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PJBM committed to support Malaysian Football DNA

13:00 GMT+3 06/08/2019
Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin, FAM, Sathianathan, PJBM
The Football Coaches Association of Malaysia (PJBM) will be doing their utmost to spread and implement FAM's latest project.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) launched the Malaysian Football DNA plan last month that marks an identification of a playing style that will be introduced and taught to the entire country across all age-groups in a bid to create a recognisable playing style that can be classified as 'The Malaysian Way'.

It is a massive plan that needs support from all parties and today, FAM got that from PJBM who perhaps are the most vital cog in the process. As coaches will be the one delivering the program and ensuring that the players are developed in-line with what the DNA requires, their involvement in the plan is important.

President of PJBM and current Selangor head coach B. Sathianathan and his executive members spent several hours with FAM today in an open dialogue and he is adamant that his association will be putting forth their best foot forward to make the DNA plan a success.

"First of all, we got to thank FAM for letting us be part of the family. Thanks to the president that things are moving forward for us. We are trying to be on-line with their vision, especially the DNA of Malaysian football. We are going to introduce this to our members who want to know what is the DNA. Through PJBM, we should be able to translate what FAM actually mean with the DNA of Malaysian football.

"We have the responsibility to steamline and introduce to our members the DNA and F:30 so that they will have a guideline. FAM have given a clear vision about what they are going to do about the technical part of the game and we have to carry forward what the vision is. As part of the technical team in FAM, we also give our input to the development of Malaysian football from a technical standpoint. 

With PJBM being an affiliate of FAM, they have the right to exercise their rights to use the Affiliates Capacity Enhancement (ACE) program under the FAM banner to help them spread the DNA requirements to their 935 members all over the country.

That means FAM will be able to provide financial and technical support to PJBM to hold seminars in different parts of the country including Sabah and Sarawak, to enable all their members to get familiar with The Malaysian Way.


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