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D. Williams
Yellow Card
M. Rashford
R. Lukaku
2 - 1
A. Mooy
Yellow Card
L. Depoitre
J. Lössl
2 - 0
A. Mooy
1 - 0

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22% 77%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 210 741
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A huge roar erupts around the John Smith's Stadium as the referee blows his whistle for the final time! Huddersfield have managed to hold on to pick up an excellent win against a United side that really struggled to break them down. The visitors were far from their best and have to leave West Yorkshire empty handed, allowing Manchester City, who beat Burnley this afternoon, to continue their dominance at the top of the Premier League table.
90' + 4' United pile every available body forward as they desperately try to find a late equaliser. A deep cross in from the right flank somehow manages to pick out Smalling all alone at the far post, but his thumping strike is charged down by Jorgensen and fails to trouble Lossl.
S. Malone
T. Ince
90' + 3' Huddersfield have made a late, defensive switch, with Ince making way for Scott Malone.
90' + 1' Van La Parra is clumsily fouled by Mkhitaryan over on the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Huddersfield that, understandably, they take their time with. It's eventually sent short and worked back towards the Dutchman, who fires a low cross off Smalling and behind for a late corner.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Almost a costly mistake by De Gea! A thumping clearance flies down the right wing goes close to finding Van La Parra, who battles with Young as he tries to get the better of the full-back. He's able to do so before taking on De Gea, who darts out and just about manages to poke a deflected clearance away from the Dutchman before he can shoot.
87' It isn't quite working for United, who, after enjoying a decent five-minute period around the goal, are once again struggling to break down Huddersfield's impressive back line. This time it's Mkhitaryan who attempts to swing a cross into the penalty area but puts far too much power behind it, sending the ball sailing out of play for a goal-kick.
85' Space opens up for Van La Parra after another attempted United attacking move fails to result in a chance on goal. It initially looks as if he's going to swing a cross into the box before instead deciding to hold up the ball deep down the right flank, where he eventually has it poked away and out of play.
83' Rashford just about manages to get the better of Chris Lowe as he sprints down the right flank. He then fires a low cross into the middle of the box, but it's sent slightly too near to Lossl and is cut out by the goalkeeper before it can find Lukaku.
81' Young manages to swing a deep cross into the Huddersfield penalty area and over to the far post. Lukaku tries his hardest to rise high above a sea of white and blue shirts, but he can't quite manage to do so and the home side are just about able to hold on.
D. Williams
Yellow Card
79' Williams gives away a free-kick over on the left wing and then has a little bit too much to say about the referee's decision, resulting in him receiving a booking for dissent.
R. Lukaku
78' That really was an inch-perfect corner from Lukaku, who has had a really tough afternoon but is now starting to get more into the game. United are putting much more pressure on the Huddersfield back line as they desperately try to find an equaliser - or maybe even something more.
M. Rashford
78' GOAL! United have pulled one back! Lukaku drifts out to the right wing and does well to pick up the ball near to the corner flag. He then cuts onto his left foot and swings a beautiful cross over to the far post, where Rashford rises high and beats Lossl with an excellent header straight into the corner of the net. Game on!
76' Huge save by Lossl! A lovely cross from Young curls into the heart of the Huddersfield box and manages to pick out Herrera in a promising position. The Spaniard rises high and sends a glancing header towards goal, where Lossl does really well to push the effort away from danger.
75' Ince twists and turns over on the left-hand side of the United penalty area after managing to get himself into a pocket of space. He then chips a deft cross over towards Mounie, but it's sent far behind the striker and is picked up by Lingard over on the opposite flank.
73' United continue enjoying a decent spell of possession as they keep desperately pushing forward. Rashford is eventually able to muscle his way into the Huddersfield box, but he's well dealt with by Smith and then clumsily fouls the full-back from behind.
71' Almost a great chance for Lukaku! A great low pass from Rashford splits the Huddersfield back line in two and almost manages to pick out Lukaku in front of goal, but, despite his best efforts, the Dutchman can't quite latch onto the ball under pressure from Schindler.
S. Mounié
L. Depoitre
70' A huge cheer goes up from the home fans as Steve Mounie comes on to replace Depoitre and make his return from injury.
68' Van La Parra and Smith link up well deep down the right flank, setting up the latter to fire a low cross off Young and behind for a corner. The set-piece is fired in by Mooy and finds Schindler, who tries to set up a team-mate with a glancing header but can't find a white and blue shirt in front of goal.
