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Real Madrid v Osasuna Live Commentary, 27/10/2021

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Estadio Santiago Bernabéu


That's all for today, goodbye!
That draw does take Madrid top of the league, level on points with Sevilla, Real Betis and Real Sociedad, who don't play until tomorrow. Next up for them is a trip to Elche. Osasuna are still unbeaten away from home this season and they stay in sixth. They have Sevilla next time out.
Osasuna hold Real Madrid to a goalless draw. The hosts dominated throughout, but Osasuna's compact defending frustrated them endlessly, and they couldn't find a way through. Herrera made two good saves to keep out Militao and Vinicius in the first half, but Osasuna came closest after the break when Moncayola fired a shot off the post. Benzema also clipped an effort off the woodwork and Kroos dragged his chances wide.
90' + 4' Osasuna are trying their hardest to see out the draw here as Barbero is instructed to take it to the corner flag after Osasuna's free-kick. He can't keep it there for long though and Madrid quickly win it back. Marcelo pulls away on the left again, but this time, his cross is blocked by Vidal.
90' + 2' Vazquez swings a great cross into the near post and Casemiro throws himself forward to get on the end of it, but misses by millimetres. Benzema can't get through the crowd of defenders in front of him and Cruz shields it back to Herrera.
90' And another change for Osasuna now as Oier is brought on in place of Moncayola.
89' Osasuna are making their third change, as Kike is taken off and replaced by Barbero.
88' CLOSE! Marcelo touches the ball out to Vinicius on the left and makes a good run behind the defenders at the near post to get the return pass. It's a very tight angle for him, and Herrera rushes off his line to make it harder. He lifts his shot over the keeper, but it bounces wide on the far side.
87' David Garcia's hopeful ball towards Kike actually ends up going all the way through to Ruben Garcia on the left. Osasuna are trying to work their way into the box, but everyone drops back for Madrid and closes down the space ahead of them.
85' Marcelo has been getting into some good positions since coming off the bench and he finds space on the left again to float in a cross. It's just too high for Vinicius and Rodrygo set off too early, so it bounces harmlessly behind him before David Garcia clears his lines.
83' Herrera is quickly back to his feet after receiving treatment. Ramos was warming up on the sidelines, but he isn't going to be needed as Herrera is going to be able to carry on.
82' Casemiro was in his own half when he spotted Herrera off his line, and he decided to try an audacious effort from there. The goalkeeper scrambled back in time to see it bounce wide. Now, he's gone down holding his hamstring, so the medical team are on to see to him.
81' CHANCE! Still, Madrid patiently try to break their opponents down, but Osasuna aren't leaving much space open in the box. Kroos is picked out on the edge of the area, so he has another go from range, but he ends up dragging it wide.
79' Madrid switch out to their right this time, with Rodrygo striding down the wing. He has lots of support up with him in the box but overhits the cross and Osasuna are able to clear their lines.
77' Madrid patiently play out from the back again and Marcelo tries to thread a pass into Rodrygo on the edge of the box. Unia Garcia is tight to him, so he tries to flick it through the defender's legs, only to lose the ball.
75' Sanchez intercepts a pass and quickly turns on the counter. He drives forward down the left, and Vazquez ends up bringing him down. Ruben Garcia whips in a cross, but David Garcia heads his effort into the ground and wide.
73' Madrid still aren't letting up their pressure here after seeing a corner cleared by the first man. Kroos fizzes in another dangerous cross, looking for Benzema through the middle, but Vidal gets there just ahead of him to send it out of play.
71' Osasuna are still frustrating Madrid here and they're trying to pass their way into a very crowded box. Benzema slides it through to Vinicius, who takes the shot first time, but Herrera makes himself big to smother it just as the offside flag goes up against him.
E. Hazard
Real Madrid
69' And the other change is an attacking one, with Hazard on for Asensio.
F. Mendy
Real Madrid
69' Mendy is also going off, with Marcelo on to replace him.
Lucas Vázquez
Real Madrid
69' Madrid are making a triple change now. Carvajal goes off, with Vazquez on in his place. 
69' Vinicius has Unai Garcia tight to him and he does brilliantly to squeeze a low ball across the face of goal. Asensio is the closest to it, but he doesn't gamble on the chance and it rolls harmlessly out.
Rubén García
Javi Martínez
67' Martinez is also being taken off, with Ruben Garcia on in his place. 
D. Brašanac
E. Ávila
67' Double change for Osasuna now and Avila is the first to make way, with Brasanac on for him.
66' Osasuna have a chance to break after Torro intercepts Carvajal's pass and he plays a throughball into Kike. It gets caught under his feet though and Alaba gets back to nick it off him.
