Kaizer Chiefs coach Komphela hits back at Makhubedu

Makhubedu made headlines for his scathing comments aimed at Komphela and his team following Acornbush's 2-1 defeat to Amakhosi last weekend

Kaizer Chiefs head coach Steve Komphela has hit back at Acornbush United coach McDonald Makhubedu following his comments in Sunday's Nedbank Cup clash at Kabokweni Stadium. 

Makhubedu slammed Amakhosi stars for kicking and injuring his players on the day, adding that his team didn't anything from their match with the Soweto giants.

Komphela has responded to Makhubedu's scathing comments, and he urged the PSL to charge coaches who make silly remarks in their post-match interviews.  

He said the entire team felt disrespected by Makhubedu's comments, saying they could have easily incited violence among the football fans.  

"I think the PSL must take action. I think some of us coaches talk a lot of rubbish because we know we are unaccountable," Komphela told reporters soon after the Nedbank Cup draw.  

"There had been a build up to these comments and we all stood and watched. I think the PSL must take action. I don't know what's wrong with these coaches because after a defeat, you must be gracious because you always learn something," he said.

"After a defeat you always learn... you learn what to do and you learn what not to do. It's always a learning process. When somebody gives you University education while you are at Primary and you don't understand, it doesn't mean the module is wrong. The fact that you don't speak Portuguese doesn't mean English is wrong. I'm trying to put it in a respectable manner," he reiterated.  

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"At Chiefs we don't run people down, we have massive respect. The R at the end of Kaizer is an acronym for Respect," Komphela explained. 

"This is not a reflection of their level of intelligence, it's a reflection of something other than intelligence. If this insult was directed at me, I would keep quiet but it's directed at everyone at Chiefs, from the top to the fans," the 49-year-old mentor said. 

"This guy doesn't know what chaos he's causing. Imagine if the Acornbush supporters and Chiefs fans fight because of what he said - others might lose their lives. He must account for what he's saying. These guys must be charged, finish and klaar. They're out of order!," Komphela concluded.