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W. Zaha
A. Wan-Bissaka
0 - 2
J. Schlupp
Yellow Card
J. Schlupp
P. van Aanholt
0 - 1
W. Zaha
Yellow Card
K. McDonald
Yellow Card

Match Stats

66% 33%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 10
Total Passes 672 347
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It's only the first day, of course, but that result leaves Palace second in the league behind Chelsea who thumped Huddersfield 3-0. Fulham are second from bottom but will need to pick themselves up quickly - they're playing Tottenham at Wembley next week. That's all from us. Goodbye!
Palace may have been lucky to end the first half in front but Hodgson's men put in a very professional shift in the second half, and it's a deserved victory for them in the end. Their resurgence under Hodgson looks to continue this season.
It's back to earth with a bump for Fulham, then, who have been reminded how tough the Premier League can be. They were very attractive on the ball but Palace showed them a lesson with two incisive finishes.
90' + 5' Now it's Palace's turn to keep the ball as Fulham look spent. Zaha is on-side and wriggles past Chambers. He passes it to Sorloth but finds himself offside and that's that!
90' + 4' We're entering the last minute of stoppage time. Palace play Liverpool at home next week. On this evidence they'll fancy their chances.
90' + 3' From the corner Milivojevic knocks the header down to Tomkins in the box, who swings at it but can't get a decent connection on the ball. It's back with Fulham now.
P. Souaré
P. van Aanholt
90' + 2' Substitution Patrick van Aanholt Pape N'Diaye Souaré
90' + 2' Fulham are pushing forward but are leaving themselves vulnerable! Palace nick possession from Fulham and Sorloth threads it wide right to Kouyate, who drills a shot towards Fabri. Palace corner.
90' + 1' That isn't for lack of trying, though, as Fulham get a few chances in quick succession including a flicked header from Vietto which rolls out for a goal-kick.
90' There will be five minutes of added time. As things stand, you can't see Fulham getting back into this one.
89' Chance for Fulham! Christie is again clear on the right and crosses towards Sessgnon at the far post, who forces Hennessey into a save from his header! Palace look to break but Kamara is the one who races back against Zaha and wins Fulham a goal-kick.
C. Kouyaté
A. Townsend
88' Substitution Andros Townsend Cheikhou Kouyaté
87' Fulham have had over two-thirds of the ball all game (67.3%) but Jokanovic will be disapppointed that they haven't been able to do anything with it. They need to pick themselves up after this and go again.
86' Townsend takes another shot at Fabri who gratefully claims this time. Fulham look shell-shocked.
84' Johansen makes an ill-advised challenge on Zaha which the Ivorian doesn't take kindly. He's lucky not to be booked there.
A. Sørloth
C. Benteke
83' Hodgson takes off Benteke and replaces him up top with Sørloth.
S. Johansen
J. Seri
82' Seri is replaced in Fulham's midfield by Stefan Johansen.
82' Both sides make a raft of changes as Fulham chase the game and Palace look to shut up shop.
81' Palace are preparing some substitutions. They've been great at resisting Fulham's attacks today.
A. Wan-Bissaka
79' That was a great assist by Wan-Bissaka, the 20-year-old full-back from Croydon. He can be pleased with his efforts today.
W. Zaha
79' Wan-Bissaka wriggles his way past Sessegnon down Fulham's left-hand side, sliding it through to Zaha. Fabri comes out from his goal far too quickly and leaves Zaha with a simple tap-in! 
78' Still Fulham press. Hennessey punches the ball clear under pressure from Mitrovic, only to give it back to Fulham. Cairney unleashes a wicked shot which McArthur blocks for Palace.
77' Some good movement from Vietto leads to Kamara cutting inside and whipping it in from the left for Fulham, but nothing comes of it.
76' Fabri is very fortunate there! Fulham look to pass it back after some Palace pressure, but the keeper ventures out of the box and slips. Thankfully for him, Chambers and Le Marchand combine to get it clear.
75' Benteke keeps Fabri's gloves warm as he tries a half-volley which the keeper picks up fairly easily.
J. Schlupp
Yellow Card
74' Schlupp finds himself in the referee's book after taking out Christie.
