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Bruno Fernandes
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
H. Maguire
Own Goal
0 - 3
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
M. Mount
0 - 2
45' + 11'
O. Giroud
0 - 1

Match Stats

51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 7
Total Passes 562 520
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So, Chelsea will face Arsenal in the FA Cup final at the beginning of August but their attention turns back to the league now as they continue their fight for a top-four place. Next up for them is a trip to the champions, Liverpool. United's 19-match unbeaten run is over with this defeat, but like Chelsea, they're still going for a Champions League place. They face West Ham next time out.
Chelsea beat Manchester United 3-1 to reach the FA Cup final. Giroud opened the scoring deep in stoppage time in the first half after he tapped the ball in from close range. Just 45 seconds into the second half, Mount doubled their lead when De Gea failed to stop his long-range shot despite getting a hand to it. Maguire then turned in Alonso's cross at the near post before Fernandes got a consolation for United from the penalty spot.
90' + 5' Ighalo gets into a good position in the box but he can't turn with the ball as Alonso is right behind him. He touches it onto Greenwood and he lays it off to Fernandes. He overhits the pass though and Chelsea come away with it.
90' + 3' Hudson-Odoi is the only Chelsea player in the box and Pedro tries to pick him out with a throughball. Williams stays close to him though and just does enough to come away with the ball.
M. Mount
90' + 1' Pedro is coming on to replace Mount for Chelsea's final change.
90' Matic gets his head up deep in his own half and spots Ighalo's run through the middle. He lifts a great pass forward for him to chase down, but he's asking too much of the substitute and Caballero comes off his line to collect it.
88' Chelsea are pushing forward again and James is still finding a lot of space down the right. He swings a cross into the box, but it's straight into De Gea's gloves.
R. Loftus-Cheek
M. Kovačić
86' Third change for Chelsea now as Kovacic makes way for Loftus-Cheek.
Bruno Fernandes
Penalty Goal
85' FERNANDES SCORES! It's a confident penalty from Fernandes as he steps up to take the spot-kick and he hops before firing his shot into the bottom-left corner, sending Caballero the wrong way. 3-1!
85' PENALTY TO UNITED! Martial tries to dribble past Hudson-Odoi after he picks up the ball just inside the box and the substitute sticks out a leg and catches him. The referee points to the spot and Fernandes is setting the ball down.
84' Again, Mount pushes forward for Chelsea, but he isn't in any rush to play the ball into the box. United aren't closing him down and he has time to wait for support to join him.
82' Hudson-Odio has a lot of room to run into through the middle as he's not picked up by Maguire and Alonso curls another good cross into the box. Williams reads it well though and makes an important interception.
C. Hudson-Odoi
80' Willian also makes way as Hudson-Odoi comes on.
T. Abraham
O. Giroud
80' Double change for Chelsea now as well and Lampard is bringing on Abraham for Giroud.
T. Fosu-Mensah
A. Wan-Bissaka
79' Fosu-Mensah is also coming on for Wan-Bissaka.
O. Ighalo
M. Rashford
79' Another double change for United now and Ighalo is coming on for Rashford.
78' Fernandes dummies a shot on the edge of the box before touching it onto Pogba. He spots Martial's run on the left and picks him out but he can only win a corner for United as his cross deflects off James.
76' Chelsea are on the attack again after winning the ball back in midfield, but Mount has no one up in support with him. By the time Willian gets forward, United's defence have organised themselves and Lindelof nicks it off him.
H. Maguire
Own Goal
74' CHELSEA HAVE A THIRD! Alonso's cross is put into a dangerous area in the six-yard box and he's looking for Rudiger who is still up from the earlier corner. He misses it at the near post, but Maguire doesn't and he turns it past De Gea. 3-0 Chelsea!
74' GREAT SAVE! The corner from Willian isn't dealt with and it gets through to James at the far post. He gets his head to the ball and sends it towards the far post. De Gea dives across his line to tip it wide and it's cleared by Rashford.
73' Kovacic does well to hold onto the ball under pressure from Williams and touch it onto James in space on the right. He squares his cross into the box, but the left-back recovers well to get an important touch on the ball to take it out for a corner.
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
71' Pogba picks up the first yellow card of the game after he tries to make up for a heavy touch and catches Kovacic with a late challenge.
69' No player has scored more goals in all competitions for Lampard in his managerial career than Mount (18).
67' Williams has space to run into down the left and Matic spots his run down. He tries to switch play out to him but overhits the pass and it goes straight out of play. 
65' CLOSE! Fernandes whips a corner into the box and Maguire above Rudiger to get his head on the ball. Caballero has come off his line so he has an empty net to aim for, but he sends his effort wide of the near post.
63' Greenwood and Rudiger are down and receiving treatment after a clash of heads when they both went for the ball. They're both back on their feet quickly and will be able to carry on.
61' United are patiently trying to play out from the back, but each time they get into Chelsea's half, their passing gets sloppy and they're giving away the ball.