A. Mooy
Yellow Card
66' Mooy ends up catching Valencia with a late sliding challenge as the Ecuadorian tries to counter-attack over on the right wing, resulting in a yellow card for the Australian as soon as the move comes to an end.
65' Sloppy play from the United defence allows a low cross to pick out Depoitre in the heart of the visitors' penalty area. The striker has his back to goal and quickly tries to spin and shoot, but he can't quite do so before having the ball poked away.
63' Mkhitaryan bursts into the right-hand side of the Huddersfield box and does well to latch onto a clever pass forward from Rashford. The Armenian then tries to square the ball over to Lukaku, but he's closed down before he can do so and is eventually flagged offside.
61' A low cross from Mooy causes problems for the United back line, who can't quite clear the danger. The ball rolls out to Van La Parra and sets him up to shoot, but his thumping strike is deflected away from danger before it can test De Gea.
A. Young
Yellow Card
60' Young cynically trips Van La Parra to the ground after being easily beaten by the Dutchman, leaving the referee with no choice but to show the full-back a yellow card before awarding Huddersfield a free-kick out wide.
59' Big chance for Herrera! Rashford is caught late by Jorgensen, sending the United forward crashing to the ground and resulting in a free-kick for the visitors in a promising position. The low cross into the penalty area is a good one and picks out Herrera in acres of space, but the Spaniard's first-time shot fails to cause problems for Lossl as it sails well wide.
57' Poor from Rashford! The youngster does well to skip past Smith and into the left-hand side of the Huddersfield box, setting himself up to unleash a cross. He's able to do so, but his attempted pass towards Lukaku is completely mishit and sails behind for a goal-kick.
56' Van La Parra gets the better of Young deep down the right wing and looks set to burst into the United penalty area, but he can't quite find a way past Matic and the Serbian is just about able to keep the Dutchman at bay.
54' Valencia battles hard on the edge of the Huddersfield penalty area before setting up Mkhitaryan to find Young. The full-back immediately gets a shot away from 20 yards out, but his strike is poorly hit and fails to hit the target.
52' Rashford twists and turns over on the left wing as he tries to whip a cross into the hosts' box, but he's unable to do so and has to settle for a corner. Lingard's ball into the penalty area is a dangerous one and causes a few problems for Huddersfield, but Lossl does well to clear the threat with a strong punch.
50' Van La Parra gets himself into a good position over on the right flank at the end of a dangerous Huddersfield attacking move. He then tries to pick out a team-mate with a deft pass into the penalty area, but it's slightly overhit and rolls behind for a goal-kick.
48' United immediately go on the front foot as Rashford quickly gets himself involved in the game. He does well to muscle his way into the penalty area and then tries to tee up Lingard, but his poked pass towards the byline fails to find the attacking midfielder and is thumped away by Smith instead.
M. Rashford
A. Martial
46' Substitution Anthony Martial Marcus Rashford
H. Mkhitaryan
46' Substitution Juan Manuel Mata García Henrikh Mkhitaryan
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
It's proving to be a miserable afternoon for United, who have really struggled so far and look totally off the pace. Huddersfield have been presented with few problems in front of their own goal, where Lukaku has barely had a sniff on goal, while at the other end they've hit their opponents on several dangerous counter-attacks. Jose Mourinho will no doubt give his team a stern talking to as they desperately try to get back into the game after the break.
45' + 3' Another United attack results in another corner for the visitors, this time over on the right wing. Lingard's ball into the box is a good one and bounces around dangerously, setting up Matic to fire a deflected strike just wide of the near post.
45' + 2' Martial manages to dance his way into the left-hand side of the hosts' box, but he can't get a shot away and has to settle for a corner. It's swung in by Young but, once again, Huddersfield have plenty of bodies back to easily clear the danger.
45' + 1' Depoitre uses his strength to hold up the ball deep down the right flank and does well to win the home side a corner. It's fired in by Mooy and almost picks out Schindler at the near post, but the defender narrowly misses the ball under pressure from Lindelof.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
44' Another attempted United attacking move fails to come to anything, allowing Huddersfield to counter quickly. Van La Parra does really well to advance down the right wing before taking on Chris Smalling, who clumsily fouls the Dutchman from behind and gives away a free-kick.
42' Mata is brought down from behind as he tries to spin round three Huddersfield players, and United are awarded a free-kick midway inside the hosts' half of the pitch. It's taken quickly and worked over to Herrera, who fires a cross into the middle of the box but can't pick out a team-mate.
