Could Kurz be the answer to Melbourne City's troubles?

Adelaide's loss, could be Melbourne City's gain...

After inspiring Adelaide United to a 1-0 win over Melbourne City on Sunday, Marco Kurz put in the perfect audition for the now vacant coaching position at City.

With Warren Joyce parting ways with the club after a dramatic two seasons in charge, City need a coach to reignite them and it's hard to look past the fiery German - who reportedly sounded out the position in March. 

Kurz has succeeded in the face of extreme adversity this season. From a club chairman not answering his phone calls to a squad lacking a recognised striker for much of the campaign, the 49-year-old has worked wonders with what he has had at his disposal and it's hard to fathom exactly why the club are letting him go. 

"It's strange," Archie Thompson said on Fox Sports Sunday Shootout

"When you think about it a few ago he's out of a job, still makes finals and has the potential to make the grand final.

"If he wins that and he's out of a job, what does that say for our competition?" 

Adelaide's decision to announce Kurz' departure at season's end in March could have derailed their campaign, but that was something the former Bundesliga manager was never going to allow.

The Reds 1-0 victory over City on Sunday summing up the grit, discipline and energy Kurz has brought to United since his arrival in 2017. 

As the match headed into extra time, he personally went to fire up United's active supporters, who were ultimately rewarded when Ben Halloran struck the winner in front of them in the 108th minute. 

On paper, City arguably boasted a stronger squad on Sunday and enjoyed far better chances, yet it was Adelaide that walked away winners as Kurz once again defied the odds to extend his tenure as coach for another week at least.

This season has been a particularly problematic one for Kurz.

Injuries have plagued his side with marquee striker Baba Diawara once again missing for most of the season leaving the Reds severely shortchanged up front.

In defence, Adelaide failed to sign a replacement defender in January after Taylor Regan's departure much to Kurz's displeasure. But rather than bemoan what he didn't have, the German coach instead successfully deployed Michael Marrone at centre-back and gave Ryan Kitto a chance in defence - with both players not letting Kurz down. 

Facing a number of headaches on the pitch, the Reds coach was then ignored by club chairman Piet van der Pol, who didn't pick up his phone for a number of weeks as Kurz looked to clarify the club's future. 

That future was something the two couldn't agree on with Kurz now set to be shown the door - regardless of how well he ends his tenure in charge.

Adelaide's loss could be Melbourne City's gain, however, with the club in desperate need of someone to fire them up on and off the pitch.

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While Joyce's old-school approach caused division on the pitch and in the stands, Kurz's sheer passion could be exactly what City need to unite them. 

The fact Reds defender Scott Galloway, who found career-best form under Kurz, is set to move to Melbourne City next season, just one potential indication the outgoing Adelaide coach may not be far behind him.

Known for his passionate touchline displays, Kurz could be just the man to scare the AAMI Park seagulls away and breathe new life into Melbourne City.