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F2 Freestylers eSports signing Donovan 'DhTekKz' Hunt talks sudden FIFA fame & 'beating the best'

13:50 GMT+3 14/04/2018
Barcelona's FUT Champions Cup winner discusses his explosion on the FIFA scene and approach to this weekend's tournament in Manchester

Donovan 'DhTekKz' Hunt has gone from unknown newcomer to winning the FUT Champions Cup tournament in Barcelona, gaining €22,000 (£16,000) and 45,000 social media followers as well as signing for F2 Freestylers. 

Ahead of the FUT Champions Cup being played in Manchester this weekend, DhTekKz talks to Goal about his tactics for the tournament and his rise in popularity in the eSports world.

How did it feel competing in Barcelona against some really established names when you were so reasonably new to the scene?

Yeah so before the event I played a few of the people online and I did well. So, I went to Barcelona playing these players expecting myself to do well but when I got there something else clicked in and I just played better than I ever have before. I sort of got lucky that I played so well.

Do you think as a result you’re more prepared for the upcoming event in Manchester?

Yeah because I sort of know what I’m in for now. I’m confident that I can go and do well again but obviously people know who I am now so they’re gonna try even harder than they tried before. So, I have to be more prepared if I want to win again.

Was it quite a big transition from playing at home to such an intense event?

Well at the event, before I was very, very nervous. Like really nervous. But as soon as you get into the game all of your nerves go and you just focus on the game that you’re actually playing. So, when there’s people around before the game I was just speaking to them to try and calm myself down. Then when you play it’s just that game in your mind.

During the tournament you seemed to bond quite well with Poacher. Do you think that helped with how you played?

I don’t think it helped with how I played. I just think it helped with during the breaks having someone to talk to, to calm me down and keep me relaxed. I’ve been playing Poacher for quite a while so it was good to have someone there who you’re quite good friends with.

How did you initially meet him?

It was through playing Xbox. I can’t remember how we started talking but we found out we both live like half an hour away from each other so we just started talking from there. But the thing is it was the first time we met out in Barcelona so we just bonded well. We talk all the time.

How would you feel if you had to face him during the tournament?

No different. At the end of the day it’s still someone you need to beat to win the competitions so I’d go in and do the same as when I play anyone else.

Is there anyone who you wouldn’t want to face or would want to face in the future?

No, I’d be willing to play anyone because you’ve got to beat the best to be the best.

Have you spent any of the prize money or got plans for how you’re going to spend it?

I’ll just spend it on anything. So, if there’s something I want to buy I’ll just buy it. I haven’t spent a lot at the moment I’ve just bought some new clothes.

You’ve recently signed for F2 Freestylers. What made you choose them?

So, I saw the Twitter message they sent me just after I won and straight away my head was to F2. I picked them because not only is it an eSports team but outside of eSports there’s stuff like YouTube and Instagram. They have the biggest following and they’ll help me increase my following and make me a lot bigger. It’s just the fact that I’ll get to meet footballers like [Steven] Gerrard and stuff like that so the attraction of it was intriguing.

Do you think they’ll be able to enhance your following?

Yeah of course. They’ll be able to increase my following massively. Since we launched on Sunday I have gained 30,000 YouTube subscribers and 15,000 Instagram followers. So, in just a few days I’ve gone up 45,000 followers combined so it’s good.

Do you feel a bit of added pressure now as a result of that?

I don’t know because I feel the same now as I did before Barcelona but I think when I get there and start playing I’ll be fine again. I don’t think it’s added pressure just more expectation. I don’t think I’ll feel any more pressure.

Looking towards the event in Manchester, do you think you’ll do anything differently to what you did in Barcelona?

I’ll just use my exact same style and skills. Then try and win the ball back as soon as possible after I lose it and just keep doing what I’m doing. Hopefully I can win. If people do figure out my style I’ve got a plan B in mind so it’s all good.

You’ve got quite an attacking style of play. Why do you think that’s so successful?

I’ve got an attacking style of play but I also think I’m good at defending. I score plenty of goals but I’ve got a good defence as well so it’s hard to score against me. It’s a good contrast.

Do you have any new cards you want to use in the next competition?

I’m going to use the exact same team but will have different versions of the cards because there’s new versions of the cards I was using coming out and I’ll just use that. For example, there’s [Ruud] Gullit he’s 90 rated but he’s got a new version where he’s 93 rated so I’ll use that one.

Fans can catch all the action live from Manchester on EA SPORTS Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels starting on Friday, April 13th at 12pm.