Real Madrid accused of 'dangerous environment' for women's players

Kosovare Asllani Real MadridGetty

Real Madrid Femenino have been accused of fostering a "dangerous environment" for players by outgoing forward Kosovare Asllani, who alleges the club pushes their squad members to play with injuries.

The Sweden international first arrived at Las Blancas in 2019, and was their player of the season across the 2020-21 campaign.

But reflecting on her time there as she prepares to depart as a free agent, she has now blasted Madrid's attitude towards their players, suggesting that they have been forced beyond their reasonable limits.

What has been alleged against Real Madrid Femenino?

"I think there is a culture at the club which is unhealthy for players to be in," Asllani stated at a press conference. "I have almost been forced to play injured.

"The management team has not listened to the medical team. It has become a very unhealthy and dangerous environment. I have done a lot for the club from the beginning and I have seen that the club has not treated players well over the years

"I think it's important for me to talk, since no-one else has. I have tried to make changes, but in the end, the environment created there is one of refusing to listen to the medical team and the players."

What has happened at Real Madrid Femenino?

Previous reports had suggested that all was not well at the club, with previous coach David Aznar criticised for his training style before he was replaced by Alberto Toril last November.

Asllani however felt that there was not enough of a change to sway her to remain, adding: "It is no coincidence that I was injured there and had a setback, as you are constantly pushed to play injured. It is not a healthy environment.

"I care so much about the club, but I feel that it is in the wrong hands. I might have left last summer, but I gave it one last chance. I've been a big part of the club's history, but unfortunately it's an environment that is not healthy, and it's not just me.

"There are an incredible number of players who have had to go through a lot, which is not right at a top club. I think it's an environment created by just wanting results and seeing players as products."

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