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90' + 1'
O. N'Dicka
Yellow Card
S. Rode
Yellow Card
R. Lewandowski
L. Sané
2 - 1
A. Younes
D. Kamada
2 - 0
D. Kamada
F. Kostić
1 - 0

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40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 6
Total Passes 378 542
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Bayern's unbeaten run comes to an end and they stay five points clear at the top ahead of RB Leipzig's game tomorrow. Flick will be hoping they can bounce back against Lazio in their Champions League last 16 tie. Frankfurt are now unbeaten in 11 games but stay in fourth on goal difference behind Wolfsburg. Next up for them is a trip to Werder Bremen.
Eintracht Frankfurt hold on to beat Bayern Munich 2-1. Kamada opened the scoring for the hosts when he poked the ball past Neuer and Younes doubled their lead when he drilled a brilliant effort into the top corner at the far post. Bayern got themselves back into it in the second half, with Sane making a wonderful run to open up Frankfurt and set up Lewandowski for a tap-in, but they just couldn't find another way past Trapp.
S. Zuber
D. Kamada
90' + 3' Frankfurt are trying to run down the clock here as the game heads into its final minutes and it's Kamada that's going off for Zuber.
O. N'Dicka
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Ndicka tugs back Goretzka to stop the counter and earns himself a booking.
90' GREAT SAVE! Kamada has so much space in the middle of the pitch and Bayern aren't in a hurry to close him down. He plays it out to Kostic on the left and he drills it across goal when he gets into the box, but Neuer gets down quickly to push it away
Javi Martínez
L. Sané
90' Another change for Bayern now and Sane is going off, with Martinez on for him.
88' Sane's cross is cleared by Tuta, but only as far as Hernandez who runs onto the loose ball. He curls another good cross into the middle for Musiala, but he heads it over the bar.
86' Sane cuts inside from the right yet again for Bayern and the Frankfurt players sit back and give him space. He chooses to go for goal instead of looking for Lewandowski, but his shot is straight at Trapp.
84' CHANCE! Hinteregger clears his lines after nicking the ball off Lewandowski, but he only gets it as far as Sule. He drills it back into the middle, but there's no one at the far post for Bayern and it rolls wide.
J. Musiala
E. Choupo-Moting
82' Choupo-Moting is also making way, with Musiala on in his place.
L. Hernández
K. Coman
82' Double change for Bayern now and it's Coman that's being taken off for Hernandez.
81' Davies makes another driving run down the left for Bayern, but Tuta blocks his cross and the visitors have a corner. It's whipped into the near post for Coman, but he can't flick it towards goal and Frankfurt clear their lines.
79' There are big shouts for a penalty for Frankfurt here as Kamada pulls the ball back for Ache and he goes to ground under a challenge from Davies that stops him from having a tap-in. The referee waves the claims away and VAR chooses not to overrule the decision.
78' Frankfurt are just starting to put a bit more pressure on Bayern as they patiently play out from the back and Toure finds space to run into down the right again. Kamada squares it to him, but his first touch is poor and he loses out.
76' Frankfurt have scored 2+ goals in each of their last 11 Bundesliga matches, equalling the club record from 1977.
A. Barkok
A. Younes
74' Third change for Frankfurt now, and it's Younes that makes way for Barkok.
72' It's a poor pass from Davies that's picked off in midfield by Kamada and he squares it to Younes. He tries to turn away from Boateng, but the defender is holding him and he wins a free-kick, but it comes to nothing.
70' CLOSE! Bayern break quickly with Sane yet again finding space down the left. He drills a low cross into the far post for Coman, who hits the shot first time, but he sends it just wide of the target.
R. Ache
L. Jović
68' There's a double change for Frankfurt now and Jovic is the first to make way after that head injury, with Ache on for him.
S. Ilsanker
S. Rode
67' Rode is also taken off, with Ilsanker replacing him.
66' There's a collision of heads between Sule and Jovic after they both went for the ball and the medical teams are on. Sule is quickly back to his feet, but Jovic is taken to the side of the pitch to receive more treatment.
64' CLOSE! Bayern are keeping the pressure on Frankfurt now as they win yet another corner. This time, it's taken short to Sane who switches it out to Coman. He curls a cross into the middle, but Goretzka flicks his header wide.
62' The corner is whipped into the box for Bayern and Sule rises highest at the far post to meet it again. He sends his header just wide of the target, but he's asking for a penalty as he claims he was pushed, but the referee points for a goal-kick.
Yellow Card
60' Frankfurt win a free-kick just in front of Flick and he isn't happy with the referee's decision as he thinks Lewandowski got the ball. The referee is called across and Flick is shown a yellow card for his protests.
