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Key Events

90' + 8'
Penalty Goal
2 - 1
90' + 6'
M. Theo
Red Card
M. Carrusca
Yellow 2nd/RC
J. MacLaren
C. Brown
1 - 1
B. Diawara
M. Carrusca
1 - 0

Match Stats

41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 4
Total Passes 316 444
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Adelaide United has defeated Brisbane Roar 2-1 thanks to a controversial penalty and red card to goalkeeper Michael Theo. The talk about the match will continue for a long time but Adelaide fans are joyous in victory. For Brisbane it is a cruel way to lose a game.
Penalty Goal
90' + 8' PENALTY GOAL ADELAIDE - Cirio steps up and sends the penalty low and right. Kristensen can't get near it and Adelaide United have taken a late and dramatic 2-1 lead.
90' + 8' Kristensen will stand in goal for the penalty kick.
C. Brown
Yellow Card
90' + 6' YELLOW CARD - Corey Brown has been shown the yellow card for dissent.
M. Theo
Red Card
90' + 6' RED CARD - Unbelievable stuff here! Theo has been sent off for an elbow on McGowan in the box after taking the ball from the free kick. Adelaide United have been awarded the penalty with what will be the last kick of the match!
90' + 5' Garruccio sends the free kick to but it's way too close to Theo who takes it.
90' + 5' Adelaide with a final chance from the set piece.
90' + 3' Borrello drives a low and hard shot at Galekovic who doesn't take it cleanly but he is able to hold onto the ball.
90' + 2' Adelaide United are really being challenged in defence but they are determined to not lose this match.
90' + 1' Five minutes of stoppage time to be played.
89' Brisbane are still surging forward with the hope of finding a late winner.
B. Garuccio
T. Elrich
88' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Tarek Elrich is replaced by Benjamin Garuccio.
N. D'Agostino
J. North
87' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Jade North comes off for Nicholas D'Agostino in a tactical change.
J. O'Doherty
B. Diawara
86' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Papa Diawara receives a round of applause as he comes off. Jordan O'Doherty comes on in his place.
86' Holman tries to steady himself in the box but the ball doesn't sit up for him and he shoots over.
85' Last ditch defending by Regan keeps Adelaide on level terms.
M. Carrusca
Yellow 2nd/RC
82' RED CARD - Carrusca is shown a second yellow card - this time for delaying the restart to the match after he conceded the free kick. Two unnecessary yellow cards.What was he thinking?
80' Cirio gets away from Hingert but he cannot beat the offside flag.
S. Brady
79' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Manuel Arana makes way for Shannon Brady.
79' Carrusca takes the free kick from just outside the box and it never looks likely. People have word for that and that word is justice.
T. Kristensen
Yellow Card
77' YELLOW CARD - McGree dives as he gets past Kristensen who is angry at the simulation. Kristensen is shown the yellow card to take his temper to boiling point.
76' A variation between Kim and Carrusca does not result in anything serious with Brisbane able to clear.
75' Adelaide are enjoying a good couple of minutes with another corner on its way.
73' Fans raise their voices with Adelaide winning the corner. But Theo is there to control the situation.
71' We are back underway.
69' We are in the midst of another drinks break due to the warm conditions.
68' Brisbane keep applying the pressure with Holman winning another corner.
66' Borrello crosses into the box but his effort is cleared by the Adelaide defence.
64' Holman is certainly getting into the game with the Roar lifting.
62' McGree tries one from distance but it's well off target.
J. MacLaren
60' GOAL ROAR - Kristensen's shot is parried away by Galekovic with Brown there for the rebound. He drags it across to Maclarent who scores the equaliser. Good play by Brisbane sees the scores all tied up at 1-1.
N. Mileusnic
M. Ochieng
59' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Mark Ochieng is replaced by Nikola Mileusnic.
57' Brisbane Roar have definitely lifted the tempo here.
55' Cirio lays it off to Carrusca outside the box, but his effort is well over the cross bar.
54' Holman with a great ball to the near post where Arana just can't make the contact with it.
