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T. Kongolo
Own Goal
6 - 1
S. Agüero
B. Mendy
5 - 1
David Silva
4 - 1
J. Stankovič
S. Mounié
3 - 1
S. Agüero
3 - 0

Match Stats

76% 23%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 14 1
Total Passes 760 224
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The defeat leaves Huddersfield at the bottom of the table after two tough opening games, and they'll be desperate to bounce back against newly promoted Cardiff next weekend. As for City, they're in action against Wolves and will be feeling confident about their chances of winning again at Molineux.
To say that victory was emphatic is a bit of an understatement, as City were on top from start to finish and leave with three more points comfortably under their belts. Huddersfield kept them at bay for 25 minutes but fell apart as soon as Aguero fired the hosts into the lead, and from then onwards it never looked as if there was any way back for them.
90' + 3' Huge chance for Mahrez! An attempted Huddersfield attacking move comes to nothing and allows the home side to counter-attack, but, after great work during the build-up, Mahrez scuffs his shot and sends it over the top of the crossbar.
90' + 1' Sobhi is able to break down the right wing on a rare attack and manages to get the better of Laporte on the edge of the penalty area. He then tries to tee up Depoitre, but the striker is beaten to the ball just as he's about to shoot.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
88' Great save by Hamer! More wonderful play from City looks as if it's going to result in a seventh goal for the reigning champions, but Bernardo Silva's close-range shot is brilliantly palmed away by Hamer.
86' Fernandinho goes close! Foden skips across the edge of the visitors' box before the ball is poked back to Fernandinho, who shoots but has his 20-yard strike deflected a few yards wide of the near post.
T. Kongolo
Own Goal
84' GOAL! It's 6-1! A dreadful afternoon for Huddersfield has just got a whole lot worse, as Sane's close-range shot is saved by Hamer only for Kongolo to accidentally shin the ball into the back of his own net.
Ramadan Sobhi
S. Mounié
84' Huddersfield have made a change, with Sobhi coming on to replace Mounie.
83' A clever pass from Foden picks out Sane, who quickly unleashes a thumping shot that's deflected over to Mendy. The full-back fires a strike of his own, but the ball is spinning and sails high over the crossbar.
P. Foden
İ. Gündoğan
82' The hosts have made their third and final switch, with Foden coming on to take the place of Gundogan.
81' City patiently try to work their way down the left flank but have to settle for a corner after Bernardo Silva's cross is closed down. They may be 5-1 up but City still look hungry for more goals!
79' What a chance for Jesus! The Brazilian is set up brilliantly Gundogan and looks set to find the back of the net, but he scuffs his close-range shot and sends it well wide of the far post. He really should have buried that!
77' Huddersfield are presented with a decent chance to score a second goal after Billing latches onto a half-cleared corner, but Kompany sticks out a leg to deflect the effort behind for a corner.
L. Sané
S. Agüero
76' Great timing by Aguero, who is immediately replaced by Sane after firing in his third goal of the afternoon.
B. Mendy
75' Mendy has been brilliant today, and he's managed to pick up a well-deserved assist. Huddersfield have struggled to deal with him all game long.
S. Agüero
75' GOAL! Aguero wraps up his hat-trick and makes it 5-1! A sublime cross from Mendy flies into the heart of the Huddersfield penalty area and finds Aguero, who pulls off a stunning flick that beats the outstretched limbs of Hamer.
73' Huddersfield attack down the left wing and win themselves a free-kick in a decent position. They're unable to make it count, though, as Lowe's cross is overhit and fails to find the head of Billing.
71' Another great chance for Aguero! The Argentine skips along the edge of the visitors' box and shoots, but Hamer does well to get down quickly and tip the effort round the near post.
C. Schindler
Yellow Card
69' Ouch! Jesus breaks away quickly after picking up the ball on the halfway line but is cynically clattered into by Schindler, who then receives a yellow card.
68' With a three-goal lead safely under their belts, City have started sitting slightly deeper as they comfortably keep their opponents at bay. Huddersfield are seeing more of the ball at the moment, but they're struggling to do much with it.