59' GREAT SAVE! United are really struggling under pressure from Chelsea. Willian's cross misses everyone but rolls through to Alonso on the left but his low cross is met by Giroud in the middle. He flicks it on and De Gea dives to push it wide of the far post.
57' GOOD CHANCE! Willian spots Mount's run on the edge of the box and squares the ball to him. He takes the shot first time as he's under pressure from Pogba but he fires it over the crossbar.
56' Just before he went off, Dan James won a free-kick just on the edge of the box on the right wing. Fernandes takes it short for United to Wan-Bissaka and he floats a cross into the far post. Maguire gets his head to it but his effort is straight at Caballero.
M. Greenwood
D. James
56' Dan James is also coming off as Greenwood replaces him.
P. Pogba
55' Solskjaer is making a double change now and Fred is the first to make way for Pogba.
54' Since his debut in the FA Cup in January 2013, Giroud has scored 16 goals in the competition - only Sergio Aguero (19) has netted more in this period.
52' GREAT CHANCE! It's a great pass from Matic on the edge of the box to pick out Rashford's run down the left and he Azpilicueta can't catch him. He's at a tight angle but he fires his shot across goal and it's just wide of the far post.
50' CLOSE! Mount makes a good run down the left and Lindelof can't close him down before he squares his cross into the box. Giroud is running onto it in the middle, but he taps it just wide of the near post.
48' United are pushing forward to try and get themselves back into the game but their passing is sloppy when they get into the final third and they're needlessly giving the ball away.
M. Mount
46' MOUNT SCORES! It's a poor pass from Williams as he chips it to Fred and it's intercepted by Mount. He isn't closed down by the defenders and he drills his shot low from the edge of the box. De Gea judges it wrong and misses the ball before it nestles into the bottom corner. 2-0 Chelsea! 
46' Chelsea get us back underway for the second half! 
Lampard will be pleased with his side's performance so far as they've caused United real problems in the final third. He'll be expecting more of the same after the break as they look to add to their lead. As for United, they struggled to get into the game for the most part and Solskjaer will want to see a big improvement as they look to find an equaliser.
Giroud's goal late in stoppage time gives Chelsea a 1-0 lead over United at half-time. Azpilicueta wasn't picked up on the right and Giroud stuck out a leg to tap-in from close range and De Gea should've done better as he made contact with the shot but couldn't stop it crossing the line. Reece James and Mount had good chances which De Gea saved and Fernandes' free-kick was tipped over the bar by Caballero.
O. Giroud
45' + 11' CHELSEA TAKE THE LEAD! Giroud gets goal side of Lindelof in the box and he sticks a leg out to reach Azpilicueta's cross. It looks like De Gea has it covered as it hits the keeper, but he can't stop the ball from crossing the line. 1-0 Chelsea!
45' + 11' Azpilicueta isn't picked up down the right and he curls a dangerous cross into the six-yard box to pick out Giroud's run.
45' + 10' Dan James is under pressure from Kovacic but he manages to curl his pass towards Rashford who is making a run through the middle. Azpilicueta reads it well though and intercepts it for Chelsea.
45' + 8' There's another stoppage as Martial has stayed down after landing heavily on his back. Zouma went for the ball at the same time and the defender's leg kicked his up to knock him off balance. He's receiving treatment now.
45' + 6' The medical team have finally moved Bailly onto the stretcher and he's taken down the tunnel as Chelsea get the game back underway with a throw-in from Alonso.
45' + 4' The game is still paused as Bailly's neck is put in a brace and the medical team try to find the safest way to move him onto the stretcher.
A. Martial
E. Bailly
45' + 2' That is the end of Bailly's game as he continues to receive treatment at the side of the pitch and Martial has come on to replace him so there's a change of system for United.
45' + 1' They've got the stretcher on the field for Bailly but he's not going to need it as he gets back to his feet. It looks like the problem is with his neck and he looks a little dazed as he leaves the pitch.
44' Maguire is sitting up again now as he's getting a bandage around his head for the cut, but Bailly is still laying on the floor as he continues to be checked by the medical team.
42' Bailly is down receiving treatment for another head injury as this time he was caught by Maguire when they both went for the same ball. It looks like Maguire has a cut on his eye and Solskjaer is getting some substitutes ready just in case.
40' There was a clash of heads between Zouma and Bailly as they both tried to get on the end of Mount's cross and they're receiving treatment for it now. They're back to their feet quickly though and will be able to carry on.
39' United don't clear their lines properly following a Chelsea corner and Mount gets another chance to whip a cross into the box which takes a deflection off Wan-Bissaka. Zouma flicks it towards goal from the near post but sends it over the crossbar.
37' Fernandes is caught late by Kovacic and United have another free-kick. Rashford steps up to take this one, and he's a long way out, but he drills a low shot towards goal. It's past the wall, but Azpilicueta is in the right place to block it.
35' United are patiently trying to break down Chelsea who are sitting deep in their own half. Matic picks out Rashford through the middle with a throughball, but Zouma times his tackle perfectly to nick it off him.
33' GOOD CHANCE! It's another quick break from Chelsea and Mount finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box. He drills his shot across goal but De Gea gets down to hold onto it.
