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S. Mauk
Yellow Card
C. Goodwin
2 - 1
Ali Abbas
Yellow Card
C. O'Toole
A. Thurgate
1 - 1
L. D'Arrigo
1 - 0

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 1
Total Passes 481 327
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FULL TIME; ADELAIDE UNITED 2, NEWCASTLE JETS 1 - We're all done at Coopers Stadium and Adelaide United have strung together their third win in a row to move to third spot on the A-League ladder. With the game in the balance in a fairly even second half, a moment of hesitation in defence has cost the Jets any chance of three points. With Steven Ugarkovic slow to release a defensive ball, Adelaide's favourite returned son in Craig Goodwin has pounced to punch home the winner in the 77th minute to hand United a tight 2-1 win at home.
90' + 3' Any late hope that the Jets held looks to have dissolved with a bad call from the middle. With O'Toole coming through the middle, his intended drive into the area is ruled as a goal kick despite the ball clearly deflecting off a United player. That might just be about it as United will now look to run down what remains on the clock.
90' Four minutes of injury time has been added at Coopers Stadium.
88' Screams for a penalty go unheard, and with good measure, as Mauk tries to get onto the end of a through ball inside the box. With Boogaard standing firm, Mauk goes down in the area however Referee Evans is unturned. Boogaard reacts angrily to the pleas with replays showing that Mauk was clearly simulating. With Mauk already on a yellow, that's silly stuff to be honest.
86' A late chance for the Jets to nab an equaliser on the road is now presented as they're given a free kick 35 yards out from home. With Ugarkovic wanting to take it, the United defence go about setting their wall. Whilst Ugarkovic releases a powerful shot, it's also the best part of 15 yards over the crossbar. 
84' Boogaard hasn't missed with this aerial duel as a diagonal ball is played in towards the back of the box. Up first to meet the ball is United's Lopez as he nods the ball clear of danger but not before he receives Boogaard's full weight and elbow to the back of the head. Boogaard is somewhat incensed that the Adelaide playmaker stayed down; no cards in any case.
Yellow Card
80' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Lucky. Lucky lucky lucky. Mauk can count his stars that he's decided to pull out of this challenge at the last second as he slides in on O'Toole in an effort which looked very closely to a straight red. O'Toole's reaction in sitting up in bewilderment may have saved Mauk here as he's only shown yellow. Nasty stuff.
78' GOAL ADELAIDE UNITED; ADELAIDE UNITED 2, NEWCASTLE JETS 1 - Newcastle's defence is made to pay for its reluctancy as Ugarkovic dawdles with the ball at the back. Unsure of whether to push it up the ground or go sideways, it's enough time for Goodwin to pick his pocket. Once in possession, the Adelaide talisman wheels away, breaks into the left side of the box and from eight yards, fires a low effort straight across Duncan and into the right corner.
74' A forced substitute at Coopers and a massive hush falls over the crowd as Toure looks to turn on the afterbuners in a bid to win the ball. Pulling up sharply, a hush descends as Toure slumps to the ground clutching his hamstring. An unfortunate turn of events for one of the most exciting young prospects in the league.
72' Great urgency from both sides defences here as this one starts to open up. With the Jets taking a quick free kick, the ball is steered across field to Millar who cuts inside the area. Before he could unleash, it's the fresh legs of Cavallo which turns the ball clear before Halloran's quick release cross to Toure is gobbled up by Duncan at speed.
68' WOODWORK - The posts are taking an absolute beating tonight from United as this time it's Goodwin who's guilty. Courtesy of a free kick for a prior foul from O'Toole, Goodwin sets his sights on the target from 40 yards out. Standing to the left of the middle of the posts, Goodwin unleashes a furious low ball which zips towards the near post and clatters into it before Duncan could react.
64' This one's kicked up a gear or two over the past five minutes with both sides looking to hit on the counter. Adelaide's patient build up that was evident in the first half has all but gone as Goodwin plays Mauk into the area. In sublime space, Mauk loads up and cracks a drive straight over the crossbar. Disappointing.
61' CHANCE - So unlucky for the Jets as the new man in Stamatelopoulos reads Newcastle's corner perfectly. Able to run in unopposed from the near post, the header is almost millimetre perfect and cleared off the line amazingly by United's defence. In any case, a late flag sees O'Donovan caught offside so the effort wouldn't have counted.
59' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Stamatelopoulos ON
56' CHANCE - Adelaide have flicked a switch as two opportunities inside two minutes are created. The first falls to Goodwin who sees the ball nipped away from him before the presence of Topor-Stanley almost sees a penalty awarded. Winning back possession, the ball is shifted down the left before D'Arrigo's quick-fire cross to the near post is turned out by Duncan before Toure could stroke it home.
54' SAVED! - Super stuff from Duncan as a clinical exchange sees Strain receiving at the top of the area. Turning his back but having the smarts to chip the ball over the top, Goodwin fires instantly from the right of the area. Fizzing towards the left corner, Duncan gets down low, gets a paw to it and turns it out of danger. Phenomenal.
52' Better movement and speed from the Jets as Millar and Abbas combine neatly in attack. With Yuel breaking hard, the latter receives a through ball however with Jakonbsen on his hammer, the Jets speedster has to settle for a corner as the ball is nipped clear and out of play.
50' Strain now turns from defensive maestro into playmaker as he jets off down the right and looks to have his effort turned out of play. Nudging the ball back into play though, Strain comes back over the byline and continues his acute run inside the area before his volley is tucked clear by Topor-Stanley and into the side netting. Clever.
48' Newcastle on the front foot to start the second half as O'Toole again makes room for himself. Turning on the pace, he crafts his way to the top left of the box and sizes up his shot. An awake and alert Strain stays with him though and sees the ball out of play. United needs to show more urgency in defence like that..
46' Underway in the second half..
HALF TIME; ADELAIDE UNITED 1, NEWCASTLE JETS 1 - That will do us for the first half at Coopers Stadium and it's been one that's pretty much had it all. With United jumping out of the blocks, a first A-League goal to D'Arrigo would see the hosts pull ahead inside the first 10 minutes before O'Toole would respond with a sublime first A-League goal of his own to draw level for the visitors. Sandwiched in between that, both sides have created multiple chances but as yet, neither have had the composure (nor luck) for the ball to find the back of the net for the go-ahead. We're in for an open second half as we break for the interval locked at 1-1-.
43' PENALTY SHOUT - Given their penchant for penalties of late, this one is worthy of half a shout as Goodwin angles his way into the area from the right channel. Looking to lay to square the ball, Goodwin at first appears to have lost his feet as he trips himself up. Subsequent replays show that Boogaard did track across Goodwin's run to partially obstruct him. Not given; right call.
41' Adelaide are dropping further and further back in defence for some reason as we work ourselves towards the interval. On this occassion it allows O'Toole to play in Yuel before the ball is sent scurrying outside the area. With 40 yards to work with, Ugarkovic loads up with an ambitious volley which is just that. Ambitious... and five yards over the crossbar.
39' Newcastle starting to thread together a few more promising passes as they look for the go-ahead. With Yuel the standout target, it's a diagonal run from O'Donovan inside the box which almost sees him picked out before Elsey reads the effort and slides in to dispossess. It's been a good last three minutes or so for the visitors; there's holes to exploit if they're smart with possession.
37' Adelaide's fourth corner of the evening is taken without much fanfare by Goodwin who sends a shanked kick towards the near post. Worked clear by Newcastle, another hurried shot towards goal is deflected clear by Ugarkovic. Eventually the Jets manage to scramble the ball clear before Koutroumbis puts it out of play. Looks as though United will have their fifth..
35' Thurgate is playing a dangerous game as United gallop forward with intent once more. With Goodwin receiving, he's allowed to slalom his way towards the area before he's encouraged by the crowd to shoot. That he does however it's a deflected effort which rewards the hosts with a corner. Sooner or later you feel Goodwin's going to find an extra yard and hammer one home.
33' Newcastle look to hit on the break as O'Toole is afforded ample room to move his way through the heart of midfield. With no United defender really showing urgency in closing him down, they're fortunate that O'Toole pass to O'Donovan is mistimed and turned straight back to their advantage. 
31' More danger for the Jets to deal with as Strain plays the link down the right. With Goodwin cutting across the top of the box, the Jets defence do enough on this occasion to shut him down to prevent any volleys towards home. A late pass out the back though finds Halloran who curls an effort towards goal which is deflected out for a corner.
29' CHANCE - The opportunities keep coming for United as they work the ball down their favoured right wing. With the cross hitting the spot for anyone who dares attack it, the chance falls to Toure who with yards of room to play with, blazes the ball over from about six yards out. Could be, and probably should be, 2-1.
