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G. Kondogbia
Yellow Card
K. Trippier
Yellow Card
M. Loum
Yellow Card
M. Sylla
Yellow Card
Rubén Duarte
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Atletico's unbeaten start to the season comes to an end, but they stay second in LaLiga for now, with the other teams around them still to play this weekend. Next up for them is a trip to Milan in the Champions League. Alaves lift themselves off the bottom of the table with that win and they travel to Athletic Bilbao for their next game.
Alaves shock Atletico with a 1-0 victory for their first win of the LaLiga season. Laguardia scored the winner in just the fourth minute when he rose highest to head Duarte's corner past Oblak. In the second half, Loum and Pina both fired great chances high over the bar, while Correa came off the bench and saw an effort well-saved by Pacheco with his legs. De Paul also saw a late effort saved and Atletico just couldn't find a breakthrough.
90' + 5' Oblak does get forward for the free-kick which De Paul swings into the box. There's a mad scramble from both sides, with Alaves eventually getting it clear. Suarez is calling for a penalty after it hits Garcia's arm, but the substitute knew nothing about it, and nothing is given.
90' + 4' Atletico have everyone apart from Oblak in Alaves' half as they throw everything they have at the hosts. Savic's long ball over the top is blocked but Atletico do win a free-kick when Loum catches Felipe.
90' + 2' Correa is caught on the ball after he takes too long to pick out a team-mate and Loum tries to set his side on the counter. His pass into Joselu is overhit though, and it rolls harmlessly through to Oblak.
90' SAVE! De Paul is deep on the right when he curls a wonderful ball into the box. It's not the cross that Pacheco is expecting and he has to scramble back towards his line to get behind the midfielder's attempt.
89' Atletico are still pushing for a late equaliser here, but they just can't find a way past Alaves. The hosts are dropping deep and blocking off all the space as Griezmann's cross is blocked by Tachi.
Saúl García
Luis Rioja
87' Final change for Alaves now as Calleja brings on Garcia in place of Rioja.
85' Lodi's cross from the left is over everyone's head in the box, and it goes out to Vrsaljko on the opposite flank. He recycles it, curling it into the penalty area, but he can't pick out a team-mate.
83' De Paul is given so much time on the ball down the right and he has four team-mates to aim for in the middle. He swings a deep cross into the box, but it's over everyone's heads and cleared by Navarro.
81' GREAT CHANCE! Rioja gets away from three Atletico defenders as he cuts inside from the left and weaves his way into the box. It's a good pullback to pick out the unmarked Pina, but he leans back and fires his shot high over the bar.
Alberto Rodríguez
Rubén Duarte
79' And Duarte is also being replaced by Tachi.
Toni Moya
79' Alaves are making another double change here, with Moya the first to go off for Pina.
78' Correa is causing all sorts of problems for Alaves down the right as he cuts inside and brushes past Duarte with a clever flick. He's quickly closed down by Loum though and wins a corner off him, but it comes to nothing.
76' Griezmann lifts a good ball over the top to pick out Suarez, who throws himself forward to head it back across the box. Vrsaljko is following it in through the middle, but can't get the touch he needs to poke it past Pacheco.
Š. Vrsaljko
Marcos Llorente
74' Final change for Atletico now as Llorente makes way for Vrsaljko.
73' Correa touches it out to Cunha on the right before continuing his run into the box. Cunha plays the return ball to him, but there's too much power on it as it hits the Argentine and bounces straight out for a goal-kick.
71' De Paul curls another corner into the box for Atletico and picks out Llorente at the far post this time. He heads it back across the box rather than going for goal and Laguardia is there to clear it.
69' GOOD SAVE! Alaves have a lot of bodies back in the box, but De Paul does well to squeeze the ball through to Correa on the right. It's a tight angle for him, but he drills it towards the near post, and Pacheco denies him with his legs.
67' Atletico win a free-kick on the left, but yet again, it's a poor cross into the area. Correa can't bear the first man and it's another easy clearance for Alaves at the near post.
65' De Paul plays a loose pass back to Savic and it almost lets Joselu in. The forward can't bring it under control on the stretch though, and Atletico manage to clear the danger.
63' Atletico are struggling to keep the ball when they move out of their own half and they're not troubling Alaves' defence. Cunha tries to thread it through to Correa, but his first touch is poor and he helps it through to Miazga.
H. Herrera
61' And another change for Atletico sees Herrera coming on in place of Hermoso.
F. Pellistri
Miguel de la Fuente
61' De la Fuente is also going off the field, with Pellistri on to replace him.
