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90' + 2'
Azmizi Azmi
Yellow Card
Nizam Abu Bakar
Yellow Card
P. Wleh
1 - 2
Rufino Segovia
1 - 1
Shahrul Azhar Ture
0 - 1
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Thank you for joining us, and good night!
Surely with Pahang leading comfortably at the moment, Selangor's AFC Cup hopes are over, while PKNS are one step closer towards safety.
PKNS have beaten Selangor for the first time since at least 2004, and won both matches the two sides have had this season!
The ref blows his whistle and the match is over! PKNS have won the match with a 2-1 scoreline!
90' + 4' Veenod's long pass, intended for Namathevan goes straight out instead.
Azmizi Azmi
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Yellow card Azmizi bin Azmi
Yellow Card
90' + 2' PKNS' Azmizi is booked for time-wasting.
90' + 1' Rufino's kick hits a PKNS player's head and the visitors will take all the time in the world to get their man treated.
90' + 1' Four minutes of additional time has been shown.
Nurshamil Abdul Ghani
Syahmi Safari
89' Substitution Muhammad Syahmi bin Safari Nurshamil Abdul Ghani
89' Syahmi comes off for Shamil
88' Two minutes of fulltime remains on the clock.
Nizam Abu Bakar
Yellow Card
87' Yellow card Mohd Nizam bin Abu Bakar
Nizam Abu Bakar
Khyril Muhymeen Zambri
83' Substitution Mohd Khyril Muhymeen bin Zambri Mohd Nizam bin Abu Bakar
83' And Khyril, a recent change, needs to come off, for Nizam.
82' Khyril lies down injured, the stretcher is needed.
81' Raimi's cross from the left is headed over the bar by Rufino! Still 2-1 to PKNS
79' Play is resumed, no change in players needed.
78' Play is stopped as a PKNS defender is injured.
Alif Haikal Sabri
Shahrul Azhar Ture
77' Substitution Shahrul Azhar Ture Mohd Alif Haikal Mohd Sabri
77' PKNS' Shahrul comes off for Alif
75' Attendance: 847
72' Safee tries a low shot, it goes wide. It's his fourth off-target attempt tonight.
70' Veenod fouls Gurusamy.
Khyril Muhymeen Zambri
Fábio Ferreira
68' Substitution Fábio Miguel Lourenço Ferreira Mohd Khyril Muhymeen bin Zambri
68' PKNS' Fabio comes off for Khyril, their first substitution.
67' Amri impatiently tries from 40 meters out... you know how it ends.
P. Wleh
64' Goal Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh
64' GOAL FOR PKNS! Adam allows Wleh to steal the ball from him at the edge of his box, and the Liberian smashes the ball in! 2-1 to the visitors!
63' Fabio strikes from outside, this time on target but Khairulazhan palms it out.
F. Doe
Bunyamin Umar
62' Substitution Mohd Bunyamin bin Umar Francis Doe Forkey
S. Veenood
Saiful Ridzuwan Selamat
62' Substitution Saiful Ridzuan bin Selamat Veenood a/l Subramaniam
61' Veenod comes on for Saiful, Doe comes on for Bunyamin. A double change for the hosts with half an hour remaining.
61' Safee smashes the ball from outside, only manages to smack Fabio in the belly.
60' Fabio tries for the corner from inside the Selangor penalty box but it goes wide. Again.
58' Amri tries from outside but it is nowhere near the target! Where are his shooting boots?
58' He smashes it into the wall instead and it bounces behind for a corner kick.
57' Rufino to take it.
56' Rajes fouls Rufino at the edge of the PKNS penalty area.
55' The freekick ends up in a chance for Saiful outside the PKNS box, he tries for the far corner but it goes wide. Still 1-1.
55' Andik is fouled to the left of the PKNS box, Selangor get a freekick.
54' Gurusamy fouls Saiful inside the Selangor box and the ref calls him out.
52' Safee with the free header but sends it over the bar! What a waste!
52' Andik crosses from the left but Rufino is a fraction too late and goalkeeper gathers it.
51' Selangor's Fairuz manages to block Fabio from making a shot!
