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Cádiz v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 28/11/2021

1 - 4
A. Lozano (86)
T. Lemar (56)
A. Griezmann (70)
Á. Correa (76)
Matheus Cunha (86)
Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla


That concludes our commentary of the LaLiga fixture between Cadiz and Atletico Madrid! We hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Cadiz are back in action on Thursday in the Copa del Rey - where they face Villa de Fortuna - before a weekend meeting with Elche in LaLiga. Atletico Madrid have a week off before their next match when they host Mallorca.
A tight match after 45 minutes was blown wide open in the second half, as Atletico Madrid found the back of the net four times in 40 minutes to give the visitors a resounding 4-1 victory at the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla. As the match progressed, Simeone’s side took more and more of the initiative, leading to Lemar’s header just 11 minutes after the restart. Griezmann would double the advantage a quarter-hour later as Cadiz were still reeling from their earlier concession and two inspired changes by the Atleti coach would seal the deal as both Cunha and Correa combined for the latter’s goal - just three minutes after coming onto the pitch. An absolutely spectacular Lozano strike - credited officially as an Oblak own goal - managed to cut the deficit to two just ahead of injury time but from the ensuing kick-off, Griezmann was able to play Cunha into space - with the Brazil international putting his side up 4-1 in a surprising display of attacking football. The result puts Atletico Madrid into second while Cadiz stay 17th.
90' The fourth official indicates two minutes will be added to the end of the 90 for stoppages. 
88' It's been a hectic two minutes, but much to Cadiz's dismay - the three-goal advantage is once again restored. Poor defending in the aftermath of the own goal left Ledesma unprotected - once again proving you are most vulnerable immediately after finding the back of the net. 
A. Lozano
86' AN ABSOLUTELY SUPERB GOAL LEAVES OBLAK SHAKING HIS HEAD! 3-1! Lozano turns Hermoso inside-out on the right and turns to fire a cross to the far post, which takes a deflection off of the foot of Carrasco. The ball somehow manages to maintain its trajectory but instead sneaks into the net despite a jumping Oblak! How has that gone in?! It's officially credited as an Oblak own goal, but there will be some conjecture about that! 
A. Griezmann
Atlético Madrid
86' Griezmann adds an assist to his earlier goal after playing Cunha through into the penalty area. 
Matheus Cunha
Atlético Madrid
86' ATLETI RESTORE THE THREE-GOAL LEAD IMMEDIATELY! Almost from the kick-off after conceding, Griezmann plays a lovely throughball which cuts Cala and Haroyan open - allowing Cunha to latch onto it. In similar fashion to Correa’s earlier strike, the Brazil international lashes a high shot at the near post - which nestles into the roof of the goal! 4-1!
Fali Jiménez
J. Jønsson
83' Two changes at once for Cadiz, who also replace the booked Jonsson with Jimenez. 
Álvaro Bastida
83' Fernandez is replaced by Bastida with seven minutes remaining in the match.
J. Jønsson
Yellow Card
82' Jonsson cynically brings Cunha down in midfield - forcing the referee to brandish a yellow card. 
80' Cadiz striker Negredo has been directly involved in six goals in his last five home games in LaLiga against Atletico Madrid (five goals and one assist), including two braces - one of them in his only match at Nuevo Mirandilla for Cadiz against the Rojiblancos.
Iván Chapela
78' Lopez is sent on for Sanchez as Cadiz look to prevent proceedings from worsening. 
S. Arzamendia
77' Sobrino is replaced by Arzamendia with just over 10 minutes remaining. 
Matheus Cunha
Atlético Madrid
76' Cunha and Correa were brought on just three minutes ago, and the two have already combined for a goal. It's Cunha's pass that put Correa through on goal - giving the Brazil international the assist. 
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
76' IT’S THREE FOR ATLETICO! 3-0! Superb one-touch football on the edge of the penalty area allows Correa to burst into the penalty area undetected before latching onto a leading pass and firing a shot high into the top-right corner - leaving Ledesma with no chance!
75' Carrasco takes an Atleti corner from the left looking for an option at the near post but it’s poorly delivered as Cadiz can clear it away under little pressure.
Matheus Cunha
L. Suárez
Atlético Madrid
73' Suarez gets a rest with 17 minutes remaining as Cunha is given a runout. 
Á. Correa
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
73' Simeone makes a couple of changes after the second goal as Correa is brought on for Lemar. 
72' De Paul has a try at goal from a long way out - sending his effort well wide of the far post.
Marcos Llorente
Atlético Madrid
70' Llorente gets himself on the scoresheet with an assist for Atleti's second goal of the match. 
A. Griezmann
Atlético Madrid
70' ATLETI DOUBLE THEIR ADVANTAGE! 2-0! It’s too easy for the visitors as a one-two pass on the right gets Llorente free. The versatile midfielder then plays a low cross into the penalty area for an unmarked Griezmann, who finds the back of the net with ease at the first time of asking!
Álvaro Negredo
Alberto Perea
68' Cadiz's first role of the dice sees Perea replaced by Negredo - who will no doubt challenge defenders during set-pieces. 