40' Van La Parra quickly gets involved in the action as he storms down the right wing in search of a long pass forward from Smith, but he can't quite latch onto the ball before it rolls behind for a United goal-kick.
R. van La Parra
E. Kachunga
39' Huddersfield have made their first substitution of the afternoon, with Rajiv van La Parra coming on to replace Kachunga. The latter seemed to be moving without any problems as he left the pitch, so the switch may be a tactical one.
37' Good play by Matic takes out two Huddersfield players out wide and sets up Young to cross. The full-back's low ball into the box is better than his last but can't find Lukaku, as the home side have plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
36' Herrera goes down inside the penalty area, but nothing is given! The Spaniard receives the ball on the left-hand side of the hosts' box and is immediately clattered into by Kachunga, sending him flying to the ground. He quickly appeals for a penalty, but the referee isn't at all interested and waves play on.
35' United quickly push forward from the restart as they try to find some joy over on the left wing, but, once again, Young's cross into the Huddersfield penalty area fails to pick out a team-mate after being slightly overhit.
J. Lössl
33' There's no way Lossl's goal-kick should have found Depoitre, but Lindelof, who hasn't looked great since coming on to replace Jones, completely midjudged the flight of the ball. Silly mistakes are really costing United.
L. Depoitre
33' GOAL! It's 2-0 to Huddersfield! A thumping goal-kick from Lossl should be easily dealt with by Lindelof but is left by the Swedish defender, who allows Depoitre to pick up the ball and around De Gea inside the penalty area before comfortably tapping it into the back of the net. Too easy!
32' Lingard charges through the middle of the pitch and tries to pick out Lukaku, who has his back to goal just outside of the penalty area. The pass up towards the Belgian is poorly hit though, and it rolls straight into the hands of Lossl inside the box.
30' Herrera twists and turns over on the left flank before firing a cross into the hosts' box, but it's poorly struck and he has to settle for a corner. The set-piece is underwhelming as well, and Huddersfield are easily able to deal with the minimal danger.
A. Mooy
28' GOAL! Mooy fires Huddersfield into the lead! Juan Mata is caught sleeping on the halfway line and gives the ball away to Mooy. The Australian immediately sprints towards the United penalty area and sets up Ince, who gets the better of Lindelof before forcing De Gea into making a smart save. The Spaniard can only push the ball out to Mooy, however, and the midfielder then rifles it into the top right-hand corner of the net to put the home side in front.
27' United are seeing plenty of the ball at the moment but are struggling to do much with it. Huddersfield look compact and well-organised at the back, where they're finding it easy to keep the visitors at bay.
25' Martial tries to get the better of Smith after quickly cutting inside from the left wing, but he's well marshalled by the defender and has to spin and find Matic. The Serbian then fires a looping cross into the Huddersfield box, but it's completely overhit and fails to find a team-mate in front of goal.
V. Lindelöf
P. Jones
23' Jones will play no further part in the game, and he's forced off to be replaced by Victor Lindelof.
22' Things don't look good for Jones, who came into the game with a slight injury concern and has now gone down off the ball. He seemed to stretch while battling for the ball with Laurent Depoitre, and he really doesn't seem to moving freely at the moment.
21' Lukaku does well with the ball on the halfway line and immediately sets up Antonio Valencia with a clever flick round his marker. The Ecuadorian darts down the right flank and then tries to pick out Martial, but his ball across the ball is slightly underhit and can only find Kachunga.
20' Young is presented with another opportunity to swing a cross into the home side's penalty area after doing well to carve out a bit of space for himself out wide. His ball into the box is a good one and manages to find Lukaku, who quickly tries to pull off a scissor-kick but can't quite twist his body in time.
18' Good play by Young out wide sees him easily spin round Kachunga before flying towards the edge of the Huddersfield box. He then chips a deft cross into the heart of the penalty area, but it's easily met by Mathias Jorgensen before it can pick out Martial. Herrera is then able to get a shot away from 25 yards out, but his first-time strike is poor and bounces well wide of the near post.
16' A patient attacking move from United ends with Martial over on the left wing after the Frenchman is unable to find a way through a sea of white and blue shirts. Huddersfield then try to counter-attack through Kachunga, but his pass towards Mooy is misplaced and can only find Phil Jones.