M. Sylla
61' Alaves are making a double change themselves now, with Sylla being taken off for Joselu.
Renan Lodi
Y. Carrasco
60' Carrasco is also being taken off, with Lodi on in his place.
Á. Correa
K. Trippier
59' And Correa is also being brought on for Trippier.
Matheus Cunha
G. Kondogbia
59' Simeone is making a triple change here as his side try to get back into the game. Kondogbia is first to make way, with Cunha replacing him.
59' GREAT CHANCE! Duarte picks out Loum with a long throw-in and the midfielder just brushes aside Felipe as he pushes his way into the box. It's a poor attempt from him though as he leans back and hits the shot high over the bar.
57' It's a good passage of play from Alaves as their high press catches Atletico out again. Navarro slides in Aguirregabiria, and he knocks it past Hermoso with a clever bit of footwork before being brought down by the defender, but the free-kick comes to nothing.
G. Kondogbia
Yellow Card
55' The yellow card is out again and this time it's being shown to Kondogbia. He's making a pass when Loum closes him down, and he scrapes his studs down the midfielder's shin on the follow-through.
K. Trippier
Yellow Card
53' Alaves break quickly on the counter following Atletico's free-kick and Trippier takes one for the team by pulling back Rioja. It earns him a yellow card.
53' OFF THE LINE! It's a brilliant free-kick in from De Paul on the right as he whips it into the six-yard box and Pacheco can't come for it. Kondogbia and Felipe both get a glancing touch at the far post, but it's headed off the line by Laguardia.
52' Atletico have conceded the first goal in four of their seven matches in LaLiga so far this season (W2 D1 of the previous three).
50' Atletico have made a bright start to the second half and are keeping Alaves under a lot of pressure. Hermoso pulls it back for Llorente on the edge of the box, but his drilled effort is blocked by Moya.
48' CHANCE! De la Fuente's clearing header loops up into the air and Hermoso gets in front of him as it drops. He hits the shot across goal on the volley from the edge of the box, but it bounces wide of the far post.
46' Atletico get us back underway for the second half! 
It's the second game in a row that Atletico have gone behind, and Simeone will be hoping his side can rally again to get something out of this one. Alaves have looked solid defensively after taking the lead though and Calleja will be hoping for more of the same from his team after the break.
Laguardia's early goal gives Alaves a 1-0 lead over Atletico at half-time. In the fourth minute, Duarte whipped a corner into the box and Laguardia rose highest at the far post to head it past Oblak. There haven't really been any chances of note since then, with Llorente drilling one wide at the other end and Loum sending a header over the bar for Alaves.
45' Still, Atletico knock it around on the halfway line as Alaves drop deep to sit in their shape. Savic eventually tries to lift it over the top for Carrasco on the left, but it's cut out by Navarro, who read it well.
43' Suarez is nudged off the ball on the edge of the box by Moya and Atletico aren't happy as they feel they should've had a free-kick. Nothing is given though, despite their many complaints.
41' Still, Atletico dominate possession, but their passing is letting them down. Llorente spots Hermoso out wide on the right and tries to pick him out, but he overhits it and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
39' It's patient play from Atletico as they continue to knock it around in an attempt to open up Alaves. They switch it out to the left again, with Carrasco swinging a cross into the box, but Llorente's header loops high over the bar.
37' Moya gets away from Kondogbia with a clever turn and lifts a good pass over Felipe and into Sylla. He brings it down with a good first touch, only for the offside flag to go up against him.
M. Loum
Yellow Card
35' Loum is late as he closes down Kondogbia and clips his heels to trip him up. He's shown a yellow card.
33' Nervy moments at the back for Atletico after Laguardia's deflected pass makes it all the way through to De la Fuente. Luckily for the visitors, he scuffs at his shot, which gives Savic the chance to get across and clear it.
M. Sylla
Yellow Card
31' It's a clumsy challenge by Hermoso on the back of Sylla and both players end up on the ground. It's the forward that has his name taken though for dissent as he wasn't happy that he didn't get a free-kick.
29' Atletico waste the initial free-kick as it hits the first man, but Llorente catches Moya on the ball and puts it back into the box to Suarez. He fizzes a dangerous, low cross into the middle, but it's cleared ahead of Griezmann by Duarte.
27' CHANCE! De Paul fizzes a low cross into the box and Laguardia stoops to head it away. He only gets it as far as Llorente though, who sets himself before firing his shot, but it flies wide of the far post.
25' Carrasco cuts inside from the left and keeps going to the edge of the D when he can't pick out a team-mate. He goes for goal himself, drilling a shot down the middle, but it's well-blocked by Laguardia.