66' A cross from Mendy fails to find a team-mate and instead results in a Huddersfield counter-attack. Depoitre bursts deep into the City half of the pitch before working the ball over to Billing, who crosses but can only pick out Ederson.
R. Mahrez
David Silva
64' David Silva receives a rousing round of applause as he makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Mahrez.
64' Huddersfield win themselves a throw-in, but they're initially unable to make it count. Smith then sends a looping cross into the box that picks out Mounie, but the latter's attempted shot is poorly executed and flies high over the crossbar.
63' David Silva catches Kongolo with a high tackle, and it results in a free-kick for Huddersfield in a decent position. The ball is launched into the penalty area and towards Mounie, but Fernandinho is there to beat the striker to it.
A. Diakhaby
A. Pritchard
61' Huddersfield have made their second change of the game, with Pritchard making way for Diakhaby.
59' Aguero goes close again! He plays an excellent one-two with Jesus on the edge of the Huddersfield box before unleashing a rocket of a first-time shot, but there's too much power behind the effort and it flies just wide of the goal.
57' Aguero hits the post! The Argentine goes so close to wrapping up his hat-trick with a great strike from 25 yards out, but it ends up smashing the woodwork after getting the better of Hamer.
55' Mendy is left in space over on the left flank and chips a cross into the Huddersfield penalty area, but it's slightly underhit and he has to settle for a corner that the visitors are just about able to deal with.
53' City patiently work the ball from side to side as they comfortably boss possession. Mendy eventually cuts inside from deep down the left wing and shoots, but his low strike is slightly scuffed and rolls just wide of the near post.
P. Billing
Yellow Card
51' Jesus tries to break away quickly but is clattered into by a late sliding challenge from Billing, who leaves the referee with no choice but to show him a yellow card.
49' That was David Silva's first direct free-kick goal in the Premier League and only his fourth from outside the box.
David Silva
48' GOAL! David Silva makes it 4-1 with a world-class strike! Aguero is clumsily fouled by Mounie and wins a free-kick for the home side, which Silva curls straight into the top right-hand corner of the net to extend City's lead.
47' City really were on the front foot in the first half, with Jesus putting in a particularly impressive performance. According to Opta, the Brazilian had five shots on target in the first half - more than Huddersfield have managed in 32 of their previous 39 Premier League games.
L. Depoitre
A. Sabiri
46' Huddersfield have made a substitution, and it's an attacking one. Depoitre has come on to replace Sabiri and join Mounie up front.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
It's been an incredibly difficult game for Huddersfield so far, but the goal scored by Stankovic has given them a little bit of hope heading into the second half. City were poor defensively during the build-up, and it's presented the Terriers with a slim chance of getting back into the game.
City were frustrated by Huddersfield's hard-working defenders during the opening 25 minutes, but they finally found a way through thanks to Aguero and since then it's been largely one-way traffic. They've dazzled every time they've had the ball at their feet, and it would take something special from the visitors to stop them scoring again after the break.
45' + 2' Huddersfield win themselves a free-kick just inside the City half of the pitch, but after decent build-up play they're unable to carve out a chance on goal, as the referee blows the whistle for half-time before they can work the ball into the box.
45' + 1' Gundogan makes a clever run into the Huddersfield penalty area and tries to latch onto a chipped pass from Kompany, but he can't quite reach the ball and it bounces behind for a goal-kick.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
44' Stankovic, making his first ever appearance in the Premier League, is only the second Slovenian to score in the top tier, after former West Bromwich Albion and Hull City midfielder Robert Koren.
S. Mounié
43' Mounie did well to rise above his marker and pick out Stankovic, but that was really poor defending from City. Guardiola won't be at all pleased!
J. Stankovič
43' GOAL! Huddersfield have pulled one back to make it 3-1! Poor defending from City allows Mounie to latch onto a throw-in and nod the ball over to Stankovic, who gets the better of Stones before beating Ederson from close range.
41' A rare breakaway from Huddersfield leads to a corner after Smith's low cross is deflected out of play. The set-piece is poorly executed, though, and Fernandinho is easily able to thump the ball out of play.
