TMJ wants teams to settle their debts after dispersement of funds teams

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The FAM has dispersed RM9 million more to all 24 league teams in MSL and MPL, which brings to a grand total of RM18 million

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The President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ) has urged all football associations to settle their debts after FAM has dispersed the money to each team.

The FAM has paid and given all annual financial incentive allocated for every team for the year 2017 and with the money, TMJ is hoping that teams now will settle their players’ salaries as soon as possible.

In his statement, TMJ stated: “We have dispersed RM500,000 to every participating Super League team and RM250,000 to every participating Premier League team.”

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“A total of RM9 million has been paid by the FAM to the 24 teams last night despite the FAM itself facing financial problems.”

TMJ also stated that each club that still owe money to their players will settle outstanding payments, or the clubs are at risk on facing further actions.

“I urge the money given is spent wisely by each team and it is my hope that they can all operate efficiently.”

“I don’t want to hear any more excuses of salaries not being paid because the FAM still owes them money.”

“Should there be any teams that still fail and refuse to settle any outstanding players’ salary, drastic actions will be taken,” insisted TMJ.

In total, the FAM has dispersed a grand total of RM18 million for all 24 teams in both Super League and Premier League, with each of Super League team received RM1 million and RM500,000 for Premier League teams.


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