The best match footballs you can buy in 2022

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If you're looking to graduate from the training ball and start playing the beautiful game in matches, then match balls are the next step for you. Luckily, there are various options from different brands and for varying budgets, too.

How do match footballs and training footballs differ?

Match footballs are designed with higher quality materials and are made specifically for grass surfaces. This is different from training footballs that can be used on multiple surfaces and are intended to go through more wear and tear.

Match footballs are usually hand-stitched and have a softer bladder, which is great for elevating essential skills like shooting, passing, and receiving the ball. But, the bladder choice means you'll also have to inflate the ball more frequently than you would a training ball. However, if you're looking for high-quality, match footballs are the ones for you.

What size are match footballs available in?

Match footballs are the next step up from training balls and are usually made in sizes 3 to 5. This is why match footballs are better suited and designed for older age groups. Here's a quick guide on what age range corresponds with football sizes.

Size 3: Ages 6-9

Size 4: 9-14

Size 5: 14+

With all the important information covered, here are the best match footballs you can buy right now.

£15 or under

1. Spedster 21/22 Football

Spedster football

If you're looking for a budget ball to upgrade to the next level, this is a great option as it's designed to meet the needs of even a professional footballer. The bright red, white and black colourway will make it easy to spot, and broad panels make moving the ball with speed a breeze. It's also nicely weighted to help that shot fly off your foot and into the top corner.

Get it from Amazon for £10.95

2. Nike Academy 21 Match Ball

Nike Academy football

Nike has created an excellent budget match football which is just over £15. The ball is designed with AerowSculpt technology to help control its spin in the air. This is perfect for attack-minded players who like to have a go at goal, especially at a distance. It's most suitable for natural grass surfaces and features a reinforced rubber bladder to keep its shape and air pressure in check.

Get it from Newitts for £15.95

3. Diamond IMS Club Match Ball

Diamond IMS Match Ball

The Diamond IMS Club Match Ball is perfect if you're on a budget, and better yet, it's a football that was made under FIFA control and conforms to FIFAs international match standards. This one is also great if you're conscious about being environmentally friendly as it's constructed from 100% eco-friendly PU material. Also, don't worry about rainy days, as this football reduces water absorption.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £14.00

£25 or under

4. Kappa Player 20.3C

Kappa Player 20.3C Match Ball

There's nothing like playing on natural grass, and Kappa recommends that their Player 20.3C ball is best enjoyed on natural surfaces. The soft coating on the ball's exterior is perfect for a great first touch to level up your skills and give consistent performances. A durable stitched finishing gives it great longevity too.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £24.00

5. adidas Tiro Match Football

Adidas Tiro Match ball

Not only does the adidas Tiro football have a polished and classic look, but the hand-stitched panels will also make sure your match doesn't stop no matter how much it goes through. It fulfils an International Match Standard to ensure that you get the best out of being on the pitch and replicate the skills of some of your favourite players.

Get it from Adidas for 18.00

6. Nike Strike Football

Nike Strike ball

Nike has designed unique Aerowtrac grooves on the Strike football ball to give it extra spin, especially when it's in the air. This is helped by the 12 panels constructed to provide accurate and true ball flight to make sure your strikes are always on target. A textured casing lets you keep the ball at your feet and drift past payers with skill and ease.

Get it from Nike for £22.95

7. Errea Urban Hybrid Ball

Errea Urban Hybrid Ball

If you're the type of person who likes to play football on multiple surfaces, the Erra Urban Hybrid ball can do just that. It's a great match ball as you can use it in dry, wet, muddy conditions as well as on artificial and indoor pitches. There are multiple layers to maximise durability and strength. Errea has also opted for Butyl bladder for a controlled bounce on whatever surface you play on.

Get it from Kitclocker for £23.07

No Budget

8. Nike Flight Football

Nike Flight Football

You can ensure that your 10-yeard punt at goal makes it to the back of the net as the Nike Flight ball maintains a 30% truer flight and reduces unpredictable movements. This is so you can put the ball exactly where you want it after it's left the ground. 3D ink printed on the surface gives texture to stabilise the ball mid-flight. But, the textured grooves also help better control when you have the ball at your feet.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £120.00

9. Mitre Delta Max FIFA App

Mitre Delta Max ball

The Mitre Delta Max is so professional it has 14 panels to make up the football, which helps with consistent energy, power and speed. Like a lot of the expensive match footballs, Mitre has put an embossed texture on the exterior to manipulate airspeed for pinpoint accuracy. A laminated power bladder maintains the ball shape for longer to help guide that wonder strike into the top corner.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £92.00

10. Umbro Neo X Elite

Umbro Neo x Elite

Umbro has used a patented construction for their FIFA quality top of the range match ball which is brilliant for shape retention. This is all whilst the brand does their bit for the environment by using Tejin Ecopet as their outer casing material, which is made from 10 recycled bottles. It's also not limited on what surfaces you can kickabout the Neo X Elite on as it's playable on grass, indoor court and artificial pitches.

Get it from Kitlocker for £60.00

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