14' Another clumsy challenge from Martial results in a free-kick for the home side in a dangerous position out wide. It's fired into the middle of the penalty area by Mooy and almost finds Schindler, but Lukaku is just about able to nod the ball behind for a corner before it's able to do so.
12' Danny Williams does well to charge through a sea of red shirts before setting up Tom Ince over on the left flank. The Huddersfield winger darts deep into the United half of the pitch and then swings a cross over to Elias Kachunga, who rises high but can't beat David De Gea with his tame, looping header.
10' The free-kick isn't executed particularly well by Young, who ends up curling a deep cross over the top of every player camped inside the penalty area and behind for a Huddersfield goal-kick.
C. Schindler
Yellow Card
9' Lingard sprints down the left flank and manages to pick up the ball in a pocket of space, but as soon as he does so he's clattered into by Christopher Schindler and wins his side a free-kick in a promising position.
A. Martial
Yellow Card
8' Martial is also shown a yellow card for his part in the coming together. The Huddersfield fans don't sound too pleased with his behaviour!
T. Smith
Yellow Card
8' It's all kicking off! There's an off the ball incident between Smith and Anthony Martial after the Frenchman seems to have a little kick out at the Huddersfield defender. The two players square up to one another and kick-start a slight fracas involving several others, but it's quickly brought to an end by the referee with a yellow card for Smith.
6' Early chance for United! A lovely pass from Nemanja Matic flies over the top of the hosts' back line and picks out Romelu Lukaku on the edge of the box. The Belgian does well to out-muscle his marker before getting a shot away, but Jonas Lossl is there to save the effort without too many problems.
5' A misplaced pass from Aaron Mooy rolls harmlessly out of play for a throw-in. It's sent short and eventually worked over to Jesse Lingard, who looks to have lost out just inside the Huddersfield half of the pitch but ends up winning his side a free-kick just as Mooy tries to counter-attack.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, it's United who push forward on the first meaningful attack. Ander Herrera wins the ball on the halfway line and then tries to play a quick one-two with Ashley Young, but Tommy Smith does well to close down the Spaniard and eventually regain possession.
1' We're off! Huddersfield get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, United boss Jose Mourinho has made two alterations to the team that featured in their last league outing, with Matteo Darmian and Henrikh Mkhitaryan making way for Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata.
David Wagner has decided to make three changes to the Huddersfield side that started the defeat against Swansea, with Chris Lowe, Danny Williams and Aaron Mooy coming into the starting line-up to replace Scott Malone, Philip Billing and Rajiv van La Parra, respectively.
Manchester United substitutes: Romero, Lindelof, Darmian, Blind, McTominay, Mkhitaryan, Rashford.
Manchester United XI (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Valencia, Smalling, Jones, Young; Herrera, Matic; Lingard, Mata, Martial; Lukaku.
Huddersfield Town substitutes: Coleman, Hadergjonaj, Cranie, Malone, Sabiri, Van La Parra, Mounie.
Huddersfield Town XI (4-2-3-1): Lossl; Smith, Jorgensen, Schindler, Lowe; Hogg, Williams; Ince, Mooy, Kachunga; Depoitre.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
Today’s meeting marks the first time the two sides have played against one another since March 1972, when United won 2-0 in what would prove to be Huddersfield’s last season in the top flight until now. It’s now over 65 years since the Terriers last enjoyed a victory against the Red Devils, with that win coming just a month after Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne.
United firmly shut up shop in last weekend’s clash with Liverpool, but they’re unlikely to approach today’s game in a similar way. With a well-earned point from Anfield under their belts, the Red Devils now have a great chance of returning to winning ways against their opponents today. Romelu Lukaku was criticised by some for his performance last time out, and he’ll be aiming to bounce back here this afternoon as he searches for an eighth league goal of the season.
A six-game winless run in the Premier League has left Huddersfield just three points clear of the relegation zone and with Liverpool to play after this afternoon’s tough contest. The injury suffered to striker Steve Mounie, who is only fit enough for the substitutes’ bench today, has hit David Wagner’s men particularly hard, as over their last seven outings they’ve managed to find the back of the net just once.
Huddersfield enjoyed an excellent start to life back in the top tier thanks to two wins a draw from their opening three games, but it’s been a tough couple of months for the Terriers, who now find themselves in the wrong half of the table after a disappointing run of form. A thumping at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t too surprising but last weekend’s poor defeat away to Swansea City was a worrying result for the newly promoted side.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Huddersfield Town and Manchester United at the John Smith’s Stadium.