Player Perspective: Ronaldo vs Messi

Shuaib Walters Boxing
Myevobody- Andy Pow
Shuaib Walters finally gives his Lionel Messi- Cristiano Ronaldo opinion, takes up boxing and has earned himself a PSL award nomination


This week I want to start off with thanking the powers that be for my nomination for goalkeeper of the season. For those who don’t know, I’ve been nominated again this season. Congratulations to Dennis [Onyango] and Darren [Keet] on their nomination.

This is a very proud time for me in my career and I want to share it with our readers.

My advice will always be that hard work, determination and believing in yourself does pay off - you just have to be patient. 

I also want to congratulate my teammates on their nominations, all well-deserved.

There are also certain players in the whole league that I feel perhaps did not get the recognition they deserve. To you I say, always work hard with the belief that the right people are always watching you, and to always give 100%.



With the new season starting at the beginning of July, my preparations have moved into high gear to be physically and mentally ready and focused. I’ve done some research on new ways to improve my fitness levels and my skills.

Being the type of person that always wants to try new things I’ve starting boxing. I find it an excellent way to keep fit, a great way for me to break away from the routine and to shake it up and to keep me on my toes, literally.

The first session with My Evo Body trainer Andy Pow was an intense one.

We covered the basic warm-ups and strengthening exercises before launching into the boxing.

Shuaib Walters boxing 2

Originally from Scotland and something of a former athlete and boxer himself, means that Andy knows how to tailor the programme to my specific needs and has proven to be a worldclass trainer. 

What I did learn is that boxing looks simple enough, but it can knock you out in a couple of minutes!

Boxing has many benefits which is why it appeals to me. Did you know that you can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session, increase muscle tone and build strong bones and ligaments and it improves muscular endurance and core stability, which is very important for me.

It is also a great stress reliever, as we all sometimes need an outlet. Boxing also improves your co-ordination skills and your reflexes.

A few years back Quinton Fortune arranged some training coaches from Manchester to come to South Africa to train the players of FC fortune and boxing was part of their training regime, hence confirming that there must be a very relevant benefit for footballers to include boxing into their fitness regime.

Since it’s been yet another year on the Ronaldo- Messi debate, I thought I’d get in on it and give my two cents on the better player.

Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo GFX

I think that both players have different pros and cons and if you were to add the pros and cons they would come out equal.

However, I am going to have to go with Ronaldo as the better option for me; not because of his talent but because of his work ethic.

I am in total admiration for this man’s hard work and determination at not just being a great football player, but a great athlete.

This is not taking anything away from Messi’s work ethic and in my view, he comes up tops between the two when it comes down to pure talent and skill. There are many, many factors at play (excuse the pun) when comparing these two legends and I’m sure this will be a debate for the history books.

I will, on a dry note, add that it seems Messi definitely appears take the lead on tax evasion!!


Till next week!


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