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FA Cup

  • January 21, 2014
  • • 20:45
  • • Stadium Sarawak, Kuching

Sarawak 2-1 Penang: The Crocs seal a late win

Sarawak 2-1 Penang: The Crocs seal a late win

Abi Yazid

The Crocs managed to scrap out a win in their first home game of the season as they won the match against the Panthers in the first round of FA Cup.

The home side started off well as captain Joseph Kalang Tie had a golden opportunity to score in an open goal in the 14th minute after he managed to dribble past the last defender but his shot missed a few inches from the goal.

Four minutes later, another chance appeared for the Crocs with but Gabor Gyepes missed out an inch from the goal after he headed wide from a corner taken by Mohd Lot.

Sarawak continued to show their superiority as Milorad Janjus' free kick in the 32nd minute sailed pass the wall only to be saved by custodian, G. Jeevananthan. Two minutes later, Milorad's header opened up a chance for Joseph to head home but again Jeevananthan saved it.

Just before the break, Penang made a counter attack and Mohd Azizan Baba had an attempt to shoot from 25 yards but the ball went just wide.

In the second half, the game got worst for Penang as Hariri Mohd Safii was given his second yellow card in the 64th minute as the referee saw that his tackle on Joseph was too harsh.

Penang who only played with 10 men finally had to submit to the superior Crocs as Alireza who came on to replace ineffective Akmal Rizal, scored a goal in 77th minute from a tap in after Mohd Lot's touch managed to past through the Penang defence.

But as the match progressed, the pace of the game was becoming really slow as Sarawak tried to play it safe by holding the ball in their own area.

In the final minute, the home side was a given a shock as Penang managed to get a goal from Mohd Baser after he headed a free kick by Mohamad Zharif Hasna. His goal forced the game to extra time.

Both teams looked tired during the extra time with the game moving at slow pace but Gabor Gyepes showed his quality by scoring the winning goal in the 100th minute after he dribbled past few players before attempting to shoot and the ball was deflected before heading into an empty net.

Penang kept pushing hard, but despite their best efforts, Sarawak held on to secure a pivotal victory, booking their spot in the next round of the FA Cup.

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