39' Lovely passing on the edge of the Huddersfield penalty area looks as if it's going to result in yet another chance on goal, but Hadergjonaj wins possession for the visitors before being fouled as he breaks away.
37' Lowe and Billing link up well deep down the left wing before the German tries to swing in a cross, but it's blocked by Stones and goes out of play for a throw-in. Billing then unleashes a cross of his own, but the ball ricochets off the midfielder after being closed down by Jesus and results in a goal-kick.
S. Agüero
35' GOAL! It's another for Aguero! A low cross from Mendy should be comfortably dealt with by Hamer, but the goalkeeper clumsily fumbles the ball and allows Aguero to easily tap in from close range. It's 3-0 to City, who are on fire!
34' Mendy is causing all sorts of problems out wide as he continually flies down the left wing. This time his curling cross narrowly misses the head of Jesus before being cleared for a corner, but Bernardo Silva's ball into the box is poor and can only find Kongolo.
33' City immediately regain possession from the restart and push forward once again. Another good run from Mendy this time sets up David Silva just outside the box, but the midfielder is quickly closed down and can't get a shot away.
Gabriel Jesus
31' GOAL! It's 2-0 to City! Mendy embarks on a great run down the left flank as he sprints away from a group of Huddersfield defenders. He heads towards the edge of the penalty area, where an attempted tackle from Smith sends the ball to Jesus, and the Brazilian then beats Hamer at the near post with a thumping strike.
29' Aguero goes close again! Bernardo Silva cuts inside from out wide and swings a cross over to the far post. Hamer can only palm the ball down to Aguero, who spins round Smith and sends a low shot into the side-netting from close range.
27' Lowe embarks down the left wing and manages to win a corner for his side. It's swung into the heart of the box by Pritchard and causes a few problems for City, but the danger comes to an end when a poor touch from Sabiri sends the ball out of play.
Ederson Moraes
25' That was great vision from Ederson, who did really well to pick out Aguero in such an advanced position, but Huddersfield will be really disappointed with their sloppy defending.
S. Agüero
25' GOAL! City have taken the lead! Huddersfield are caught open at the back and are immediately made to pay. Ederson fires a thumping pass up the pitch and towards Aguero, who spots Hamer off his line and quickly chips a fantastic strike over the head of the goalkeeper to make it 1-0.
24' City lose possession deep inside the Huddersfield half of the pitch and the visitors quickly break forward. A chipped pass picks out Mounie, who spins and sets up Stankovic, but the defender's strike from the edge of the box is poorly hit and sails over the top of the crossbar.
22' It looks as if Huddersfield are finally going to be able to carve out their first chance on goal, but after good work down the left flank, Billing loses control of the ball and gifts possession back to the hosts.
20' Mendy is constantly camped deep down the left wing, where he's finding plenty of space near the corner flag. He receives the ball and fires a low cross into the penalty area, but it's sent slightly too near to Hamer and the goalkeeper manages to cut out the danger.
18' Once again, David Silva delivers a wonderful lofted pass into the Huddersfield box as City try to break down a stubborn defensive line. He manages to find Aguero, but the Argentine is slightly off balance and can't direct his header on target.
16' A poor pass from Kompany can only find Hadergjonaj, presenting the visitors with a chance to counter-attack. They're unable to make it count, as Gundogan quickly dispossesses Mounie as soon as the striker receives the ball on the halfway line.
14' A lovely curling cross from Davild Silva loops into the Huddersfield penalty area and manages to pick out Mendy. The full-back quickly tries to volley a pass across goal, but he gets it all wrong and can only find the side-netting.
12' A City attacking move comes to an end, and Huddersfield are finally able to enjoy some time on the ball. It doesn't last for long, though, as Hamer's attempted pass towards Mounie fails to find the striker and instead bounces straight to Ederson.
10' Mendy bursts down the left flank and sends a dangerous cross into the box, where Lowe is able to nod the ball behind. The set-piece is sent short and worked over to David Silva, who twists and turns before firing a deflected shot out of play for yet another corner.