64' Madrid are still dominating possession here and it's swept out to Mendy on the left this time. He curls a good cross into the far post where Benzema is waiting, but Unai Garcia and Cruz manage to get it away between them.
62' OFF THE BAR! Vinicius touches the ball into Benzema, and he manages to wrongfoot two defenders to open up a pocket of space on the left of the box. He goes for goal from a tight angle, but his powerful shot bounces off the corner of the goal frame.
60' Osasuna have a rare chance to attack, with Martinez making a great run down the left. He has Kike and Avila to aim for in the middle, but Courtois reads it well and slides in to clear the cross at the near post.
58' Asensio intercepts a throw-in and it ends up being a good ball through to Vinicius. He sweeps it out to Rodrygo out on the right and he whips a great cross into the middle, but Vinicius can't make any contact with it for a tap-in.
56' Again, Osasuna just can't get out of their own half, but they're staying compact at the back. Kroos is forced to have yet another shot from range and he ends up dragging this one wide of the near post.
54' Madrid are just starting to find their rhythm now as they keep Osasuna penned back in their own half. Benzema skips away from Vidal with some clever footwork at the byline, but he pulls it back behind Vinicius, and David Garcia clears it.
52' Torro wins the ball back high upfield this time as he closes down Rodrygo and he switches it out towards Moncayola on the right. He has acres of space to run into, but the pass is too short and Militao intercepts it. 
50' OFF THE POST! Kike gets the ball on the edge of his own box before driving through the middle of the pitch. He touches it out to Avila to his right, and he squares a low cross into the far post for Moncayola. He hits the shot first time but it hits the post before bouncing out for a corner off Carvajal.
48' Sanchez spots Kike hovering at Militao's shoulder, so he goes long to pick out the forward. He manages to get a flick-on, but there's no one up with him in support and Alaba gets across to clear his lines.
46' Osasuna get us back underway for the second half!
E. Camavinga
Real Madrid
46' Madrid are making a change at the break, with Rodrygo coming on in place of Camavinga.
Ancelotti looked a frustrated figure on the touchline and Madrid need to start taking their chances if they want to go top of the league today. As for Osasuna, Arrasate needs to change something. They struggled to get out of their own half a lot and haven't looked a threat when they did get the chance to attack.
It's goalless at the break between Real Madrid and Osasuna. The hosts dominated the first half, barely giving Osasuna a chance to get on the ball. Herrera pulled off two good saves, first to deny Militao from range before he kept out Vinicius with his fingertips. Camavinga also came close, but they couldn't find the back of the net. Osasuna had a couple of half-chances at the other end but didn't trouble Courtois.
45' Still, Madrid keep Osasuna penned back deep in their own half as Mendy drives to the byline from the left. He pulls the ball back into the middle, but no one is there for Madrid. Sanchez ends up slicing at his clearance but manages to get it behind.
43' CHANCE! Asensio's corner is taken short to Carvajal, and he floats a wonderful cross into the middle of the box. Camavinga rises highest to flick it on, but it lands on the roof of the net. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as he'd come back from an offside position.
41' Osasuna take a corner short, with Moncayola pulling it back for Unai Garcia on the edge of the box. He gets his head up and decides to have a go from range, but it's a poor shot that sails high over the bar. 
39' The visitors win a free-kick down the right and Moncayola curls a deep cross into the box. Madrid make a mess of the clearance, with Benzema bundling it straight to Sanchez, but his effort is then blocked by the Frenchman.
37' Osasuna are staying compact at the back and although Kroos is allowed a lot of time on the ball, he can't pick out a pass. He eventually decides to have a go from range, but his drilled effort is straight at Herrera. 
35' Just the 79 per cent possession for the hosts so far in this game and they're on the attack again. They're working it down the right this time, with Camavinga sliding in Asensio, but his cross hits Cruz at the near post. 
33' It's a very nervy moment at the back for Herrera after Moncayola is forced to go back when he's closed down by Kroos. The keeper comes way out of his box, with Benzema pressing him, but he keeps his cool, drags the ball away from the forward, and clears his lines.
31' ANOTHER SAVE! Madrid still have hold of the ball here and it's worked out to Vinicius on the left again. He cuts inside, pulling away from Vidal to whip a shot across goal towards the far post, but Herrera makes the save with his fingertips.
30' GOOD SAVE! The space just opened up ahead of Militao and he decided to have a go despite being a long way out. It swerves in the air but Herrera stays in the middle of his line and gets two strong hands behind it to deny him.
E. Camavinga
Yellow Card
Real Madrid
28' The referee initially played the advantage to Osasuna, but after the attack broke down, he went back and booked Camavinga for his sliding tackle which took out Torro.
