Tunisian Football Federation report Al-Ahly's Walid Azarou and Algerian referee Charef to Caf

Friday’s dramatic Caf Champions League final, first leg saw Algerian referee Mehdi Abid Charef awarding three penalties

The Tunisian Football Federation (TFF) has reported referee Charef to Caf for the way he handled the match, as well as Al-Ahly forward Walid Azarou’s alleged unsportsmanlike conduct.

Charef had an eventful evening, awarding three penalties, two for Al-Ahly and one for Esperance as the Egyptians romped to a 3-1 win.

He also issued out four yellow cards including booking the Esperance duo of defender Chamseddine Dhaouadi and Cameroon midfielder Franck Kom who will miss the return leg in Rades due to suspension this Friday.

Following bitter complaints by Esperance coach Mouine Chaabani after the match, the TFF has intervened by lodging a complaint with Caf.

“The federation denounces the referee’s poor performance after he committed huge mistakes that had an effect on the game’s result,” read a TFF statement.

“Therefore, the federation is calling Caf for immediate decisions to be taken against the Algerian referee after his bad performance during the game. We also ask Caf to review all the referee's decisions that affected Esperance players.”

Al-Ahly’s forward Azarou has been reported to Caf after he won two penalties for the Egyptian giants through means that did not satisfy Esperance. He was in the eye of the storm after allegedly attempting to trick referee Charef by tearing his shirt in a bid to strengthen his case of being fouled.

Esperance have also asked Caf to suspend Azarou from the second leg as they allege that the Al-Ahly striker assaulted one of their players.

"We ask the Confederation of the African Football to suspend Ahly's Moroccan striker Waldi Azarou from taking part in the second leg of the Caf Champions League final in Tunisia as he didn't respect the sports' charter after assaulting an Esperance player," the statement further read.

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TFF has also complained that the Esperance team bus was delayed, accessing the Borg El Arab Stadium for more than 15 minutes.

“We are not pleased with what happened with Esperance’s bus as it was stopped for more than 15 minutes and we addressed the Tunisian Foreign Ministry about what happened,” the statement read.

This comes after Esperance coach Chaabani complained that the delay robbed his team of warm-up time. Chaabani also alleges that Egyptian police subjected Esperance players to humiliating body and bag searches before entering the stadium while surrounded by Al-Ahly fans who intimidated them.