Matildas star Kerr receives stunning praise from opposition coach

Sam Kerr Matildas
The Aussie captain starred with four goals on Wednesday morning

After becoming the first Australian to score a World Cup hat-trick, the praise for Sam Kerr has been coming from all angles with even Jamaica's coach weighing in with some massive compliments.

Despite seeing Kerr dismantle his side in the Matildas 4-1 win, Hue Menzies admitted he'd pay to watch the Australian captain in action. 

"It doesn’t get any better than that," Menzies said post-match.

"The kid is just resilient, she’s a goal scorer, she plays for her badge and her country. I love her attitude, particularly in the box, you can’t teach that.

"I would pay to come and watch her."

Having scored her first World Cup goal against Italy in the Matildas opening game, Kerr is now the joint-top scorer in France and will be key in Australia's Round of 16 clash against Norway.

Unsurprisingly green and gold coach Ante Milicic is fully aware just how crucial Kerr is to his side.

“She’s an inspirational leader,” Milicic said.

Sam Kerr Matildas

“We as an Australian footballing community should be thankful that we’re witnessing one of the best players in the world, live.

"If there’s one player that you’re really happy for to score the goals, it’s Sammy. So I’m delighted for her – it’s history, as an Australian player at a World Cup to do what she’s done.

"I think all the accolades must go to Sam, but also the service she got throughout the game from the rest of the team."

While Kerr's third and fourth goals against Jamaica were routine finishes from close range, her first two came via thumping headers.

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The 25-year-old admitting a Socceroos legend has played some part in her heading ability. 

"I grew up watching Timmy Cahill," Kerr said.

"I practice it a lot, but I’m also gifted. I’m not a religious person but if I was I’d say I was blessed."