23' There's a rare chance for Alaves to put the ball in the box here after Hermoso catches Aguirregabiria with his elbow and gives away a free-kick. Moya swings a cross into Loum, but he sends his header high over the bar.
21' Sylla is pushing from the front to try and win the ball back for Alaves, but the referee has just called him over to give him a warning after he pushes Felipe off it again.
19' Atletico switch it from right to left as they try to open up some space in behind Alaves and Hermoso is forward to swing an early cross into the box. He can't beat the first man though asnAguirregabiria blocks it.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
17' Kondogbia had already given away a free-kick when Savic slide in late on Sylla, and the challenge earns him the first booking of the game.
16' Alaves have barely been able to get a touch of the ball in the last few minutes and they aren't getting as close to the visitors as they were in the opening minutes.
14' Atletico are starting to find their rhythm now as they move upfield with a good passage of play. Llorente spots Suarez peeling off the back of Miazga, so tries to slide him in, but sends it straight out for a goal-kick.
12' Carrasco finds himself in space down the left and this time, he picks out Suarez with the cross. He gets caught under it as he heads it towards goal, but a slight nick off Laguardia helps it out for a corner. 
10' Navarro catches Carrasco with a late challenge down the left, and the winger steps up to take the free-kick himself. He whips a good cross into the edge of the box, but Miazga gets there ahead of Griezmann to clear his lines.
8' Atletico are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Alaves are closing them down so high up the pitch. Felipe takes too long to pick out a pass and is caught on it by Sylla, but gets lucky as the forward's heavy touch takes it to Savic.
6' Atletico are going to have to come from behind again if they want to get something out of this game, and they're trying to have an instant response. Kondogbia threads the ball towards De Paul, but the midfielder fouls De la Fuente in his attempts to control it.
Rubén Duarte
4' It's a great corner from Duarte as he whips the cross into the far post to pick out Laguardia's late movement.
4' ALAVES LEAD! Laguardia is hanging unmarked at the far post when Duarte swings the corner into the box and the defender makes a late run onto it. He rises above De Paul and thumps his header past Oblak and into the back of the net. 1-0 Alaves! 
2' Atletico are pushing forward early on here as Griezmann drives forward down the left before pulling it back to Carrasco behind him. He lifts a deep cross into the box, but it's too high for Suarez, and bounces harmlessly out of play,
1' Sylla gets the game underway for Alaves!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Atletico haven't lost in their last 11 matches in LaLiga (W8 D3), with all eight of those victories coming by a one-goal margin (2-1 six times and 1-0 twice).
Diego Simeone makes four changes from the win over Getafe on Tuesday. Felipe, Hermoso, Kondogbia and De Paul are the players to come in, with Gimenez, Lodi, Herrera and Correa named as substitutes.
Javier Calleja makes five changes to the side that lost to Espanyol last time out as he brings in Navarro, Miazga, Moya, De la Fuente and Sylla. Tachi, Garcia, Joselu, Pina and Guidetti all drop to the bench.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Angel Correa, Sime Vrsaljko, Jose Gimenez, Benjamin Lecomte, Matheus Cunha, Koke, Renan Lodi, Hector Herrera.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (3-1-4-2): Jan Oblak; Stefan Savic, Felipe, Mario Hermoso; Geoffrey Kondogbia; Kieran Trippier, Marcos Llorente, Rodrigo de Paul, Yannick Carrasco; Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann.
DEPORTIVO ALAVES SUBS: Saul Garcia, Abdelkabir Abqar, John Guidetti, Facundo Pellistri, Tomas Pina, Alan Godoy, Joselu, Ivan Martin, Tachi, Antonio Sivera, Manu Garcia.
DEPORTIVO ALAVES STARTING XI (4-4-2): Fernando Pacheco; Ximo Navarro, Matt Miazga, Victor Laguardia, Ruben Duarte; Martin Aguirregabiria, Toni Moya, Mamadou Loum, Luis Rioja; Miguel De la Fuente, Mamadou Sylla Diallo.
Atletico are unbeaten in their seven games across all competitions so far this season, winning four and drawing three of those. After two goalless draws in a row, they bounced back with a 2-1 win over Getafe last time out, coming from behind to earn the victory late thanks to Luis Suarez. Alaves are yet to get a point on the board in LaLiga this campaign, losing all five of their matches so far and they haven't scored since the first weekend in a 4-1 loss to Real Madrid.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Deportivo Alaves and Atletico Madrid at the Mendizorroza!