32' GOOD SAVE! It's Fernandes that steps up to take the free-kick and he curls his effort over the wall and on target. It's dipping just under the crossbar but it's straight at Caballero who pushes it over the crossbar.
31' Rashford squares the ball back to Fred just outside the box and he tries to get into some space but Kovacic catches him with a late challenge and United have a free-kick in a dangerous position.
29' Lindelof plays a good throughball forward and it looks like Azpilicueta has it covered, but Dan James uses his pace to reach it first. He's forced wide after a heavy touch which gives Chelsea chance to get back and he's forced to play it back to Williams.
27' Mount is standing over it for Chelsea and he curls a dangerous cross into the far post. Rudiger is the closest to it, but it's over everyone's heads and De Gea is happy to see it out of play.
26' Maguire and Giroud are both trying to get on the end of Caballero's clearance and the defender has his arms around Giroud in his attempt to win it. Chelsea have a free-kick in a good position on the left.
24' Fernandes is down and receiving some treatment after being caught by a high boot from Azpilicueta. He's quickly back to his feet though and he'll be able to carry on.
23' It's another good cross into the box from Reece James on the right and he has a lot of players to aim for in the middle. He doesn't beat the first man though and Maguire clears his lines.
21' Mount's cross takes a deflection off Wan-Bissaka which sends it looping into the box and Giroud is waiting on the edge of the area to bring it down. He fouls Maguire in the process though and United have a free-kick.
19' United have all of their players back in their own half as Chelsea patiently try to find a way upfield. They're happy to just keep possession in their own half at the moment though and wait for some space to open up ahead of them.
17' Chelsea are causing United a lot of problems in the final third and are forcing them into making mistakes. This time, it's Fernandes that is caught on the ball, but Bailly is covering to stop Giroud getting into the box.
15' CLOSE! It's a wonderful cross into the box from Reece James on the right and he picks out Alonso at the far post. He rises above Bailly to get his onto the ball but can't keep his header down and it sails over the crossbar.
14' Matic plays a loose pass into Wan-Bissaka which is intercepted by Alonso on the left for Chelsea. He makes a good run forward and has support in the box, but his pass is cut out by Lindelof. 
12' Chelsea have won 12 of their last 15 FA Cup semi-final matches, losing against United in 1996, Liverpool in 2006 and Manchester City in 2013 in that run.
10' GOOD CHANCE! Reece James makes a driving run through United's half and some space opens up for him just outside the box. He drills his effort down the centre of the goal and De Gea punches it away.
8' Fernandes chips the ball up past Rudiger for Dan James to run onto and he gets away from Alonso to square his cross back into the box. He can't pick out a team-mate though and Zouma clears the danger.
6' Chelsea are pressing high up the field and making it difficult for United to get out of their own half at the moment. It looks like Lindelof is in trouble as Giroud closes him down, but he manages to squeeze a pass through to Fred.
4' It's Chelsea on the attack now as they patiently try to play out from the back and break down United's defence. Alonso gets himself into space on the left, but Wan-Bissaka closes him down quickly before he can put a cross in.
2' United have been keeping possession well in the opening minutes, although most of it has been in their own half. Matic plays a long ball over the top for Rashford to run onto down the left, but Caballero comes out of his box to clear it.
1' Fernandes gets the game underway for United! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
This is the fourth season in a row Chelsea and United have met in the FA Cup, with Chelsea winning in the quarter-final in 2016-17 and the final in 2017-18, and United in the fifth round last season.
Lampard makes three changes to his side after the win over Norwich City in midweek, as Caballero starts in goal, with Reece James and Mount also coming in. Kepa, Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek start on the bench.
Solskjaer makes five changes to the team that beat Crystal Palace on Thursday, with Pogba, Martial and Greenwood dropping to the bench along with McTominay and Fosu-Mensah. He brings in Bailly, Williams, Fred, Matic and Dan James.
CHELSEA SUBS: Tammy Abraham, Pedro, Christian Pulisic, Emerson, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Andreas Christensen, Fikayo Tomori, Kepa Arrizabalaga.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Willy Caballero; Cesar Azpilicueta, Kurt Zouma, Antonio Rudiger; Reece James, Jorginho, Mateo Kovacic, Marcos Alonso; Willian, Mason Mount; Olivier Giroud.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Sergio Romero, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Anthony Martial, Andreas Pereira, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Odion Ighalo, Mason Greenwood, Scott McTominay.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): David de Gea; Eric Bailly, Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Fred, Nemanja Matic, Brandon Williams; Bruno Fernandes; Daniel James, Marcus Rashford.
Both Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Frank Lampard are still looking to win their first trophy as a manager with their clubs as they aim to set up a meeting with Arsenal in the final. United come into this game on a 19-match unbeaten run in all competitions (W14 D5) and have already beaten Chelsea three times this season. Chelsea, meanwhile, have won three of their five games since beating Leicester City in the last round, losing the other two.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the FA Cup semi-final meeting between Manchester United and Chelsea at Wembley!