58' Lewandowski has dropped deep to pick up the ball again and he's got a lot of space to run into down the left. He pulls away from Tuta on the edge of the box but plays his cross straight to Trapp.
S. Rode
Yellow Card
56' Rode is shown the first yellow card of the game for that challenge on Davies.
55' Frankfurt just can't get on the ball at the moment as Bayern continue to push forward again. This time, Neuer picks out Davies down the left, but he's brought down by Rode before he can get into the final third.
L. Sané
53' It's brilliant from Sane as he dribbles his way through Frankfurt's defence, leaving Ndicka on the floor as he drifts pass him before picking out Lewandowski.
R. Lewandowski
53' BAYERN PULL ONE BACK! It's all about the build-up play by Sane, who gets away from three Frankfurt defenders as he weaves in from the right. He squares it to Lewandowski in the middle and he's left with a simple tap-in. 2-1!
52' Bayern are still keeping possession well as they keep Frankfurt penned back in their own half. They're knocking it around the hosts with one-touch passes until Coman's touch lets him down and Rode intercepts it.
50' Lewandowski whips a great cross into the box from the left and Goretzka can't make contact in the middle. It runs through to Choupo-Moting at the far post, but it's just behind him and he can't flick it towards goal.
48' CHANCE! Sane curls his cross around Ndicka on the right and Coman has a free header as he runs onto it at the far post. Trapp is beaten, but he sends his effort looping just over the bar.
46' Bayern get us back underway for the second half!
L. Goretzka
Marc Roca
46' Bayern are making a change at the break as Goretzka comes on for Roca.
Flick won't be pleased with his side's first-half performance, especially at the back as they've looked shaky when Frankfurt attack. They've won the most points from losing positions in the league though, so he'll feel confident they can get back into the game. As for Frankfurt, Hutter will want to see more of the same from them after the break as they've looked dangerous all the way through.
Frankfurt take a 2-0 lead over Bayern into half-time. Kamada broke the deadlock just 12 minutes in when he had a free run at the ball and poked it past Neuer. Younes then doubled their lead with a brilliant hit across goal and into the top corner at the far post. Bayern grew into the game, with Trapp making a double save to deny Kimmich and Coman and Choupo-Moting also flicked an effort just wide.
45' + 6' Sane pulls the ball back from the byline for Bayern on the right again and Trapp sticks out a hand to put it out for a corner. It's whipped into the middle, where Sule rises highest to reach it, but he heads over.
45' + 4' Kostic picks out Younes in the box, but he's quickly closed down by two Bayern defenders, so he's forced to square it to Kamada. He's off-balance as he hits the shot but Neuer still has a save to make low at his near post.
45' + 2' It's a slow approach from Bayern as they steadily move upfield, but they're struggling to get in behind Frankfurt at the moment. Roca tries to lift it into the middle for Coman's run, but it's cleared by Ndicka.
45' SAVE! Younes couldn't get his feet sorted out quick enough for a shot and when he does, it's blocked by Alaba. It bounces to Toure on the right of the box and he hits it first time, but Neuer pushes it away from his near post.
44' CLOSE! Sane steps away from Kostic and plays a low cross back to the near post from the byline. He picks out Choupo-Moting, who goes for the backheel flick, but he sends it just wide of the target.
43' Kimmich plays a long ball over the top when he spots Sane making an unmarked run into the box from the right. Trapp is quickly off his line again though as he comes out to intercept it for Frankfurt.
41' Frankfurt are on the front foot again and Kamada wins a corner. Younes comes across to take it and whips a good cross into the box, but Tuta's flick-on is cleared by Boateng.
39' DOUBLE SAVE! Kimmich hits a low shot towards the near bottom corner from the edge of the box. Trapp gets down to push it away, but only as far as Coman, who drills an effort across goal but Trapp quickly gets back on his feet to smother it.
37' Frankfurt break quickly again and Younes has a lot of space to run into down the left. He does have support up with him in the box but chooses to go it alone and is eventually ran off the ball by Sule.
35' Bayern work it well to pick out Coman on the right of the box and he tries to chip it over Trapp from the near post. The keeper watches it all the way though and tips it over the bar.
33' Bayern are still patiently playing out from the back, but just can't find a way in behind Frankfurt yet. Kimmich plays a throughball into Coman, but Hinteregger is quickly across to dispossess him.
D. Kamada
31' It looks like the chance is gone after Toure overhit the initial cross but Kamada did well to keep it in play at the byline before pulling it back for Younes.
A. Younes
31' YOUNES SCORES! And it's a brilliant goal! Kamada pulls the ball back for Younes of the left and Sule just sits back and lets him come forward. He hits his shot across goal, getting it over Neuer and into the top corner at the far post. 2-0 Frankfurt! 