72' Fulham win a corner on their right. Seri takes it. The corner comes back to him and he beats Townsend, but his cross is too deep and goes out for a goal-kick.
L. Vietto
J. Bryan
71' And there it is, as the Argentinian forward Vietto replaces Fulham's stricken left-back. Sessegnon has dropped back to accommodate him.
70' Bryan's injury has caused Fulham to change their plans - Johansen was going to replace Seri, but instead it's Luciano Vietto warming up now.
69' Fulham get some respite after Wan-Bissaka gives them a goal-kick. Poor Joe Bryan is down again, holding the left shin that took a bang in the first half.
68' Palace are very well organised and are making it difficult for Fulham to get back into the game. Townsend runs at Bryan and whacks the ball into the box but again Chambers is the man to stop him.
66' Palace have it now as Townsend wriggles loose only to find the head of Chambers. Mitrovic muscles Tomkins off the ball and play eventually stops after Townsend tumbles over. It's good-natured physical stuff.
65' Milivojevic nicks the ball off Christie who is looking to surge forward from deep again. The full-back will be fun to watch this season.
64' You can't complain about the entertainment on show in this game, with the referee kindly letting things flow. Milivojevic tries to find Zaha but Christie passes it back towards Fabri, who is grateful for his efforts.
63' CHANCE! Mitrovic is denied by Hennessey for a third time as he tries a glancing header towards the keeper's far post.
62' CHANCE FOR PALACE! Palace launch a free-kick from deep which finds the head of Benteke. Benteke knocks it on to Zaha who hits it right at Fabri.
A. Kamara
A. Schürrle
61' That's Schürrle's last act of the game as he is replaced by Aboubakar Kamara. Fulham have blinked first.
60' PENALTY? Christie finds himself in space on the right and plays it low towards Schurrle in the box, who finds his way around Sakho. Sahko looks to bring him down but Fulham don't appeal and Palace hack it clear. Were they being a little too honest there?
59' Townsend releases Benteke into the space between Christie and Chambers again, yet Benteke weirdly lets it run out of play.
58' Palace are looking very dangerous on the counter-attack as Fulham are committing so many men forward, especially Christie who is playing right-back. Fulham are playing the game the right way but that naivete could cost them.
57' Townsend makes a block on Schurrle near Palace's right corner flag, winning Fulham a corner. Seri takes it but it only finds a Palace head. 
56' Fulham get a bit of their old groove back for a while, but end up giving it away. Palace launch another counter-attack but Fulham resist it. It's end-to-end stuff.
55' Sessegnon and Schurrle have switched wings, with the German on Fulham's left and the younger English winger on the right. Chambers shows strength to shrug off Benteke, who responds by hacking a Fulham midfielder down.
53' The Cottagers' home fans are trying to rouse their team now. Palace have started the second half in the ascendancy, just as they ended the first.
52' Mitrovic drops deep and gets a kick from McArthur for his troubles. Fulham make a mess of the free-kick and Zaha launches Palace on the counter. Benteke slips but van Aanholt smashes it at Fabri, who punches clear!
50' Bryan's back on the pitch and trying to run his injury off. Play resumes. 
49' Palace's second corner in a row ends with a foul by McArthur on Bryan as they race after the ball on the far side. Bryan looks to have picked up a knock.
47' Van Aanholt shrugs off Schurrle and passes it to Milivojevic, who wings it forward for Schlupp. Palace get a corner out of it which they take quickly, winning another one.
46' Fulham go straight up the other end. Schurrle crosses into the box for Sessegnon but Sessegnon fouls Wan-Bissaka and Palace get a free-kick. Great tussle between the two youngsters.
45' Benteke backs into Fulham's defenders and finds Zaha on the edge of the box. Zaha tries to play it on for Schlupp but Christie manages to get the ball upfield. 
45' No changes for either side at half-time, then, and Palace get the second half underway.
Fulham had eight shots to Palace's four in that first half and completed twice as many passes (377 to Palace's 188) but there's only one stat that counts and that's the one in the Goals For column. Palace just need to continue what they're doing now. How will Jokanovic and Fulham respond? 
Well, well. Fulham absolutely dominated the ball in that first half but couldn't make all their tippy-tappy possession count. Palace's experience showed and Schlupp made their fellow Londoners pay for it with a stunning strike.
