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90' + 1'
A. El Ghazi
Penalty Goal
1 - 6
S. Agüero
R. Mahrez
0 - 6
S. Agüero
David Silva
0 - 5
45' + 1'
Gabriel Jesus
K. De Bruyne
0 - 4
S. Agüero
K. De Bruyne
0 - 3

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29% 70%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 12
Total Passes 362 877
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City leapfrog Leicester into second place in the league table and are now 14 points behind Liverpool at the top. Their focus now turns to their game against Crystal Palace next weekend. Villa stay in the relegation zone with that loss and will be hoping they can get back to winning ways when they face Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday.
Aguero's hat-trick helps Manchester City cruise to a 6-1 victory over Aston Villa. Mahrez scored a brace in the first half before Aguero got the first of his three goals and Jesus scored a tap-in to give them a 4-0 lead at half-time. Aguero's second meant he became the leading overseas Premier League goalscorer and his third saw him break Alan Shearer's record of the most hat-tricks in the competition. El Ghazi scored a late penalty after Gundogan brought Trezeguet down in the box to give Villa a consolation.
A. El Ghazi
Penalty Goal
90' + 1' EL GHAZI SCORES! It's a confident run-up from him and he beats Ederson with his spot-kick as he puts the ball into the bottom-left corner to get a consolation goal. 6-1!
90' PENALTY TO VILLA! Grealish plays a low cross into the box and Trezeguet controls it before turning towards goal. Gundogan leaves a leg trailing and brings down the substitute, so the referee points to the spot.
89' Villa win a free-kick in their own half, but there's no rush from Nyland to come off his line and take it. He sends a long ball forward, but it's Mendy that gets there first to put it out for a throw-in.
87' It's a good cross into the box from El Mohamady but it's Otamendi that gets on the end of it. Ederson isn't quick enough to come off his line and collect it and Grealish gets there first, but it's a wild shot from him that's well wide of the target.
85' Despite the Villa players closing them down, City are happy to play out from the back and keep the ball in their own box until they can pick out a forward pass. It looks risky, but the home side aren't getting close to them.
83' Aguero now has more hat-tricks than any other player in Premier League history.
R. Mahrez
81' Mahrez almost loses control of the ball, but he does well to keep it before squaring it to Aguero to set up the goal.
S. Agüero
81' AGUERO GETS HIS HAT-TRICK! He's got so much space just inside the box when Mahrez picks him out and after taking a touch, he fires his shot over Nyland and into the back of the net. 6-0 City!
J. Grealish
Yellow Card
80' Grealish is booked for dissent.
H. Lansbury
D. Drinkwater
79' The final change for Villa sees Lansbury coming on for Drinkwater.
77' The Villa defenders just sit back and allow City space on the edge of the box again and Foden plays a good throughball into the box towards Jesus. It's a tight angle for him on the right and it's blocked by Mings.
75' El Ghazi pulls away from Otamendi on the right and whips a great cross into the middle of the box. Trezeguet is waiting in the middle to get on the end of it, but Mendy gets there ahead of him to clear it.
73' Silva has had 10+ goal involvements for City in each of his 10 Premier League seasons.
C. Hourihane
71' The second change for Villa sees Hourihane making way for Trezeguet.
İ. Gündoğan
71' Final change for City now and it's Rodri that's coming off. Gundogan comes on in his place.
71' Cancelo drifts inside from the right and Silva squares the ball to him on the edge of the box. It's a powerful shot that he drills towards goal and Nyland spills it before holding onto it at the second attempt.
69' City are patiently trying to open up Villa's midfield as they have once again dropped all of their players behind the ball. The away side are happy to just slow the pace of the game down though.
67' Villa are being pegged back in their own half still and even though they're trying to close down City quicker than before, they're still struggling to win it back so they can move upfield and ease the pressure on them.
M. Nakamba
Douglas Luiz
65' Smith makes his first change now and it's Nakamba that's coming on for Luiz.
64' GREAT SAVE! The corner is swung into the box and it's Silva that gets on the end of it. He drills a shot towards the bottom-left corner and Nyland sticks out a leg to stop it. Jesus gets a chance on the rebound, but Mings gets there ahead of the keeper to put it out for a corner.
P. Foden
K. De Bruyne
63' De Bruyne also comes off and Foden is on in his place.
N. Otamendi
63' Guardiola is making a double substitution now and it looks like he's giving some of his key players a rest. Fernandinho is the first to make way for Otamendi. 