26' Madrid are on the attack again, with Mendy and Vinicius linking up well down the left. The defender wrongfoots Vidal with some clever footwork before pulling it back to Kroos. He squares in Camavinga, but his cross is straight into Herrera's gloves.
24' MISS! It looks like the chance is gone for Madrid when Mendy slides in Vinicius, but the forward holds off Torro before pulling it back from the byline, but nobody is there. Carvajal makes a late run onto it before firing a wild effort high and wide of the target.
22' CHANCE! Asensio is played in on the halfway line and he's under no pressure as he drives to the edge of the box. He squares it to Camavinga to his right, but he sends his low shot straight into the side netting. 
20' Free-kick for Osasuna out on the left now and Martinez swings a cross into the middle of the crowd hovering on the edge of the box. David Garcia rises highest to head it back across goal, but no one is there and it harmlessly bounces out of play.
18' Carvajal curls a wonderful low cross into the box and Asensio times his run perfectly to stay onside. There's too much on it though and he can't reach it even as he slides in and Herrera collects. 
16' Benzema steps up to take the free-kick on the left of the D and he gets the height on the shot to take it over the wall. There's no dip on it though, and it sails over the bar and into the stands.
Unai García
Yellow Card
15' Unai Garcia is shown the first yellow card of the game after flying into a challenge on Vinicius. He had two goes at him and after bringing him down a second time, also gives away a free-kick.
14' Mendy whips in a great cross from deep on the left and Unai Garcia gets an important flick-on to take it over Benzema's head. Camavinga is hovering at the far post, but Cruz gets in front of him to clear his lines.
12' Kroos has a lot of time to pick out a pass and he tries to thread it through to Benzema. The Frenchman runs into the referee as he tries to bring it under control and it rolls through to David Garcia, much to Madrid's frustration.
10' Martinez flicks it on for Avila down the left, and the forward stays onside and has acres of space to run into. Kike is sprinting forward to get up in support, but the cross into him is blocked by Militao.
8' Osasuna win it back high upfield this time, but as the furthest one forward, Avila has to hold it up before squaring it to Torro. He tries to switch it out to Sanchez, but Kroos slides in to make an interception.
6' Herrera goes long with his clearance and Martinez brings it down well on the left. He spins away from Carvajal but is then closed down by Casemiro before he can try to pick out a team-mate.
4' Osasuna just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as Madrid continue to pen them back in their own half. Carvajal carries it a long way before he's blocked by Sanchez, but he touches it back to Camavinga, and the hosts start again.
2' Madrid are keeping the ball well in the opening minutes here and are patiently working their way upfield. Camavinga makes a good run down the left, but his cross is over Benzema at the near post and safely into Herrera's gloves.
1' Vinicius gets the game underway for Madrid! 
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Madrid are unbeaten in their last 13 LaLiga home games (W9 D4), dating back to a 1-2 defeat against Levante in January 2021, scoring at least two goals in 10 matches during this run. 
Jagoba Arrasate makes five changes to the side that started against Granada last time out, with Cruz, Martinez, Moncayola, Sanchez and Kike all coming in. Torres, Oier, Brasanac and Ruben Garcia all start on the bench, while Jose Angel is suspended after being sent off in that match.
Carlo Ancelotti makes just three changes from the win over Barcelona on Sunday as he brings in Carvajal, Camavinga and Asensio, with Vazquez and Rodrygo dropping to the bench. Luka Modric was initially included in the squad but has withdrawn at short notice.
OSASUNA SUBS: Jaume Grau, Roberto Torres, Jesus Areso, Oier Sanjurjo, Ruben Garcia, Darko Brasanac, Javier Ontiveros, Dario Ramos, Inigo Perez, Barbero, Kike Barja, Robert Ibanez.
OSASUNA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Sergio Herrera; Nacho Vidal, Unai Garcia, David Garcia, Alvaro Juan Cruz Armada; Javi Martinez, Jon Moncayola, Lucas Torro, Manuel Sanchez; Chimy Avila, Kike Garcia.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Luka Jovic, Marcelo, Andriy Kunin, Rodrygo, Eden Hazardm Toni Fuidias, Jesus Vallejo, Mariano, Nacho, Antonio Blanco, Lucas Vazquez.
REAL MADRID STARTING XI (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, David Alaba, Ferland Mendy; Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Eduardo Camavinga; Marco Asensio, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior.
Madrid bounced back after suffering their first defeat of the league season against Espanyol before the last international break. They brushed aside Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 in the Champions League last week before beating Barcelona 2-1 in El Clasico at the weekend. Due to results in the earlier game, they go into this game in fourth, but a win would take them top of the league. As for Osasuna, they're unbeaten in their last four matches (W3 D1) and are in good form on the road, having won their last four away games in LaLiga coming into today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Real Madrid and Osasuna at the Santiago Bernabeu!