Baroka chairman Mphahlele refuses to blame South Africans for Masuluke's failed Puskas Award bid

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Baroka, Oscarine Masuluke
Masuluke lost the Fifa Puskas Award to Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud, but his chairman is pleased with the support from the South African public

Baroka FC chairman Khurishi Mphahlele doesn’t concur with Hlompho Kekana that the public didn’t do enough to ensure Oscarine Masuluke clinched the accolade.

“I don’t think that’s the case because you know the public depends on the resources available to them, and I mean many of them don’t have the resources and you can’t kill them. You can’t kill the people of Limpopo for not having free WiFi,” Mphahlele told Goal.

Under the dire circumstances the majority of South Africans find themselves in at the moment, they did their best to ensure Masuluke finished second at the least, Mphahlele said.

“It’s something that’s beyond our control. It’s not that the people were slacking. So, they did well under difficult circumstances,” Mphahlele said.

“For him to come second in the world, we are really grateful. We can’t blame anybody now, we are happy. Hopefully next time our infrastructure will have improved so that our kids at schools can have free WiFi and access all that information,” Mphahlele said.

When asked whether or not this world recognition will help steer them to the title this season, the club boss gave a mixed response.

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“(Laughs) Look, it’s a recognition of our efforts as a team and country and also the league. It really gives us the confidence that we can go on and move forward and make it [happen],” Mphahlele said.

Moreover, Mphahele said this has opened the door for a potential partnership with European clubs where ideas and resources are shared and formulized.

“Definitely! We hope to take this partnership to the next level whereby we can exchange experiences, resources and players as well but that we’ll take one step at a time,” Mphahlele concluded.