61' Villa are being pegged back in their own half and the only time they seem to be getting a touch of the ball is when they're clearing it out of their box. They keep giving it back to City though and inviting them forward.
59' City are on the ball again and they're piling the pressure on Villa. All of their possession is in the final third and they're patiently trying to break down the home side's defence to get into the box.
S. Agüero
57' AGUERO HAS HIS SECOND! Silva controls the ball under pressure from El Mohamady and cuts inside to make more space. He gets past Mings before firing his shot past Nyland and into the bottom-right corner. 5-0 City!
David Silva
57' Aguero was being tightly marked by Luiz and El Mohamady on the edge of the box and Silva did brilliantly to squeeze his pass through to the forward.
55' This is Jesus' 76th start in all competitions for City; in these starts only, the Brazilian has directly contributed to 71 goals, scoring 54 and assisting a further 17.
A. El Ghazi
Yellow Card
53' El Ghazi is shown a yellow card for a bad foul on Fernandinho.
52' Mahrez isn't picked up down the right and he curls a low cross into the box. Hause gets enough on it to take it away from Aguero and Grealish comes away with it and wins his team a free-kick when he's pushed by the forward.
Yellow Card
50' Fernandinho picks up the first yellow card of the game after pushing Grealish over.
48' De Bruyne spots Mendy making a driving run down the left wing and plays a throughball into the box for him to run onto. It's just slightly overhit and Nyland comes off his line to clear it away.
46' Villa get the game back underway for the second half!
Villa struggled to cope with City's attacking play in the first half and they will need to improve in defence if they want to avoid a heavy defeat. As for City, Guardiola will be hoping for more of the same from his side in the second half. They've looked dangerous every time they've gone forward and look likely to add more to their tally.
City dominated the first half and take a 4-0 lead over Villa into half-time. Mahrez got the first two goals; his first was a low shot that caught out Nyland at his near post before firing his second into the bottom-right corner. Aguero was given space on the edge of the box and curled his effort over Nyland and into the top-right corner. Jesus added the fourth on the stroke of half-time with a tap-in from the middle of the box.
K. De Bruyne
45' + 1' De Bruyne gets the ball on the halfway line and makes a driving run down the right. Villa can't get close to him and he curls a low cross into the box to pick out Jesus.
Gabriel Jesus
45' + 1' JESUS SCORES! The Brazilian gets in between Mings and Konsa as he makes his run through the middle to get on the end of De Bruyne's cross. It's a tap-in for him and it's 4-0 to City!
45' City are happy to just keep hold of the ball on the edge of their own half at the moment and slow down the pace of the game a little bit.
43' It's better from the home side now as they're starting to put more pressure on City. Grealish plays a good throughball forward into the box, but it's just ahead of El Ghazi and Ederson comes off his line to clear it away.
41' El Ghazi gets ahead of Stones and sets himself to take the shot. He's aiming for the top-right corner, but there's not enough curl on his effort and it finishes well wide of the far post.
40' Villa have a chance to counter-attack but they slow down when they get into the final third. City have a lot of bodies behind the ball and, at the moment, they can't find any space to move into so they can have a shot.
38' CLOSE! Grealish caught Rodri just outside the box and Silva is standing over the free-kick. He curls his effort over the wall and it's just inches wide of the top-right corner.
36' GREAT CHANCE! Cancelo's run is cut out by Hause, but his clearance falls to Aguero on the right. It's a bit of a tight angle, but he goes for goal anyway and hits his shot just over the top of the crossbar.
34' Aguero has tied Thierry Henry's as the fifth-highest scorer in Premier League history with 175 goals; no player from outside of Great Britain has scored more goals in the competition than Aguero.
32' Grealish wins the ball back in midfield and turns to make a driving run into City's half. He lays it off to Luiz on the edge of the box, but it's a poor shot from him as it's stopped by Ederson just past his near post.
30' Aguero's goal has prompted some of the home fans to start leaving the stadium as they clearly feel they've already seen enough.
S. Agüero
28' AGUERO ADDS A THIRD! He gets ahead of Luiz to get on the ball and decides to go for goal when Mings steps back to give him some space. He curls his effort around the keeper and into the top-left corner. 3-0 City!
K. De Bruyne
28' De Bruyne spots Aguero making a run to his left and squares the ball out of Luiz's reach and into the Argentinian.
26' GOOD CHANCE! Mendy squares the ball into Jesus in the middle and the Brazilian keeps hold of the ball well as he turns to face goal. He gets the shot away quickly but leans back as he takes it, firing it over the crossbar.