26' WOODWORK! - This is turning into some kind of game at Coopers as Adelaide hit Newcastle on the counter. With Halloran slotting straight through midfield, he closes to within 40 yards and looks up to see Duncan in the middle of goal. Uncorking a thunderous drive, the ball slices through the night air and almost splits the crossbar in two such is its ferocity. Ooooft.
23' GOAL NEWCASTLE JETS; ADELAIDE UNITED 1, NEWCASTLE JETS 1 - This is some kind of strike to level the scores in Adelaide as O'Toole exploits some slow moving Reds defence. Cutting in from the right wing, he plays a neat one-two with Millar and continues his run to the right corner of the box. Loading up, O'Toole's volley is a spectacular curling effort and beats Delianov into the top right corner. Celebrate that my friend; what a first A-League goal.
20' Adelaide continue to swarm an under-siege Jets defence as they craft together an array of short passes which switch from right to left. With Goodwin looking for space, he eventually feeds Lopez who traps the ball in a dangerous area. Positioned top-left and 30 yards out, Lopez unleashes a curling shot which is on-target but also straight at Duncan.
18' Another half-chance for the hosts as Lopez creates a nice little opportunity with a mazy run down the left. Stepping over the ball to fake, he beats Millar the first time before replicating the feat to beat Millar a second time. Lopez then spears through a low cross which is pumped straight out of the box by Boogaard.
Yellow Card
15' YELLOW CARD UNITED - No question about this challenge to be honest as Millar gets into position to attempt to work his way down the right. With Halloran not having any of it, he charges into the Jets midfielder's back and almost leaves his elbows in there for good measure. Millar's furious and Halloran rightly cops the game's first card.
13' WOODWORK! - This would have been spectacular had it come off as the Jets work forward down the right once more before a richochet falls back to Ugarkovic. Taking it on the outside of his boot, Ugarkovic volleys first time and from 35 yards out, sends his shot cannoning into the woodwork with Delianov stranded.
10' Newcastle's first real foray with any purpose for the evening as Yuel is trapped outside the penalty area. Whilst not able to release a clear shot, his effort sees a deflected ball fall to O'Toole who pulls the trigger and sees his work worked out by Adelaide for a corner.
8' It's pretty clear that Adelaide are going to hit up Newcastle's somewhat weak left channel as Koutroumbis heads that way to ply his trade. Meeting it harshly on this occasion though is Topor-Stanley who leaves his mark after a heavy challenge on his calf. Referee Evans duly gives his first harsh warning of the contest..
5' GOAL ADELAIDE UNITED; ADELAIDE UNITED 1, NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - Adelaide's early dominance pays dividends as a beautiful one-two down the right channel ends in a ball turned inside the box. In their failure to clear the ball, the ball lands at the feet of D'Arrigo who has no opponent within five yards. Looking up, D'Arrigo tees it up for comfort and lashes it into the top left corner. Cracking shot; United up and about.
3' DRAMA - We're two minutes in and there's shouts for a penalty to be looked at as Halloran is played free. Charging onto the lofted ball, he flashes into the box before looking to cut back inside. Koutroumbis is there to meet him however as the former falls over his own feet. The crowd want a penalty but Referee Evans is not moved.
1' We're underway in Adelaide..
Newcastle Jets will lineup as follows: Jack Duncan (GK), Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Nigel Boogaard, Johnny Koutroumbis, Matthew Millar, Connor O'Toole, Steven Ugarkovic, Angus Thurgate, Ali Abbas, Valentino Yuel, Roy O'Donovan. Substitutes: Lewis Italiano, Lachlan Jackson, Luka Prso, Blake Archbold, Archie Goodwin, Lucas Mauragis, Apostolos Stamatelopoulos, Tete Yengi.
Adelaide United will lineup as follows: James Delianov (GK), Ryan Strain, Javi Lopez, Jordan Elsey, Michael Jakobsen, Louis D'Arrigo, Joe Caletti, Stefan Mauk, Al Hassan Toure, Ben Halloran, Craig Goodwin. Substitutes: Joe Gauci, Yared Abetew, George Timotheou, Joshua Cavallo, Pacifique Niyongabire, Mohamed Toure, Kusini Yengi.
Welcome to Coopers Stadium in Adelaide as Match Week 11 in the A-League sees Adelaide United hosting the Newcastle Jets. With the hosts coming off a last-start victory over the Western Sydney Wanderers, they'll face a Jets outfit keen to bounce back after their last outing saw them defeated by the Wellington Phoenix. Kick-off is in 20 minutes with team lineups to follow shortly.