45' + 2' A Benteke flick almost finds Zaha after Chambers finds himself on the wrong side of the Ivorian forward. That looks like that'll be it for this half.
45' + 1' The officials signal for two added minutes. Fulham are trying to get their breaths back after being stunned by Schlupp's goal. Christie attempts another cross which Sakho miskicks. Wan-Bissaka just about whacks it clear, and Hennessey collects the resulting corner.
43' Van Aanholt thumps the ball into the net again but this time it's ruled offside! Fulham need to get themselves together now. They could quite easily be two down.
P. van Aanholt
41' That was a lovely sliding pass by Van Aanholt after a rare spell of Palace possession. They'll feel they deserve it after resisting Fulham so far.
J. Schlupp
41' GOAL FOR PALACE! Van Aanholt slides it through to Schlupp who thumps a rising shot into the Fulham net from a tight angle! It's against the run of play and suddenly Fulham have it all to do.
40' We're entering the last five minutes of the half. Christie passes it towards Schurrle, who can't quite get away from Sakho. Palace go up the other end now, and...
W. Zaha
Yellow Card
39' Zaha finds himself being hassled by two Fulham defenders and gets booked for elbowing Seri as he tries to get away from him.
38' Fulham are controlling the game but Palace are having some joy down the flanks. It comes to nothing this time, though, and Fulham get it back only for Bryan to swing it onto a Palace head.
37' Mitrovic gets the ball from Cairney, makes a lovely turn towards Palace's defenders and shoots hard and low. Hennessey makes his third low save of the game!
36' Christie ends up with the ball on the Fulham right and attempts another cross. Sakho misses it but there's no one on the end of it! It turns out McDonald got his card for a body check while Palace were attempting to break.
35' Bryan lumps it up towards Sessegnon but Wan-Bissaka deals with it well. Cairney swings another lovely pass out to Bryan but Tomkins heads it away. 
K. McDonald
Yellow Card
34' Kevin McDonald gets the first yellow card of the game for a foul off the ball.
33' Palace win a corner on their left hand side. Milivojevic takes it and Fulham deal with it without any issues whatsoever.
31' Even when Palace press Fulham are more than comfortable passing it out from the back. After another spell of possession Schurrle whips it in from the right towards Mitrovic to no avail. Palace look to capitalise on the space behind Christie but van Aanholt can't reach it on the overlap.
30' CHANCE FOR PALACE! Townsend gets loose down Fulham's left and goes against type by floating it high with his right foot. Benteke jumps above two defenders and connects with a looping header which Fabri tips over the bar.
29' For all their positional dominance Fulham have little to show for it so far. They win a throw-in on the right and Christie crosses it in. Sakho heads it away and Townsend attempts to break, only to be stopped by Bryan. It's a good start to the game.
27' It's all one way at the moment as Fulham attempt to build another attack at speed. The ball pings about in front of Palace thanks to Seri and Cairney, but Palace stand firm.
26' Seri clips it around the corner for Cairney in midfield and Schlupp wipes the onrushing Cairney out. The referee's doing well to avoid dishing out cards so far.
24' Mitrovic is being a pest to the Palace defence, and Fulham put their opponents under a bit of concerted pressure. It ends after Christie fouls Zaha again.
23' Wan-Bissaka gets caught out of position and Sessegnon finds his way in! He shoots at a tight angle but Hennessey keeps it out.
22' Zaha tries to wriggle away from Christie and wins another foul. Palace make headway up Fulham's right flank but lump it in aimlessly and it all goes to waste.
20' Fulham really are nice to watch with their intricate little passes. Cairney swings the ball to Fulham's left in an attempt to find Bryan on the overlap, only to find the head of Wan-Bissaka.
19' Van Aanholt goes off the pitch to receive treatment to what looks like his shoulder. Play resumes, and he looks to be okay.
18' Schurrle wins a free-kick in the centre of the park, and Mitrovic insists on taking it. Fulham's number nine shoots on goal but hits the wall and it all comes to nothing, except an injury to van Aanholt.
16' Fulham have dominated possession of the ball so far - they've had 61.8% of it. Palace look quite content to let them do it, keeping things tight in the centre with their two banks of four.
