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M. Pugh
J. Ibe
L. Cook
Yellow Card
M. Diouf
E. Choupo-Moting
1 - 2
J. Stanislas
Penalty Goal
0 - 2
A. Surman
J. Stanislas
0 - 1

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52% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 407 391
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That will be a real confidence-boosting three points for the Cherries today, ahead of a home clash with Chelsea next Saturday. Before then though, they have the small matter of a League Cup tie against Middlesbrough at Dean Court on Tuesday night - where Eddie Howe will be hopeful of progressing. Having been dumped out by Bristol City, the Potters have a full week to recover - and they'll travel to Vicarage Road to tangle with high-flying Watford. Until then though, thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend!
You can see how much it means to the Bournemouth players - there are high-fives all round as they celebrate getting their first points on the road this season. Stoke were a much improved side in the second half - and they made it tell with a goal for Diouf. But in the end, the Potters couldn't make enough of their myriad of chances and Mark Hughes will be left to rue what could have been. Full-time at the bet365 Stadium, Stoke City 1-2 AFC Bournemouth.
90' + 6' And indeed it is. Allen concedes a free-kick on halfway and Surman simply leathers it downfield to the sound of the final whistle. It's all over- and Bournemouth have won!
90' + 5' Shawcross sees his effort fizzle out and Begovic collects, teasing Crouch in the process. Surely that's the game now...
90' + 4' The goal kick finds Afobe who plays Stanislas forward - and Bournemouth are suddenly in the Stoke box. They can't put it to bed, but they do get a throw.
90' + 3' Berahino makes four steps right on the corner of the penalty area and lifts the ball in with a rocket of a shot - but it sails well over the top and Begovic is untroubled.
90' + 1' Allen whips one in from the left for Crouch but Surman doubles back to sweep it away from danger and out for a throw on midfield.
90' Five added minutes on the way at the bet365 Stadium.
89' Diouf hefts a great ball in which Crouch and Choupo-Moting pursue - but Begovic manages to get there first, just. He falls over in the process - but the ball is safe in his grasp.
88' That could have been the game! Smith breaks on a counter for Bournemouth and very nearly buries it in the bottom left corner from the edge of the box. It drifts wide and Stoke remain only one goal down.
M. Pugh
J. Ibe
87' Boos around the ground as Bournemouth's final change is delayed by the wrong number being held up on the board. It's Ibe, not Stanislas, who leaves - and Pugh takes his place.
84' It's been a frustrating second half for the Cherries - though they've managed to hold Stoke to a single goal, they've only been down the opposition end once in all seriousness. Still, they hold the lead - for now at least.
82' Begovic is untroubled by Stoke's latest effort - a Diouf shot that drifts well wide.
S. Berahino
80' A second change for Stoke - Jesé departs and Berahino takes his place.
80' Allen reacts angrily after he concedes a foul and nearly comes to blows with a handful of Bournemouth players. It's just eating up the clock, which suits the visitors just fine.
78' A long ball from Fletcher down the right goes to Diouf - but the Bournemouth defence holds itself back to trap him offside. The Potters are running out of time at the bet365 Stadium, but they're still pushing forward en masse.
H. Arter
L. Cook
77' A canny change now from Eddie Howe as he brings on Harry Arter for the booked Lewis Cook.
76' Diouf runs onto a long ball from Choupo-Moting in the box and goes down lightly. He makes no real deal of it and Butland plays on.
75' Now Stoke get a corner too, as Jese's attempted cross takes a bounce off Smith. Fletcher can't deliver it to either him or Crouch and Ake cleans up.
74' Fletcher gets a free-kick twenty-five yards out on the right and Crouch runs onto it as he whips it round into the box - but Begovic beats everyone to it.
72' Fletcher puts a long cross in for Crouch on the left who gets it to Jese in the box - and is then fouled by Smith! No penalty given though - it becomes a corner! Stoke are livid with rage - and Mark Hughes is swearing like a sailor.
70' Pietrers goes deep down the left flank and lobs a long cross into the box for Crouch - but he can't curl it back in for any other men in red and white and Smith deals with it.
69' Against the run of play, Daniels takes it downfield for Bournemouth and earns a corner off Shawcross. It is a similar position for the Cherries to the one they were in against Everton a few weeks ago - and they were unable to hold on then.
L. Cook
Yellow Card
67' Allen nutmegs Lewis Cook with a superb bit of trickery - to which the Bournemouth player replies with a clumsy challenge and earns himself a yellow card.
65' Well, that has changed the dynamics of the game entirely. Stoke suddenly look revitalised - Bournemouth look wary. Choupo-Moting is released by Crouch into the box again - but he's caught offside. The Potters are pressing.
M. Diouf
63' Stoke strike back! Substitute Cook touches immediately to clear it and Pieters lofts it straight back into the box. Choupo-Moting taps it sideways between defenders to Diouf - and he hefts it into the roof of the net over Begovic! Game on for the Potters.
S. Cook
L. Mousset
62' And indeed, Cook comes on for Mousset, as Bournemouth add a fifth man to their defence.
