Satiananthan admits his job on the line after 4-0 humbling

B. Satiananthan, Selangor, Malaysia Super League, 09022018
Hafis Abd Aziz
Selangor boss B. Satiananthan is willing to accept the possibility of being sacked less than a month after the 2019 season kicked off.

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Bad has gone to worse for Selangor. After two draws in their first two Super League (MSL) matches this season, they were not able to avoid defeat.

On Sunday, they fell to a humiliating 4-0 defeat to Shah Alam Stadium co-tenants PKNS FC in their matchday three encounter.

Red Giants head coach B. Satiananthan was out of excuses in the post-match press conference, acknowledging full responsibility for the way his charges have been underperforming, and willing to accept any decision taken on him by the board.

He told reporters that although his team was the dominant side in the clash, what ultimately decided the game was their inability to hit the target and defend well.

"The final scoreline was 4-0, but we had more chances than our opponents did. They just took their chances better. Their goals came from set-pieces and our mistakes.

"Our attempts were too easy for their goalkeeper. Rufino [Segovia] and Faiz [Nasir] should have converted their chances. We were not disciplined," he said.

He also did not rule out the possibility that he will lose his job, not even a month after the season kicked off.

"But there's no excuse; it's my responsibility, it's 4-0. The only thing left [to do] as a coach is to get them back up for the match against Pahang; a strong team. But the morale is down, and I have to wait for the board to decide whether I get to keep my job. The management may want to talk about it among themselves first. I take the blame.

"Then I will talk to the management; whether a change of players is needed [before the first transfer window closes], or a change of head coach. If they want me to stay on, I will stay on and correct these things. I have to find out why we're still not performing," remarked the former Malaysia boss.

Asked by Goal whether there was a possibility that he has not been receiving adequate support from the board, Satiananthan denied this, and responded that they have been getting everything that he needs.

"The management has been superb, they've given me everything and anything that I want. I cannot fault them."

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