66' Cadiz are one of the four teams with no goals scored from outside the box in LaLiga this season, alongside Getafe, Alaves and Levante - Cadiz have scored only two such goals in the top-flight in the 21st century, both in 2006.
64' A Cadiz corner from the left is foiled by Felipe, who is able to get to the ball first - nodding it away from goal which sends Atleti on a rapid counter-attack. Carrasco bombs down the left and centres a pass for Lemar inside the penalty area, who is unable to beat the goalkeeper from inside the penalty area despite a one-on-one chance.
62' The set-piece delivery is poor as Oblak is allowed to step six yards off his line to make a leaping catch. 
60' Perea looks to wriggle free of the Atletico defence on the left, but he’s tugged to the ground by Felipe - giving Cadiz a free-kick near the corner flag.
58' Atleti finally get their breakthrough just before the hour, as a moment of lax defending catches Cadiz cold. It’s disappointing for the hosts, who have battled valiantly despite finding very little joy on the ball. With 32 minutes remaining - they’ll have to press forward in search of a goal.
Y. Carrasco
Atlético Madrid
56' Carrasco's ability to deliver dangerous crosses pays dividends once again - as he's credited with the assist for Atleti's opener. 
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
56' ATLETICO MADRID TAKE THE LEAD! Carrasco cuts inside from the left and fires a cross to the far post for Lemar, who rises above Espina and tucks his header into the top corner - leaving Ledesma rooted to the spot! 1-0!
55' Atletico Madrid have lost only in five of their 37 visits to Andalusian teams in LaLiga since Simeone took charge (W20 D12), after losing in 17 of their previous 37 (W10 D10).
53' This time the corner fails to trouble Cadiz, who scramble it away immediately thanks to Carcelen’s header. 
52' GREAT SAVE! Savic’s header from a Carrasco corner forces Ledesma into a full-stretch dive in order to turn the effort round the post for a second set-piece in quick succession.
50' Carrasco takes an Atletico corner to the near post looking for Griezmann, but Cala is able to get to the ball first to clear.
48' CLOSE! Cadiz get the first real chance of the second half after Jonsson’s pass to the right wing allows Cala a chance to flash a delivery across Oblak’s goal. Lozano lunges into a diving attempt to steer the cross towards goal - but he’s unable to get a toe to it as Atleti can catch their breath and clear their lines from a goal-kick.
46' Atletico Madrid get the match restarted from the kick-off! 
Simeone’s already shallow bench is one lighter as he was forced into a substitution just over 10 minutes from time after Gimenez was deemed unfit to continue. Despite a lack of options, there is still match-winning quality in reserve for Atleti, who can all upon both Correa and Cunha should they require a goal. Cadiz should continue to look to hit on the counter as the match begins to stretch in the second half, though a big target like Negredo could prove useful on set-pieces.
The two sides enter the half-time interval level at 0-0 after a tight first 45 minutes at the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla. Despite dominating possession and total passes, Atletico Madrid haven’t managed to fashion too many more chances than their opponents, as the hosts have certainly held their own against the champions. Cadiz started the match very positively, with Lozano and Sobrino looking effective on the counter-attack, though neither team has been able to fashion a credible shot on target - providing Ledesma and Oblak with a rather straightforward opening period. The best chance of the match fell to the hosts just 20 seconds into the match but Lozano was unable to find Sobrino with a square pass six yards from goal, thanks to Llorente’s instinctive defending.
44' The fourth official indicates one minute will be added to the end of the half for stoppages. 
42' Espino does very well on the left-hand side to keep possession ahead of three pressing Atleti players, who look to win the ball back near the opposition’s goal. The full-back intelligently whacks a shot off of Lemar, giving his side a throw-in and a chance to get the ball up the pitch easier.
40' Espino’s lovely backheel flick on the left wing gives Perea the time and space to put in a cross, but Lemar gets on the end of the delivery and heads it clear of his 18-yard box.
38' Lemar puts an inswinging free-kick into the penalty area but a lovely clearing header from Perea allows Cadiz to move further up the pitch.
37' Carrasco wins a free-kick in midfield after a bit of trickery forces Fernandez into an ill-advised challenge.
36' ESPINO SENDS IT WIDE! The left-back gets onto the ball just outside the penalty area after a headed clearance from Savic presents possession to the defender. He shifts his feet to earn space ahead of Lemar and drags a shot which narrowly misses the far corner!
J. Giménez
Atlético Madrid
34' Worrying signs as Simeone is forced to make a substitution with over 10 minutes left in the half, as Gimenez is unable to continue. The Uruguay international is an incredible defender but he has had a host of injury concerns of late - the latest of which sees Felipe enter in his place. 
32' Espino gets free down the left and teases a cross into the penalty area for Lozano but it’s put too close to Oblak, who easily collects the free ball.
30' Llorente looks to put a dangerous cross to the far post from inside the penalty area but Cala manages to get something to the delivery, which takes it out for a throw-in on the other side.
28' Lozano is unhappy as he feels he was caught on the top of the leg by Savic’s boot during an aerial duel. The referee sees nothing wrong with the physicality and allows Atleti to restart the match from a throw-in.