61' Begovic punches away a fabulous Allen cross headed for Stoke - and already, Eddie Howe is making changes to counter the rangy forward's presence in the box, with Steve Cook warming up.
P. Crouch
G. Johnson
59' The first change of the afternoon - and it's Peter Crouch, who enters for Stoke in lieu of Johnson
58' Free-kick now to Stoke on the left side as Allen is climbed over by Francis. Fletcher flicks it in and Smith spirits it away - before earning a free-kick off Allen too.
55' Fletcher steers his corner in but Diouf's header blows well wide. Shawcross then gets into a bit of a tussle over the ball with Afobe - and the result is a goal-kick for Begovic as it runs out off the Stoke man.
53' Ake deals with a cross into the box rather than leaving it for Begovic and Stoke get a corner There's a fair bit of argy-bargy going on, and the referee calls over both captains for a word.
51' Now Allen goes close too, coming onto a Diouf cross from the right and nearly slipping his shot past Begovic who manages to divert it away. Close effort once more from Stoke - they're showing more intent in these opening minutes.
50' Jese provides an absolutely wonderful, mercurial cross from the left to whip it just round the far right post. It fools everyone - including Diouf, who is unable to get there for the finish in time.
48' Two chances with two headers for Stoke, with Pieters and Fletcher both rising for an Allen cross. The former goes down injured, after what appears to be overstretching - whilst Diouf breaks away and tries to get a shot away that Francis clears for a throw.
46' We're back underway at the bet365 Stadium - with Mark Hughes looking marginally more calm than before. Zouma immediately loses the ball on a soft attack - and then Shawcross concedes a free-kick on halfway for a push on Afobe.
Eddie Howe must be on cloud nine - Bournemouth are two goals to the good after a strong showing against a hit-and-miss Stoke side. Andrew Surman's beautiful strike, supplied by Stanislas, broke the deadlock around the fifteen minute mark - and that was soon followed by a penalty after a clumsy Ryan Shawcross challenge, which Stanislas put beyond Jack Butland. Both have had chances since to add more goals - but none have so far stuck. At the break then, it's Stoke City 0-2 Bournemouth in the Premier League.
45' + 3' Johnson gets a throw on halfway for Stoke, which he hurls downfield looking for Diouf. The Potters man can't make anything of it - and as the whistle goes, they are roundly booed by their own fans as they depart for half-time.
45' + 2' Late corner for Stoke now, which Fletcher turns across the box to Allen. He opts to bring it out to Pieters who then plays it onto Jese - but the striker's shot takes a deflection and billows back into midfield where Cameron opts to play it back to Butland.
45' Three additional minutes incoming now. Hughes still simmering on the touchline - whilst Howe is more positively animated in his movements.
44' Stoke earn a free-kick now, which Fletcher whips in - after it stops bobbling on the ground due to the wind - from the right hand side. Shawcross connects with his foot in the box - but he can't get the angle he wants and it slices wide to the left.
43' Now Afobe gets a corner for Bournemouth, again on the left. It's whipped in, but Pieters deals with it after a moment of confusion.
42' Choupo-Moting hurtles down the left flank after Allen releases him, and he tries to twist it back in for a shot - but he pushes it wide and Bournemouth are let off by weak Stoke finishing again.
41' Bournemouth earn a corner now thanks to Francis, on their left side. Ake is first to it - but he bundles it out, unable to turn in and release a pass or shot.
40' So close for Stoke! Pieters floats a beautiful ball in and Choupo-Moting connects with his head - but he can't quite guide it enough to the left like he wants and it brushes the right hand goalpost on the wrong side of the net.
39' A brilliant save from Jack Butland, as Stanislas releases Afobe into the box to have a crack. He leathers it for the lower right corner - but the Stoke keeper gobbles it up.
36' Fletcher clips along to Zouma on the right, and then back to Jese, but the trio are unable to release Shawcross or Allen on the left, Stoke are generating the current crop of chances, it must be said - but they seem unable to make anything stick, which frustrates Hughes to no end.
35' Fletcher's corner comes out for Shawcross but the Stoke man can't control it. Allen comes in for a second bite of the Cherries' defence but he sprays wide to the right. Goal kick for Begovic.
34' Close for Stoke! Jese takes a loose pass from Stanislas and slips it to Diouf on the right edge of the Bournemouth box - but Begovic denies him with a great save. Corner now for Stoke.
33' Allen - perhaps the most livewire man in red and white out there - sprints down the left and almost slits open the defence with a lovely floated pass to Jese - but the back four of the Cherries shore up in time to herd it away.
32' Mousset puts a dinky little pass to Afobe in the box - but the Bournemouth man can't control his collection and it trickles away to Butland who deals with it easily enough.
30' Pieters clips left to Allen and he canters down the flank, before crossing into the box for Choupo-Moting- but he pulls his shot too far to the side and it goes straight to Begovic.
28' A stoppage in play now as Francis is brought down by Diouf - with no real malice but the Stoke man requires attention. Hughes is unhappy and seems to be complaining about timewasting to the assistant referee.
27' Lewis Cook twists between two defenders and gets it out wide to Adam Smith - but he can't bring it in right and Diouf clears.
