Mikel Balenziaga; Alex Berenguer, Dani Garcia, Unai Vencedor, Jon Morcillo; Oihan Sancet, Asier Villalibre.
Atletico are looking to go five points clear at the top of LaLiga after Real Madrid's draw with Real Betis yesterday. They've lost just one of their last nine league games into today (W5 D3), but are unbeaten in their last three. Athletic are struggling for form at the moment and are winless in their last eight in all competitions, which includes two Copa del Rey final defeats, in a run that started with a 2-1 loss to Atletico in March.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid at San Mames!