New PAFA president makes first big shuffle

Ahmad Shahrul Azhar, Perak
As the team go into the final Super League match of the 2018 season, it is the off field changes that dominates the headline for Perak.

With a new man in charge at Perak Football Association (PAFA), it also meant that changes were to be made on other positions within the upper management as Tuesday's press conference revealed.

Hasnul Zulkarnain who won the PAFA president's seat unopposed last week, has moved quickly to install Abdul Aziz Yeop Jamaluddin as the new general secretary, replacing the previous incumbent Ahmad Shahrul Azhar.

Ahmad Shahrul is a popular figure for the fans of Perak having led the team to success in the late 90s during his playing days who returned to Perak last year after his previous employment with Felda United.

"Abdul Aziz would be replacing former honorary secretary Ahmad Shahrul and will continue to carry out his duties at the PAFA secretariat," said Hasnul in the press conference.

"Fans have been voicing out their displeasure on this and we would like to clarify that the previous secretary was not under a contract, therefore had no set time on how long he would work at the secretariat.

"As for the new secretary, we have decided that he will have a permanent position in PAFA and will be receiving a salary for his work."

But Hasnul realised that Ahmad Shahrul's contribution and experience can still lend a helping hand on the playing side and hence kept the former Perak captain in a different role.

Ahmad Shahrul will continue in the team manager capacity until the end of this season but it is still uncertain if he will be continuing beyond that.

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"For now, Ahmad Shahrul will be putting his full attention on the football match happening this weekend and making sure that Perak wins.

"He will be there to give his support to the team as well as any technical advice to improve the players' game," added Hasnul.

Perak are one game away from securing a runner-up finish in the 2018 Super League, an achievement which could propel the team into at least an AFC Champions League playoff next year.