14' Townsend cuts inside on his favoured left foot and has a pop at goal for Palace, but Fabri falls to his knees and picks it up without much hassle.
13' CHANCE! It's end-to-end stuff, this! Schurrle races down the right and crosses it low towards Mitrovic, who forces a low save from Hennessey! The corner that results is headed wide by Mitrovic. 
12' Now Palace are on the attack. Benteke drops deep, turns and punts it towards Zaha. Christie runs back just in time to head it clear.
10' Fulham pick the ball up in midfield and Cairney slides it into Sessegnon, who has drifted into the box. Sessegnon crosses towards the far post for Schurrle but it's too hard and the ball rolls out of play.
8' Zaha is causing problems for the Fulham defence as he drifts around behind Benteke. He wins a free-kick on Palace's left, which Tomkins gets a head on but rolls tamely to Fabri.
7' Wan-Bissaka launches the ball down the right in the hope that Townsend will get hold of it but the ball just goes out of play. Townsend shows his appreciation all the same.
6' Cairney slides the ball wide left to Bryan who attempts a through-ball for Sessegnon but Wan-Bissaka cuts it out.
5' Both teams are looking lively here. Fulham are popping the ball around nicely in the centre of midfield, waiting for their opportunity.
3' Chance for Fulham! Christie shoots from long-range after a bit of a scramble in front of Palace's box. Hennessey punches clear and it's a corner for Fulham, which the keeper collects comfortably.
1' Fulham start the game brightly as Mitrovic receives a pass from Seri with his back to goal but James Tomkins tidies up.
1' The teams are on the pitch, the referee has blown his whistle and the game is underway!
Plenty of new signings in Fulham's starting XI, then, as Seri, Schurrle, and new left-back Joe Bryan make their first competitive starts for the club. Palace, in contrast, are sticking with the team that won its last three Premier League games last season. 
SUBS: Jairo Riedewald, Joel Ward, Vicente Guaita, Alexander Sørloth, Martin Kelly, Pape Souaré, Cheikhou Kouyaté
CRYSTAL PALACE (4-4-2): Wayne Hennessey; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, James Tomkins, Mamadou Sakho, Patrick van Aanholt; Andros Townsend, Luka Milivojevic (c), James McArthur, Jeffrey Schlupp; Wilfried Zaha, Christian Benteke
SUBS: Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Aboubakar Kamara, Neeskens Kebano, Sergio Rico, Stefan Johansen, Ibrahima Cissé, Luciano Vietto
FULHAM (4-3-3): Fabri; Cyrus Christie, Calum Chambers, Maxime Le Marchand, Joe Bryan; Jean Michael Seri, Kevin McDonald, Tom Cairney (c); André Schürrle, Ryan Sessegnon, Aleksandar Mitrovic
Palace's commitment to start better this time around has been evident in their dealings in the summer transfer window as they've welcomed Cheikhou Kouyate, Max Meyer and Jordan Ayew to the club, while Jordon Mutch has returned from loan. They'll need to buck recent history though - their last victory at Craven Cottage was in 1985-86. Hodgson, of course, will be glad to have returned to the club he took on a memorable Europa League run in 2009-10.
As for Palace, Roy Hodgson will certainly want his team to have a better start than last season. Hodgson came in to salvage the club after they had a record-breakingly bad start to the season under Frank de Boer, losing their first Premier League seven games. Thanks to Hodgson and their star man Wilfried Zaha, they avoided relegation with plenty to spare, but rest assured they don't want to find themselves in the same situation again.
Jokanovic has made some handy acquisitions to his team during the summer, most notably the Nice midfielder Jean Michael Seri - Fulham's record signing - and former Chelsea man Andre Schurrle. Fulham have a decent record against Palace - they are unbeaten against them in seven of their last eight league games (W5, D2, L1).
Fulham are optimistic upon their return to the Premier League after four years away. Slavisa Jokanovic’s men have won many admirers for their positive style of play and their willingness to give youth a chance in the form of English winger Ryan Sessegnon. For them, their first season in the Premier League since 2013-14 holds no fear, and they'll be hoping to get their campaign off to a good start at home today.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Premier League game between Fulham and Crystal Palace at Craven Cottage.