VOTE NOW: Goal Ultimate 11 powered by FIFA 19 - Who is the best center back in the world?

Best CB
We want to know who the best center back is in the game currently.

As you are aware, our readers recently voted on who the best goal keeeper and right back is as we at team up with the gaming serires FIFA 19 to identify the top 11 players exisiting in the game today.

Join us in the poll sponsored by FIFA 19 and vote for your favorite center back below but before that here is a quick snippet on some of the players:

Sergio Ramos: While the Spaniard may not possess the physical dexterity of a typical center back, he has attitude to break an offense by any means possible as evident during the recent Champions League final against Liverpool. And most importantly, when Real Madrid need someone to get that crucial win, there is only one name that comes to mind who at some point in the dying minutes could jump higher than the opposition and nick one in. That is Sergio Ramos. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 91

Diego Godin: The Uruguay international has organized Atlético Madrid's defence marvelously since August 2010. An inspirational athlete who literally puts his body on the line whenever it calls for it. His sense of positioning on both ends is as perfect as it gets given his ability to win duels in defense and score goals in the offense. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 90

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Mats Hummels: The most complete center back in the German national team, Hummels makes up for his lack of pace and agility with his ability to frequently help out in the build-up to Bayern Munich’s attack courtesy of his accurate distribution of the ball. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 89

Giorgio Chiellini: The Italian is an example of a true leader with one significant quality – able to remain calm regardless of the situation. A rough and robust number 3, Chiellini is all that you could ask for of a defender. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 89

Samuel Umtiti: An animal when needed, mobile, his defensive elements are characterized around how quickly Umtiti is able to read the danger. He is also good on his feet, just the way Barcelona like it, making him deservedly to be nominated in this list. Overall FIFA 19 rating: 87