Wan-Bissaka earns billing above Alexander-Arnold & Walker from former Man Utd right-back

Aaron Wan-Bissaka England 2019
Paul Parker believes the Red Devils have done good business in acquiring a promising defender, even with a £50 million price tag taken into account

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is “the best right-back in the country”, says Paul Parker, with the former Manchester United defender rating a 21-year-old talent above Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker.

A highly-rated product of Crystal Palace’s famed academy system has secured a £50 million ($63m) switch to Old Trafford.

A sizeable fee and considerable faith has been invested in his ability by the Red Devils.

Much is expected of Wan-Bissaka in new surroundings, but Parker believes the England Under-21 international will thrive under the brightest of spotlights.

A man who once occupied United’s right-back berth believes the youngster has plenty of potential to unlock, but can already be considered to be better defensively than star turns on the books of Liverpool and Manchester City.

Parker told Eurosport: “I saw Wan-Bissaka play a lot of times last season, both at home and away with Crystal Palace, and I've said constantly that, for me, he's the best right-back in the country.

“People might throw up Kyle Walker and Trent Alexander-Arnold, but as a full-back, first and foremost in the number two position, you have to be able to defend, and he definitely can defend. He's the best full-back in the one against one situation, without a doubt.

“People can get past him, but he's got good pace, he knows when to tackle, he does slide in and he does remind me of Des Walker in the way he defends - long-legged running style, but covers the ground quick.

“He enjoys defending, which is a rarity as most players now like to make their name going forwards, being great crossers, overlapping and scoring goals. His priorities are defending and he thrives on making tackles.”

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Wan-Bissaka will have more pressure placed on his young shoulders at Old Trafford, but Parker expects him to take a step up in class with ease.

He added: “Playing for Manchester United, he'll soon realise the difference it makes in your life. It puts more pressure on you, and it's important you use that and take it forward, because if you do that, and it goes the right way, there's no better place to be.

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“He has to close everything off around him, because the game's changed so much now. He's got to understand that there's going to be pressures on him both on and off the pitch. He needs to keep everyone he knows close to him.

“He has the opportunity to go on and compete to become England's right-back, because there's no certainty over who is England's guaranteed right-back at the moment - it's still open. The move gives him a better chance as he's gone to United, and if he starts delivering there, that puts more pressure on Gareth Southgate to choose him.

“Given his age, it puts him in a good position, because he's only going to improve.”