26' Ake takes a pass from Stanislas and bursts down the left flank, looking for Afobe - but Mousset gets in the way, and then accidentally fouls up when he loses it to Zouma.
25' Fletcher carves out a little path and lobs a cross downfield to the left wing for Diouf - but Stanislas intercepts its trajectory and threatens the midfield at Stoke once more.
22' And Zouma concedes another free-kick now, against the Potters, after he clips Ake just inside his own half. Bournemouth will look to shut this one down with another goal if they can - a 3-0 lead would most likely end any serious Stoke hopes of a comeback.
21' Not in this move; Johnson's corner finds Shawcross but he can't control it - and despite a second float in by Fletcher, Bournemouth prevails and escape.
20' Mark Hughes is absolutely livid and you can't really blame him. Stoke perhaps looked the more uneasy of the two sides but they weren't too far off the mark. Allen now floats a wonderful ball into the box for Johnson - but Daniels slides it out for a Stoke corner. Can they get one back fast?
J. Stanislas
Penalty Goal
18' And he lifts it cheekily straight down the middle, sending the keeper to the right. Stoke are absolutely gobsmacked; their fans are howling and screaming. Bournemouth - second-bottom in the league - have already got two goals in twenty minutes.
17' And now a penalty for Bournemouth! Straight after their opening goal, Afobe is brought down by Shawcross in a messy challenge in the box. Stanislas to take.
A. Surman
16' Oh, what an exquisite finish from Surman! Stanislas is trapped by three Stoke defenders in the box, bringing in the back three - before playing it out back to the South African who burries it in the bottom left corner.
16' It's a rather torrid, wet day in the Midlands too, as Stoke bring it out down the left. They float a beauty of a pass down to Diouf - but the striker is pulled back for a marginal offside.
14' A bit of ill-discipline sneaking in here already at the bet365 Stadium. No cards shown yet but Shawcross tumbles now after a late challenge.
12' A great swift breakaway from Pieters finds Jese, who makes some superb interplay - but they overcomplicate the move and Johnson loses it with the fifth pass to Daniels.
10' Allen puts a great move down the left, then crosses into the box - it takes a rebound and Ibe manages to collect it, before tumbling to the ground with Pieters. The former is injured, but seemingly OK - and the latter is given a talking to by the referee.
8' Afobe races onto a Daniels delivery heading down the right flank, and he almost beats Butland to it within the box - but the keeper just pinches it.
6' Stoke push it forward down the midfield but Stanislas intercepts and pushes it back to his keeper. Evenly matched so far in the Midlands.
4' Ake takes a ball to the chest and tries to hook it to a fellow man for the Cherries - but he catches it wrong and it comes up for Butland in goal instead.
3' No Jermain Defoe of course for Bournemouth today, as Smith brings it out of the back corner for the visitors - the England forward has picked up a knock and not travelled today to the Potteries.
1' And we're underway at the bet365 Stadium! Bournemouth push hard first, and hook up a throw-in for Daniels - but Pieters is quick to clear as he tries to put it into the box.
1' Jese flicks onto Johnson on the right again, and Daniels picks his pocket to stop the deluge of Stoke chances for a moment.
The teams are coming out here and we're about to get underway, as Tom Jones' Delilah bellows around the stands.
Subs: Boruc, Fraser, Gosling, Pugh, Arter, Wilson, S. Cook
AFC BOURNEMOUTH (4-4-1-1): Begovic, Smith, Daniels, Francis, Ake, Ibe, Stanislas, Surman, L. Cook, Mousset, Afobe
Subs: Crouch, Berahimo, Wimmer, Afellay, Adam, Sobhi, Grant
STOKE CITY (3-4-3): Butland, Shawcross, Cameron, Zouma, Allen, Fletcher, Pieters, Diouf, Jese, Choupo-Moting
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The teams have met on 26 previous occasions, but only the four of course in the Premier League. Of those encounters, Stoke have the better of their opponents, winning both matches in the 2015/16 campaign – but Bournemouth took a win at the bet365 Stadium last November, and the reverse in May finished as a 2-2 draw. Despite their lowly position, Stoke have only lost the once at home this year – 4-0 to Chelsea – whilst Bournemouth are yet to record points on the road at all so far.
For the Cherries meanwhile, their sometimes fairytale ride in the top flight is well and truly over, with Eddie Howe having his worst start to a season ever in a managerial capacity. The former Bournemouth player knows his squad like the back of his hand though – and after a narrow loss to Tottenham last time out, he’ll be optimistic of taking three points away from a struggling Stoke side.
The Potters are most definitely still smarting from last week’s 7-2 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City, their worst league defeat in almost twenty years. But Mark Hughes knows this territory well; he helped to save QPR from relegation five years ago in a similar position. How secure his job is remains a lingering question; but victory today would go a long way to easing the pressure.
Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of week nine of the Premier League, as a scrappy Stoke City host last-but-one Bournemouth at the bet365 Stadium. Both teams have endured torrid starts to the 2017/18 campaign, with 12 points from a possible 48 combined registered; can one of them take an essential win today to kick-start their season? Kick-off is around the corner.