Markus Babbel's VAR criticism as he prepares for another sideline ban

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Markus Babbel
The Wanderers coach isn't about to stop expressing himself anytime soon

For the third time in his relatively short managerial career, Western Sydney Wanderers coach Markus Babbel will watch his side from the stands this weekend.

The German was shown a red card after reacting angrily to a disallowed goal in the Sydney derby and has subsequently been handed a one-match ban.

It's a familiar situation for Babbel, who vowed though the ban isn't ideal, he's not about to hide his frustrations should the officials make the wrong call. 

"It is not easy to not sit on the bench," Babbel said.

"But we work hard during the week and JP (assistant coach Jean-Paul de Marigny) knows what we want to do and this is not a problem.

"In Switzerland I had it once, in Germany I had it once. If I am not happy with a decision, if I have a totally different option of the situation, then I tell this to the referee.

"Of course the body language wasn't good but my words weren't bad. I was just asking 'how can you decide a decision like this?'"

Even after the derby drama, Babbel defended the VAR admitting being a referee is a very difficult job.

The Wanderers coach does however want the VAR to be used with more restraint moving forward to ensure only obvious errors are overturned. 

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"If the referee is doing a 100 percent mistake, then you have to tell him," he said.

"If it's 50/50 or if he's seen it and said keep going, then don't tell them because in the box you don't have these emotions as well, you don't have this feeling like we have on the pitch, so don't say anything.

"This is what I criticise, but this not an Australian problem, this is at the moment also in Germany a big problem and many other leagues as well."