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2022 World Cup: Qatar's Lusail Stadium expected to be completed by 2020

12:25 GMT+3 15/12/2018
Qatar World Cup 2022
The venue for the World Cup's opening game and the final is expected to be completed in two years…

The Lusail Stadium, which has been proposed as the venue for the 2022 World Cup’s opening game and the final on December 18, is making rapid progress according to Tamim El Abed, Stadium Project Manager for The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC). 

“80000 spectators is the capacity of the stadium. It’s technological capabilities in terms of lighting, audio visual systems, internet connectivity and facilities for the media are very advanced. Of course, the design is unique,” he mentioned.

On being pressed to share the date as to when the stadium would be ready, Abel said, “Right now, I can share the percentage of the work done. The concrete super structure and the heavy steel are about 47 per cent done. Foundation and the sub structure are 100 per cent complete. MEP and block work ongoing inside the building in addition to the seating terraces. Completion is expected by 2020.”

When completed, the stadium will reach an imposing elevation of more than 70 metres from the ground. The Lusail stadium would then host at least three games before the 2022 World Cup in order to test the facilities.

“We will like to play at least three practice matches between 2020 and 2022. So the Qatar Football Association (QFA) will possibly organize a game maybe between Juventus and Real Madrid and we will see how the stadium, security and everything works in a live environment.”

This will be the very first time that the world would witness a winter World Cup which would kick-off in November instead of July as usual. However, despite the fact that it is being played during winter and should there be an unlikely rise in temperatures in the afternoon, Qatar has the patented Cooling Technology which would ensure that the temperature in the stadium is kept ideal at all times.

“During the World Cup, the temperature for the players on the field would be 26 degrees. For the spectators, we are still testing with engineers as to what the ideal temperature should be.” 

El Abed, who is Palestinian by birth, spoke of his delight on being given a chance to head the project for the Lusail Stadium.

“I grew up in Qatar and was three weeks old when I came here. My parents have been here for 60 years. To watch the country grow around me and to be employed for the biggest stadium, in the biggest event in the country’s history, I have no words."