26' A good chance goes begging as Atletico Madrid are caught playing out from the back. Koke’s pass from deep in midfield is wayward, allowing Lozano to easily intercept the delivery. He spreads it out to the right for Sobrino, whose shot from inside the area is deflected wide by a backtracking Savic.
Yellow Card
24' Fernandez takes De Paul down cynically and earns himself the first yellow card of the match. 
22' Sobrino impedes Griezmann’s path towards goal, giving Atleti a free-kick which they play quickly. The ball comes out to the right for Lemar, who drives down the byline and fires a shot at goal which is caught well by Ledesma.
20' Incredible dribbling from Sobrino, who tricks his way past four Atleti defenders before switching play out to the left flank. Espino bursts forward and looks to put a delivery into the penalty area but Lemar calmly wins possession back for his side.
18' Cadiz haven’t won in their last 12 matches against Atletico Madrid in LaLiga (D4 L8), their longest winless streak against the Rojiblancos in the competition – their last victory came in March 1989 (2-0).
16' GREAT SAVE BY LEDESMA! Lemar wriggles free on the right wing and finds Llorente, who immediately puts a square ball into the penalty area for Griezmann. The France international turns and fires at the near post but the goalkeeper covers his post well - parrying the shot well. It looks to be out for a corner but the referee whistles as Llorente was unable to keep the ball in play. Goal-kick for Cadiz.
14' Hermoso gets free and puts his header from the corner on-target, forcing a desperate block from Jonsson. Savic gets to the rebound first and looks to put it in, but he can only loop the half-chance over the crossbar.
12' Carrasco puts a flat delivery into the penalty area looking for Suarez, but Cala hooks a clearance and sends it behind for a corner.
11' Espino is too physical with Llorente, pushing the midfielder to the ground during an attempt to win the ball. It’s a free-kick for Atleti just outside the penalty area on the right.
10' Lemar plays a delightful pass that splits Carcelen and Haroyan, allowing Carrasco to get into the penalty area. The winger shifts and looks to curl a shot with his favoured right foot - but the Cadiz right-back manages to get back into position to make a crucial block.
8' Koke puts a cross into the penalty area looking for Suarez but Carcelen gets a powerful header to the ball to clear it.
6' Cadiz have been very direct and positive in the opening stages of the match, taking the game to Atletico Madrid. The visitors are certainly more comfortable sitting back and soaking up pressure - though they’ll definitely be expected to earn the three points in this fixture.
4' Jonsson attempts to play an incisive pass through the defence for Sobrino, but the connection isn’t perfect as the delivery is put too far ahead of the striker and out for a goal-kick.
2' SO CLOSE AFTER 20 SECONDS! Lozano is allowed to drive into the penalty area on the right straight from the kick-off, before centring a pass to the six-yard box for Sobrino. Luckily for Atletico Madrid, Llorente's positioning is impeccable as he clears the early danger.
1' Cadiz get the match underway from the kick-off!
Atletico Madrid make three changes from the starting line-up that beat Osasuna 1-0 last weekend. Gimenez is back to replace Felipe in defence, while De Paul is in for Vrsaljko in midfield. The final switch comes in attack, where the experienced Suarez is preferred to Correa.
Cadiz make just two changes to the XI that lost 4-0 to Getafe last time out, with Jonsson replacing Tomas Alarcon in midfield, and Lozano chosen ahead of Negredo in attack. 
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Hector Herrera, Angel Correa, Felipe, Sime Vrsaljko, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Matheus Cunha, Benjamin Lecomte.
ATLETICO MADRID XI (3-1-4-2): Jan Oblak; Stefan Savic, Jose Gimenez, Mario Hermoso; Marcos Llorente, Rodrigo De Paul, Koke, Thomas Lemar, Yannick Carrasco; Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez.
CADIZ SUBS: Fali, Florin Andone, Alvaro Negredo, Victor Chust, Ivan Chapela, Ivan Alejo, Milutin Osmajic, Alvaro Jimenez, Santiago Arzamendia, David Gil, Marcos Mauro, Alvaro Bastida.
CADIZ XI (4-4-2): Jeremias Ledesma; Alfonso Espino, Juan Cala, Varazdat Haroyan, Isaac Carcelen; Alberto Perea, Alex Fernandez, Jens Jonsson, Salvi Sanchez; Anthony Lozano, Ruben Sobrino.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let’s take a look at the team news - starting with our hosts!
A win today would take fifth place Atletico Madrid back into the top four, jumping both Real Betis and Sevilla in the process. Diego Simeone’s side are undefeated in their last six LaLiga matches (three wins and three draws), though a last-gasp loss to Milan in midweek Champions League action may have spoiled a bit of the momentum.
Cadiz sit just one point above the relegation zone after 14 matches, having conceded the second-most goals in the division thus far. A 4-0 thrashing by Getafe last weekend ended a run of three matches on the bounce without defeat for the Andalusian club, who have not won at home in the league since the beginning of May.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the LaLiga fixture between Cadiz and Atletico Madrid!