29' Kimmich dribbles past Hasebe and pulls out towards the right and curls his shot towards goal. There's no power on the effort though and it's a comfortable save for Trapp in the middle.
27' Toure makes another darting run around the back of Davies into the box and Rode lifts the ball over Bayern's defence to pick it out. He reaches it on the stretch and so hits the shot first time, but sends it wide of the near post.
25' Sane finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box after pulling away from Hinteregger and decides to have a shot. He curls it at goal, but it's straight down the middle and a comfortable save for Trapp.
23' Younes turns away from Kimmich on the halfway line and spots Toure making a run off the back of Davies. He tries to float a cross into him, but Boateng reads it well and gets across to clear the danger.
21' It's patient play from Bayern at the moment as they try to open up some space in behind Frankfurt, but the hosts are keeping their shape well. Alaba goes long looking for Davies, but it's cut out by Ndicka.
19' Frankfurt are keeping the pressure on Bayern here and Kostic is still finding a lot of space down the left. He squares another low cross into the middle and Toure runs onto it, but drills his effort just wide of the far post.
17' Bayern are pushing forward and trying to find an equaliser. Davies pulls away from Toure to swing another cross into the box from the right, but it's just behind Sane and Frankfurt are able to break again.
15' CHANCE! Younes spots Neuer well off his line and decides to have a go from the halfway line. It's dipping towards goal and the keeper is quickly tracking back, but luckily for him, the shot flies wide of the target.
14' Frankfurt take the corner short and Younes makes a weaving run between the Bayern defenders to get to the byline from the right. He keeps it in play and his low cross is deflected up off Neuer and Boateng has to head it over the bar.
F. Kostić
12' Kostic made an overlapping run on the left to get the ball from Rode, before drilling a low cross into the middle.
D. Kamada
12' FRANKFURT LEAD! None of the Bayern defenders spotted Kamada's run into the middle of the box and he had a free run at Kostic's cross. He pokes it towards goal first time, Neuer is wrongfooted, and it nestles into the bottom corner. 1-0 Frankfurt!
10' The game is back underway as they've found someone to replace the linesman and Trapp goes long with his goal-kick, but it's too long for Jovic and he can't keep it in play.
8' Frankfurt are the only side still unbeaten in 2021, picking up 22 of a possible 24 points (W7 D1) - a league-high. Opponents, Bayern, have the second-highest points tally since the turn of the year (19).
6' Play has been brought to a stop at the moment as one of the linesmen has a problem with his ankle. He won't be able to continue officiating, so the players are having to wait until a replacement has been sorted. 
4' CHANCE! Frankfurt break quickly and Kamada pulls a cross back from the byline. Younes steps away from Boateng to get into space but just slips as he takes the shot and the defender gets back to block it.
2' It's a great ball lifted over the top for Lewandowski to run into down the right of the box, but he can't find any space for a shot as he's closed down by Ndicka. He lays it off for Sane, but he fires his shot high over the crossbar.
1' Jovic gets the game underway for Frankfurt!
The team are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
No team has won more home games in professional football against Bayern than Frankfurt (22). In the last meeting between the two sides in Frankfurt in November 2019, Bayern suffered their heaviest Bundesliga defeat of the last decade (5-1).
Hansi Flick also makes three changes to his team after their draw with Arminia on Monday, with Kimmich, Boateng and Roca coming into the starting line-up. Sarr and Hernandez drop to the bench, while Corentin Tolisso misses out with a thigh injury.
Adolf Hutter makes three changes to the side that beat Cologne last time out as he brings in Toure, Rode and Jovic. Djibril Sow is suspended, while Andre Silva misses out with a back injury.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Leon Goretzka, Javi Martinez, Armindo Sieb, Jamal Musiala, Lucas Hernandez, Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, Tiago Dantas, Bouna Sarr.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Niklas Sule, Jerome Boateng, David Alaba, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Marc Roca; Leroy Sane, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Kingsley Coman; Robert Lewandowski.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBS: Ajdin Hrustic, Timothy Chandler, Steven Zuber, Elias Bordner, Aymen Barkok, Stefan Ilsanker, Markus Schubert, Jetro Willems, Ragnar Ache.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Kevin Trapp; Tuta, Martin Hinteregger, Evan Ndicka; Almamy Toure, Makoto Hasebe, Sebastian Rode, Filip Kostic; Daichi Kamada, Amin Younes; Luka Jovic.
Bayern have a chance to go eight points clear at the top of the table with a win today and come into the game unbeaten in their last nine in all competitions (W7 D2), although their seven-match winning run was brought to an end by a 3-3 with Arminia last weekend. They face a Frankfurt side that are unbeaten in their last 10 games in the Bundesliga (W8 D2) since a 2-1 defeat to Wolfsburg in mid-December.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich at the Deutsche Bank Park!