8' City retreat for the first time this afternoon, and Ederson is able to have a touch of the ball. He immediately thumps it down the pitch and into the path of Aguero, who tries to latch onto it on the edge of the Huddersfield box but can't quite get the better of Hamer.
6' Huddersfield are camped deep inside their own half of the pitch as they try to keep a determined City front line at bay. Once again, David Silva dances into a great position before managing to pick out Jesus, but the Brazilian can only get a thigh on the ball and sends it into the hands of Hamer.
4' Great chance for Jesus! A City corner is clumsily cleared over the bar by Mounie, and the second isn't at all dealt with by the visitors. It falls to Jesus, who shoots from close range but has his thumping strike saved by Hamer at the near post.
2' City immediately go on the front foot and cause plenty of problems for their opponents. Bernardo Silva, who has started over on the right, sets up David Silva to burst into the box and tee up Aguero, who shoots but has his effort comfortably blocked.
1' We're off! It's Huddersfield who get us underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Both sides will need their strikers to be at their best, but who will come out on top? According to Opta, Aguero has scored 11 goals in his last seven Premier League games at the Etihad, while Mounie has scored 33% of Huddersfield’s away goals since returning to the top tier.
Meanwhile, Huddersfield boss Wagner has also made three alterations to the team that featured on the opening weekend, with Mathias Jorgensen, Aaron Mooy and Jonathan Hogg making way for Smith, Stankovic and Sabiri.
Guardiola has decided to make three changes to the City side that started the win against Arsenal, with Kompany, David Silva and Jesus coming into the starting line-up to replace Walker, Mahrez and Sterling. It looks as if they’re going to operate with a three-man defence.
Huddersfield Town substitutes: Jonas Lossl, Adama Diakhaby, Ramadan Sobhi, Rajiv van La Parra, Isaac Mbenza, Danny Williams, Laurent Depoitre.
Huddersfield Town XI (5-4-1): Ben Hamer; Tommy Smith, Jon Stankovic, Christopher Schindler, Terence Kongolo, Chris Lowe; Florian Hadergjonaj, Alex Pritchard, Philip Billing, Abdelhamid Sabiri; Steve Mounie.
Manchester City substitutes: Claudio Bravo, Kyle Walker, Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Riyad Mahrez, Nicolas Otamendi, Phil Foden.
Manchester City XI (3-4-1-2): Ederson; John Stones, Vincent Kompany, Aymeric Laporte; Fernandinho, Ilkay Gundogan, David Silva, Benjamin Mendy; Bernardo Silva; Gabriel Jesus, Sergio Aguero.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
The goalless draw at the Etihad meant Huddersfield were the only side to stop City from scoring at home in the Premier League last season. According to Opta, City attempted just seven shots on target across their two league meetings with the Terriers - fewer than against any other team during the 2017-18 campaign.
Despite the obvious gulf between the two teams, Huddersfield actually proved to be tough opponents for City last season. The reverse fixture, which, admittedly, was played after the hosts had wrapped up the title, finished 0-0, and it took a late Raheem Sterling goal for City to get the better of their opponents at the John Smith’s Stadium back in November.
It’s very early days, of course, but Huddersfield fans may already be feeling worried about the season ahead. The Terriers were thumped by Chelsea in their opening game of the campaign, and while they were always going to struggle - which is likely to be the case again today - limited activity in the transfer window means it could end up being a long season for David Wagner’s men.
City already managed to easily brush aside both Chelsea and Arsenal, and they’ll be feeling confident about their chances of doing the same again today. Kevin De Bruyne’s injury, which could keep him out for two months, is a big blow, but the talent in Guardiola’s ranks means he has plenty of equally impressive players to call on.
This afternoon sees Pep Guardiola’s side take part in their first home game as Premier League champions, and after such a fantastic campaign, the challenge this time is to improve on last season and become the first undefeated team since Arsenal in 2004. If their first two competitive fixtures are anything to go by, they could end up making that a reality.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Premier League game between Manchester City and Huddersfield Town at the Etihad Stadium.