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Klopp requests crisis meeting following Liverpool's crazy fixture list

02:58 GMT+3 02/11/2019
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool
The Reds boss is seeking a get-together with authorities to discuss the over use of players as his team try to work their way through a tricky period

Jurgen Klopp wants to have a crisis meeting with football's governing bodies to discuss the future of fixtures in football amid Liverpool's stacked list of matches over the next two months.

The Reds' participation in the Qatar-based Club World Cup in December has taken the only free date until early January for their Carabao Cup semi-final against Aston Villa  - with the club having either Champions League or Premier League commitments during any other possible slots.

Klopp, who has threatened to boycott the League Cup match if a suitable date isn't found, believes football's authorities make too many decisions with only financial motivations and that players' welfare isn't being taken into consideration, which makes his job more difficult.

"The situation is clear," said the Liverpool coach as he prepares for the match at Aston Villa on Saturday.

"There would be a few solutions possible, but there was not one day where FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League, the Football League, that they have to sit at a table and think about the players and not about their wallet.

"There should be a meeting with five to 10 top managers in the world, FIFA, UEFA and the CEOs of the big leagues. 

"They discuss it and everyone gets the same vote. No, managers get a double vote! Just to talk about the game again.

"The game has grown in the last couple of years and I get that. It is a business. We are part of that and we get the benefit of the business, 100 per cent. But it grew so much because of the quality of the players.

"Our part of it is to help players fulfil their potential. That only really works with training, but in modern football, a manager has no time for training anymore. Pre-season is disrupted by pretty much everything. You only have your whole squad for the last 10 days."

Reds star Sadio Mane has made 125 appearances for club and his country Senegal since the start of the 2017-18 season, leading Klopp to fear this kind of workload will burn out players.

The German coach says that by managing players better, there will be more performance output - using an analogy about the improvement in the motor vehicle industry over the years.

"Cars are better today because the people who built them know more about it. It's the same with managers," he said.

"I love what I do but we have come to a point where it gets too much. And it gets too much because nobody speaks to the people who have to do the actual work."