Gabriel Jesus
24' Aguero does brilliantly to keep the ball in play before Silva nicks the ball off Drinkwater. He gets it to Jesus, who just knocks it onto Mahrez to set up the goal.
R. Mahrez
24' MAHREZ HAS A SECOND! It's sloppy play by Villa in their own box and the ball shouldn't even make it to Mahrez, but it does. He's not being picked up when Jesus squares it to him and he fires his shot into the back of the net. 2-0 City!
22' Villa are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment as they're being closed down quickly by City. They're trying to move upfield with pace, but they're gifting possession back to the away side.
20' Nyland cuts out a City attack and tries to set Villa off on a quick counter-attack with a long ball forward to El Ghazi. He sets off early though and the flag goes up for offside.
S. Agüero
18' It was Aguero's pass that set up the goal and there was a short VAR check to see if Mahrez had been offside before he got the ball, but he had timed his run well.
R. Mahrez
18' MAHREZ SCORES! Mahrez drifts past Drinkwater on the edge of the box before hitting his shot low towards the goal. It sneaks past Nyland and in at the near post. 1-0 City!
17' Silva picks out Aguero's run into the box with a good throughball, but just as the Argentinian goes to take the shot, he slips. The effort is tame and it's an easy save for Nyland to make.
15' Once again, City get through Villa's defence with some one-touch passing and De Bruyne finds himself in space on the left of the box. He whips a good cross towards the far post, but can't pick out a team-mate.
13' Silva gets ahead of Konsa on the right and puts a great cross into the six-yard box. Jesus has made the run to get on the end of it, but can't get there ahead of Mings, who does well to cut it out.
11' Aguero and Jesus are starting together for only the 11th time in the Premier League. In the previous 10 such games, City have scored 34 goals, with Aguero (11) and Jesus (seven) scoring over half.
9' Hourihane has a lot of space to run into down the left and tries to play a one-two with Taylor to start off the attack. The left-back's return pass is overhit though and he sends it straight out of play.
7' It's all City at the moment and they're not allowing Villa to get more than a couple of touches on the ball if they lose it. Silva plays a throughball into Aguero, but he can't bring it under control, which allows the home side to clear their lines.
5' Rodri lifts his pass over Villa's midfielders and is looking for Mahrez on the right. Hause is tight to him though and flicks it on which just takes it out of Aguero's path as he was making the overlapping run.
3' City get through Villa's defence with a string of one-touch passes, with Silva getting it on the edge of the box and setting himself for a shot. Mings gets across to him and just nicks the ball from him before he can test the goalkeeper.
1' El Mohamady gets ahead of Mendy down the right and whips a good cross into the box. El Ghazi gets on the end of it, but can't direct his header on target as it flies wide of the far post.
1' Silva gets the game underway for City!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments.
Villa have won only three of their 49 Premier League matches against the reigning champions (D14 L32), losing each of the last 11.
Guardiola makes six changes to the team that beat Manchester United on Wednesday. He chooses to start Aguero and Jesus up front together, Ederson returns from suspension and Stones, Cancelo and David Silva also come in. Walker, Otamendi, Gundogan, Sterling and Bernardo Silva start on the bench.
Dean Smith makes three changes to his side after their draw with Leicester City in the EFL Cup. Drinkwater comes in to make his debut after joining on loan, with El Mohamady and Hourihane also starting. Trezeguet, Nakamba and Guilbert drop to the bench.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Claudio Bravo, Ilkay Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Nicolas Otamendi, Kyle Walker, Raheem Sterling.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Ederson; Rodrigo, Fernandinho, John Stones; Joao Cancelo, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Benjamin Mendy; Riyad Mahrez; Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Lovre Kalinic, Trezeguet, Indiana Vassilev, James Chester, Henri Lansbury, Frederic Guilbert, Marvelous Nakamba.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (3-5-1-1): Orjan Nyland; Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Kortney Hause, Tyrone Mings; Ahmed El Mohamady, Danny Drinkwater, Douglas Luiz, Conor Hourihane, Neil Taylor; Jack Grealish; Anwar El Ghazi.
Pep Guardiola's side sit 17 points behind league-leaders Liverpool coming into this game and will be hoping they can close the gap slightly with a win today. They've lost just one of their last nine matches in all competitions, winning the other eight, including the last four in a row. After Watford's win over Bournemouth earlier, Villa have dropped into the relegation zone but can get back out of it if they avoid defeat.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Aston Villa and Manchester City at Villa Park!