53' Maclaren goes down in the box but referee Lucas ignores it and waves play to continue.
J. Caletti
M. McKay
51' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Matt McKay surrenders to injury and is replaced by Joe Caletti.
50' Play is stopped with McKay requiring treatment for an injury.
48' Brisbane will be looking to get an early goal or they are up against it in the race for third spot.
46' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - A goal by Papa Diawara separates both sides at half-time at a hot Coopers Stadium. It's Adelaide leading Brisbane 1-0 at the break.
45' + 2' Borrello tries to fire the cross into the box but it goes straight to Galekovic.
45' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time to be played.
43' The players are beginning to tire towards the end of this first half with the heat still evident out there.
41' It has been a willing contest with the challenges flying thick and fast.
T. Regan
Yellow Card
38' YELLOW CARD - Regan is involved in a tangle of feet with Borrello who goes down just to the right of the penalty box. Regan is shown the yellow card.
37' Carrusca with a clumsy foul on Kristensen. He needs to be careful seeing he is already on a yellow.
37' Ochieng goes towards Diawara at the near post creating confusion in the Brisbane defence before they eventually get their act together and clear the danger.
B. Borello
Yellow Card
35' YELLOW CARD - Borrello barges into Cirio and he is shown the yellow card. On reflection that decision seemed a little harsh.
35' Brisbane has enjoyed 70% possession over the last five minutes.
33' The corner is sent to the near post but the Adelaide defence is able to clear easily.
32' Borrello's cross is deflected away by Galekovic with Ochieng clearing it out for a corner.
32' McGree shoots from distance but on this occasion he is off target.
Kim Jae-Sung
Yellow Card
30' YELLOW CARD - Kim hacks at Arana and he is shown an obvious yellow card.
29' Holman goes wide to Borrello who shoots but again Galekovic has it covered.
27' We are back on after the drinks break.
25' We have a drinks break due to the heat here in Adelaide.
24' The ball is cleared from the corner but not before Kim concedes the foul for a challenge on Brown.
24' Carrusca intercepts the Theo pass but it goes off North for a corner to Adelaide United.
22' Diawara is fortunate not to have been booked for a clumsy challenge on Borrello.
M. Carrusca
Yellow Card
20' YELLOW CARD - Marcelo Carrusca has been booked for dissent.
19' Home fans are growing frustrated as is coach Amor with refereeing calls going against the home team.
B. Diawara
16' GOAL ADELAIDE - Carrusca sends the corner towards the near post and Papa Diawarra heads it past Theo to give Adelaide United a 1-0 lead. That header was just unstoppable!
15' Kim concedes the corner with Adelaide looking to take an early lead.
13' Brisbane have their second corner with Borrello delivering, however, Galekovic is very confident in goal and he fists it away.
12' A good steal by Marrone there but his ball to Ochieng sees the offside flag up.
9' It has been an even start to the season with neither side having any clear cut chances.
7' Carrusca sends it in and Regan gets there first but his header is well off target.
6' The ball comes off Corey Brown for the first corner of the match going Adelaide's way.
5' Borrello is given a gift by Adelaide but his shot at Galekovic is poor and the keeper breathes a sigh of relief.
4' There is some wayward passing early on by both teams.
3' Brisname has the free kick just outside the box but Galekovic is able to thump it clear.
1' We are off and underway in Adelaide.
Brisbane Roar (4-3-3): Theo (GK); Brown, North, Papadopoulos, Hingert; McKay, Holman, Kristensen; Arana, Maclaren, Borrello. Subs: Young (GK), D'Agostino, Brady, Crestani, Caletti.
Adelaide United (4-3-3): Galekovic (GK); Elrich, McGowan, Regan, Marrone; Kim, McGree, Carrusca; Ochieng, Diawara, Cirio. Subs: Margush (GK), Garuccio, Mileusnic, O'Doherty, Babalj.
Lets take a look at the line ups.
Brisbane Roar are a win and goal difference off third position, making a win today of vital importance for their upcoming finals campaign.
Adelaide United will be coming off a thrilling midweek 3-3 draw from the mid week ACL cup game. They always regain captain Eugene Galekovic.
Welcome to Coopers Stadium for the match between Adelaide United and Brisbane Roar.