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90' + 1'
T. Alexander-Arnold
2 - 1
O. Watkins
Yellow Card
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
Mohamed Salah
1 - 1
O. Watkins
J. McGinn
0 - 1

Match Stats

66% 33%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 5
Total Passes 577 296
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Liverpool move into fourth place with that win, above West Ham and Chelsea, who are still yet to play this weekend. Now they look to their Champions League quarter-final second leg against Madrid on Wednesday. As for Villa, they stay in 10th after Leeds United's win earlier and they face another tough test in Manchester City next time out.
Liverpool win at Anfield in the Premier League for the first time since mid-December with a 2-1 win over Villa. Watkins put Villa ahead when his shot bounced under Alisson, and Liverpool had a goal disallowed minutes later for a tight offside. Salah equalised with a tap-in after the break before Trezeguet rattled the post at the other end. In added time, Alexander-Arnold latched onto Cash's clearance and curled his effort into the far bottom corner to earn the three points.
90' + 5' Liverpool break quickly on the counter-attack after a Villa free-kick and Mane travels a long way with the ball. He's not closed down as he takes it into the box so he decides to go for goal, but he hits it straight at Martinez.
90' + 3' Mings spots Targett pulling away from Alexander-Arnold on the left and plays a great ball over the top for him. He nods it down, looking for Barkley, but he's crowded off it by Phillips and Liverpool come away with it.
T. Alexander-Arnold
90' + 1' ALEXANDER-ARNOLD SCORES! Shaqiri squares the ball to Thiago and he drills a first-time shot at Martinez who parries it away. Cash hooks it clear, but only to Alexander-Arnold, who takes it around Luiz before curling a shot past the keeper and into the far right corner of the net. 2-1 Liverpool! 
X. Shaqiri
O. Kabak
89' Liverpool's final change is an attacking one as Klopp brings off Kabak and replaces him with Shaqiri.
87' Liverpool are still pushing for a late winner but Robertson's first touch lets him down after he pulls away from Cash. Jota is just behind him and tries to keep the move alive for the hosts, but he pushes Ramsey off the ball and gives away a free-kick.
O. Watkins
Yellow Card
85' Watkins is going for the ball, but he's late on Thiago and catches him with his studs, so he's shown the yellow card.
84' Salah can't find a way past Targett so he pulls it back for Mane in the middle of the box. He turns away from Mings and tries to get into space for a shot, but a heavy touch sends it straight out of play.
J. Ramsey
82' Trezeguet limps off the field with the help of the medical team and goes straight down the tunnel and Ramsey comes on in his place.
81' Trezeguet has gone down again and Mings has put the ball out so he can get some more treatment. Villa aren't going to risk him this time though and Ramsey is getting ready to come on.
79' Trezeguet has gone down in the box holding his knee after a challenge from Alexander-Arnold. He's receiving treatment for it now and he looks like he'll be able to carry on as he walks off the field with the medical team.
77' Martinez goes long with his clearance and El Ghazi brings it down before squaring it to Barkley in the middle. He carries it forward and decides to go for goal when he isn't closed down, but it's a comfortable save for Alisson.
S. Mané
Roberto Firmino
75' Another change for Liverpool now and Mane is coming on in place of Firmino.
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
74' The yellow card is out again and being shown to Robertson this time after he clattered into Trezeguet to stop the counter-attack.
M. Targett
Yellow Card
73' Targett backs into Salah to stop him from bringing down a header and has his name taken by the referee.
72' Villa are starting to put Liverpool under more pressure now, but their passing into the final third is letting them down. Targett nicks it off Fabinho in midfield and lifts a pass over the top to Trezeguet, but overhits it and it rolls straight out of play.
Thiago Alcântara
G. Wijnaldum
70' First change for Liverpool now and it's Wijnaldum that's making way for Thiago.
A. El Ghazi
Bertrand Traoré
68' Traore went down with an injury and the medical team signalled that he couldn't carry on as he made his way to the side of the pitch, so El Ghazi comes on for him.
R. Barkley
M. Nakamba
66' Villa are making the first change of the game and it's Nakamba that's making way, with Barkley on for him.
J. Milner
Yellow Card
65' It's a late challenge from Milner on Luiz and he's booked by the referee.
64' The equaliser was Liverpool's first home goal from open play in the Premier League in 765 minutes, since Mane netted against West Brom in December.
62' OFF THE POST! Watkins holds off Phillips before pulling the ball back for Trezeguet and he hits the shot first time. It swerves away from Alisson and it looks like it's heading in, but it rebounds off the inside of the post. He gets on the rebound but puts his header into the side netting.
61' Wijnaldum wants too long on the ball in midfield and Trezeguet is quickly across to nick it off him. He fizzes it out to McGinn on the left, but he wasn't ready for it and Alexander-Arnold is there to clear the danger for Liverpool.