51' Tauffiq is up again and play is resumed.
Amri Yahyah
Yellow Card
50' Yellow card Mohd Amri bin Yahyah
Yellow Card
50' Commentator's curse; Amri is booked for a lunge on Tauffiq, and the goalkeeper now needs treatment.
49' Rajes fouls Rufino, but the ref keeps his card in his pocket. No booking yet so far.
48' Gurusamy's cross from the right finds Safee inside the box, but the veteran player's tap in goes wide!
46' Amri's cross from the right finds Andik at the far post, but the Indonesian's shot ends up on the wrong side of the post!
45' The match resumes, 1-1 is the scoreline!
The second half is about to start.
The halftime whistle is blown, with the score level 1-1. See you in 15 minutes' time!
45' + 2' Andik with the counter-attack, chooses to try himself, but sends his shot wide!
45' + 1' Two minutes of added time has been shown.
44' Syahmi sends a cross from the right towards Rufino, but goalkeeper Tauffiq intercepts the chance timely.
42' Andik is flagged for offside. Can either side find the lead before the halftime whistle?
41' Safee tries teeing off Sivakumar, but Sivakumar fails to anticipate the move.
40' Rufino tries a cheeky set piece, passing it to Amri at the edge of the box, but only manages to let themselves down. Amri's dribble goes straight out.
39' Selangor get a freekick 25 meters out after Syahmi is fouled.
38' Abdou goes in for a tough tackle on Andik to the left of his penalty box, Andik goes down, but the ref says it's a fair challenge.
37' Namathevan tries to deliver the ball to Andik inside the box but the ball just gets away from the Indonesian!
36' Selangor's Raimi is flagged for offside
Rufino Segovia
34' Goal Rufino Segovia del Burgo
34' GOAL FOR SELANGOR! Rufino strikes from an angle to level the score! 1-1!
32' Safee claims there's a push on him by former teammate Amri, but ref is having none of it.
28' Amri tries from an angle after receiving Rufino's pass, but it goes wide!
Shahrul Azhar Ture
25' Goal Shahrul Azhar Ture
25' GOAL FOR PKNS! Shahrul Azhar Ture drives the ball home from inside the Selangor box, after receiving a pass!
24' Saiful's turn to take an ambitious try from outside...and waste it.
21' Safee's glancing header goes wide!
20' The corner kick goes nowhere.
19' Safee tries from outside, hits a stray defender's leg and goes out for a corner kick.
17' Wleh tries from angle but it goes into the side-netting.
15' Andik breaks through down the left, tries to find Rufino in the middle but the goalkeeper gets his hand to the pass!
14' Hey don't forget to refresh our Live Commentary page, in case it doesn't load properly!
13' Selangor get a corner kick following a run from Rufino.
12' Andik tries to thread a through pass to Amri but the veteran fails to anticipate the move!
10' Wleh strikes from inside but is denied! The corner kick goes goes astray.
5' Wleh beats the offside trap, tries for the far corner but it goes wide! A close shave for the hosts!
4' Former Selangor man Gurusamy strikes from outside, more hopeful than anything. It goes wide.
2' By the way, PKNS have never beaten Selangor away since 2004.
1' We have the kick-off!
There will be a minute's silence for the recent passing of the Yand Dipertuan Agong, and the recent religious school tragedy.
Selangor will be playing from left to right, and PKNS right to left.
The anthems have been sung and now we're almost at the start of the match!
Selangor need to win in order to keep their hopes of qualifying for the AFC Cup alive, while PKNS need to defeat the hosts in order to avoid relegation.
PKNS line-up: Tauffiq (GK), Shahrul, Rajes, Abdou, Gunalan, Sivakumar, Fabio, Azmizi, Gurusamy, Safee, Wleh.
Selangor lineup: Norazlan (GK), Adam, Fairuz, Bunyamin, Syahmi, Raimi, Namathevan, Saiful, Amri (C), Rufino, Andik.
Hello everyone and selamat malam. Welcome to our Live Commentary for the Super League match between Selangor and PKNS; the Selangor Derby!
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