MSL2017 Worst Flops: #2 Faton Toski

Mohd Safian/CSN
Blighted by injury concerns, Faton Toski failed to live up to his billing at an expectant Perak team saw him placed second in the worst flop of 2017.

Goal count down the Worst Flops from the top competitions in the Malaysian football season in 2017, and here's number 2.

Toski moved from Albanian club Futbollit Laci to Perak before the start of the 2017 season. As a midfielder who has prevoiusly been on the books of Eintracht Frankfurt and VFL Bochum in Germany, Toski came with a very big reputation. 

At the age of 30-years-old, football in Malaysia can still be considered one well within the means of Toski to handle and shine. However, the Kosovar footballer failed to lived up to his high billing before being dropped by Perak midway through the season.

In the time that he was with Perak, full fitness was something Toski found hard to achieve at Perak and it affected his game. It was obvious that Toski has the vision and skills but the execution with the lack of fitness wasn't up to mark.

GFX MSL2017 Worst Flops, Faton Toski

Toski had a chance to impress Mehmet Durakovic after the latter took over from Karl-Heinz Weigang but saw his chance go up in smoke as Durakovic decided otherwise. In came Leandro dos Santos during the mid-season transfer window for the disappointing Toski.

Now without a club since leaving Perak, Toski is still young enough to have a few years of football left in him but only if he put his injury days behind him.

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