59' Villa just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as Liverpool continue to push forward. Alexander-Arnold drifts away from his defender on the right and whips a great cross into Jota, but he pushes Cash and gives away a free-kick.
Mohamed Salah
57' LIVERPOOL EQUALISE! It's too easy for Liverpool as they switch play from right to left and Jota picks out Robertson's driving run. He gets ahead of Konsa to drill a shot on goal and Martinez gets a strong hand to it but he pushes it into Salah's path and he heads it into the empty net. 1-1! 
55' Jota lifts the ball over the top for Robertson and he has three to aim for in the middle of a crowded penalty area. He drills a low shot into the six-yard box from the left, but Cash makes an important block at the near post.
53' Watkins is the first player to score as many as four goals against Liverpool in a single Premier League season since Andrey Arshavin in 2008-09.
51' CLOSE! Firmino dribbles away from Cash on the left of the box before pulling it back for Salah. He's closed down by two defenders so hits his shot across goal first time, but a deflection off Cash takes it wide of the post.
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
49' Luiz is standing in front of Wijnaldum to prevent him from taking a free-kick so the Dutchman hits it against him and Luiz is booked.
48' Liverpool have started the second half brightly and Robertson breaks quickly down the left before whipping an early cross into the box. Salah has pulled away from Mings at the far post, but Martinez is off his line to intercept it.
46' Liverpool get us back under way for the second half! 
Liverpool were clearly frustrated going down the tunnel but Klopp will be hoping to put that behind them and come out with a similar performance in the second half as they've dominated so far. As for Villa, they'll be pleased to take in the lead but Smith will know they've got a lot of work to do after the break if they want to take all three points.
Watkins' goal gives Villa a 1-0 lead over Liverpool. The hosts had the better of the early chances with Salah and Alexander-Arnold both forcing good saves out of Martinez. At the other end, it was Alisson's mistake that led to the goal as Watkins' shot bounced under his arm and into the net. Liverpool thought they'd equalised in stoppage time through Firmino, but a VAR check disallowed it for an extremely tight offside.
45' + 5' DISALLOWED! Cash is the player they're looking at again and it's the tightest of margins that's playing Jota offside and Liverpool's equaliser doesn't count. Still 1-0!
45' + 4' VAR is looking to see if Cash got a touch on Alexander-Arnold's pass, which would mean that it wouldn't matter if Jota was onside or not. They're happy that the defender didn't touch it so now the lines are out and it looks tight.
45' + 2' LIVERPOOL EQUALISE! Cash misses the initial throughball into Jota and he keeps it in play to pull it back for Robertson. He drills a shot on goal which is blocked by Mings, but it bounces to the far post for Firmino and he lifts his effort over Martinez and into the back of the net. VAR is checking this for an offside though...
45' Villa look a lot more confident on the ball now and are pushing upfield a lot quicker than before. They're keeping Liverpool penned back in their own half and they can't get out as Milner gifts the ball back to Traore.
J. McGinn
43' McGinn looked like he was setting himself to shoot which caught out Phillips before the midfielder played the pass through for Watkins.
O. Watkins
43' VILLA LEAD! Watkins isn't given a lot of space when he's played in on the edge of the box by McGinn, but he still manages to poke a shot on goal between the two defenders. It looks like Alisson has saved it, but it's poor from the keeper as it bounces under his arm and into the back of the net. 1-0 Villa!
42' Villa give the ball away again and Firmino has options on either side of him as he breaks through the middle. Salah is forced wide on the right with the pass, but he keeps it in and the ball comes to Wijnaldum. He drills the ball across goal, but Martinez holds onto it.
40' Liverpool are still pressing high upfield and win the ball back in the final third. Salah switches play out to Alexander-Arnold on the right and he decides to go for goal, only to see his shot blocked by Targett.
38' Alexander-Arnold isn't closed down by Villa and he's allowed to carry the ball out of his own half without being stopped. He drills a low cross into Jota in the box and he steps away from Konsa before hitting a shot, but it's straight at Martinez.
36' It's a sloppy pass out from the back by Phillips and he gifts the ball straight to Traore. He plays a great throughball between the defenders for Trezeguet. He scuffs his shot though and it's a comfortable save for Alisson at his near post.
34' Liverpool are keeping the pressure on Villa here but some of their passing in the final third is letting them down at the moment. Robertson is breaking down the left, with a lot of space to run into, but Milner overhits his throughball and it rolls straight out of play.
32' CLOSE! Robertson goes over to take the corner for Liverpool and he whips his cross into Jota in the middle of the box. He flicks his header on down the middle and it skims the top of the crossbar on its way over.
31' GREAT SAVE! McGinn catches Fabinho with a late challenge just outside the box and it's within shooting range for Alexander-Arnold. He steps up, curling his shot towards the near post and Martinez gets his fingertips to it to tip it over the crossbar.
