Claudio Bravo's wife accuses Chile players of being drunk in epic rant over World Cup failure

Carla Pardo LizanaInstagram

Claudio Bravo's wife has expressed her anger at certain Chile players she accuses of failing to train due to being drunk.

The rant, posted on her Instagram page, comes after the Chilean national team failed to reach the World Cup following a 3-0 defeat to Brazil.

Argentina's come-from-behind win over Ecuador, led by the imperious Lionel Messi, ultimately meant Chile could not qualify for Russia 2018, despite them starting their final World Cup qualifier in third place.

Colombia and Peru, who now face a play-off, also benefited from Chile's failure to beat Brazil and now Carla Pardo Lizana has hit out at those players that she feels let their country down.

She wrote in an Instagram post: "Thank you for all the special moments, my national team. Thank you to my captain America for all we have lived. But when the shirt goes on, there has to be professionalism.

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"I know that the majority worked their arses off, while others went out partying and didn’t even train because of the (level of) drunkenness they had.

"If the hat fits, then wear it, and stop crying. Because now it’s an entire country that’s crying. We will wait for you here with open arms, my captain."