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'I saw his glasses fly 10 metres!' - Bamford reveals painful moment for Bielsa at Leeds training

18:49 GMT+3 28/04/2021
Patrick Bamford Marcelo Bielsa Leeds 2020-21
The Leeds striker said he wants to buy a new pair of glasses for the coach after damaging his current pair with a shot

Leeds star Patrick Bamford has revealed that he is to blame for Marcelo Bielsa's glasses being wonky.

The Leeds coach has been wearing crooked glasses in recent weeks and Bamford says it is because of an incident during training.

The striker says he accidentally smacked the Argentine in the face with the ball, sending his glasses flying.

What did Bamford say?

“There was one time this season where we were doing a crossing drill. He always positions himself in an awkward place," Bamford said on That Peter Crouch Podcast .

"The ball has come in and I've connected with it so sweetly on my left foot, it's near the top corner. He's stood right inside the goal, I've not seen him, so I've just hit the ball and it has come flush off the bridge of his nose.

"All I saw was his glasses fly 10 metres and him hold his nose. He walked off holding his nose and I was like: 'Sorry, sorry, sorry', obviously sh*tting myself. He's gone a bit angrily: 'It's nothing'.

"I don't know if you've noticed in the last few weeks he's using the same glasses and they're not straight, they're wonky. 

"I feel bad, I should really get him a new pair but I'm scared to bring it up again."

He added: "It ruined the rest of my session."

Bielsa's treats for Leeds players

Bamford was asked if Bielsa ever treats his players to special foods, but the 27-year-old says he gets suspicious when the former Argentina coach hands out sweets on trips.

"We have a really strict weighing in programme. We have to weigh in every day and if you're overweight then you're in trouble," he said

"Sometimes when we're on an away trip going on the train down he'd just walk down the train handing out these sweets. You don't know whether to take one or if it's a test.

"That's as close as it gets to getting a treat."

What next for Leeds?

Leeds, who are currently ninth in the Premier League, have an away game against Brighton on Saturday.

A week later they will host Tottenham at Elland Road.

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