29' Ramsey is stripped and ready to come on as Luiz makes his way to the side of the field with the medical team and there's a discussion about whether or not the Brazilian can carry on. He's going to though and Ramsey makes his way back to the bench.
27' Luiz has gone down off the ball for Villa and the medical team have come on to give him some treatment after he was caught in the head a little earlier on. Smith is getting a substitute ready and it doesn't look like the midfielder is going to be able to carry on.
E. Konsa
Yellow Card
25' Konsa pulls back Jota to stop his run which earns him the first yellow card of the game.
24' Liverpool break quickly on the counter-attack, with Robertson driving forward for the hosts. He plays a dangerous low cross into Firmino in the middle, but he can't get ahead of Mings and Villa are able to clear their lines.
22' Luiz wins a free-kick for Villa on the left and they have a chance to put the ball in the box now. Targett picks out Konsa, who is unmarked at the far post, but he heads his effort straight at Alisson, who holds onto it.
21' Liverpool have now gone over 12 hours without a home goal from open play in the Premier League.
19' Villa just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Targett gives the ball away this time. Milner switches play out to Jota on the right. He turns away from his defender before firing his shot down the middle, but there's not enough dip on it and it flies over the bar.
17' Alexander-Arnold is picked out in space on the right again and he squares another great cross into the six-yard box. Firmino is onto it to poke an effort on goal, but Martinez is quickly off his line to smother it just as the offside flag goes up against the Brazilian.
15' CHANCE! Liverpool are on the attack again as Alexander-Arnold squares it to Firmino in the middle. He keeps hold of it despite a heavy first touch and drags his shot through Konsa's legs and wide of the far post.
13' GREAT CHANCE! Mings completely misses Jota's throughball and Salah is one-on-one with Martinez. The goalkeeper rushes out and Salah hits it first time towards the far bottom corner, but it rolls just wide of the post.
11' Liverpool are knocking it around on their right, trying to find a way into the box, when Targett intercepts and drills a throughball forward for Watkins. Phillips misses it, but there's too much on it for the forward and Alisson comes out to collect.
9' Cash heads his clearance straight to Milner and he does well to hold off Traore and poke it through to Firmino. He wrongfoots Mings and moves into space but then scuffs his cross into Salah and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
7' Liverpool are starting to find their rhythm now and are keeping Villa under pressure high up the field. Robertson plays a long ball over the top for Jota to chase and he brings it down before cutting into the box but he fouls McGinn in the process and Villa have a free-kick.
5' GOOD SAVE! Villa don't clear their lines properly from a corner and Salah steps away from Cash on the left of the box. He drills his shot at the near post and Martinez gets two hands to it to push it wide of the target.
4' Salah has space on the edge of the box and he dummies a shot before touching it out to Alexander-Arnold on the right. He carries it to the byline before fizzing a low cross into the near post, but it's blocked by Targett.
2' Villa have made a bright start and have a free-kick near the byline on the right which Traore steps up to take, but it's cleared by the first man. Luiz tries to keep it alive, but he sends his throughball straight out of play.
1' McGinn gets the game under way for Villa!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Following the 7-2 win earlier in the campaign, Villa are looking to complete a Premier League double over Liverpool for the first time since the inaugural season in 1992-93 under Ron Atkinson.
Dean Smith also makes two changes to his team after their win over Fulham last weekend. Trezeguet, who came off the bench to score twice in that game, comes in along with Nakamba. El Ghazi starts on the bench.
Jurgen Klopp makes just two changes to the side that lost to Madrid last time out, with Milner and Firmino both coming in. Keita and Mane drop to the bench.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Anwar El Ghazi, Keinan Davis, Tom Heaton, Ross Barkley, Ahmed El Mohamady, Bjorn Engels, Neil Taylor, Jacob Ramsey, Kortney Hause.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Emiliano Martinez; Matty Cash, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; Douglas Luiz, Marvelous Nakamba; Bertrand Traore, John McGinn, Trezeguet; Ollie Watkins.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Adrian, Konstantinos Tsimikas, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ben Davies, Rhys Williams, Sadio Mane, Naby Keita, Xherdan Shaqiri, Thiago Alcantara.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Nathaniel Phillips, Ozan Kabak, Andy Robertson; James Milner, Fabinho, Georginio Wijnaldum; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota.
It was a high-scoring match between the two in the reverse fixture, with Villa coming out on top in a 7-2 win. The visitors have won just two of their last eight games coming into today (D3 L3), though one of those wins came last time out when they beat Fulham 3-1. As for Liverpool, they've won their last two Premier League outings, but have lost their last six matches at Anfield in the competition. They also come into this meeting on the back of a loss after being beaten 3-1 by Real Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Aston Villa at Anfield!