Australia's junior national teams 'desperately short of funding'

The green and gold are facing a financial fight at junior level

Football Federation chief executive David Gallop has admitted Australia's junior national teams are 'desperately short of funding'.

Speaking at a community summit in Canberra on Wednesday, Gallop revealed a lack of finances have seen the FFA turn down the chance for junior sides to compete in tournaments. 

"We are desperately short of funding across our junior national team program," Gallop said. 

"Our Young Matildas, our Olyroos, our Joeys, all the time we are telling them they can’t participate in tournaments because we don’t have the funding. 

"They get invited to fantastic tournaments. A year ago the Young Socceroos got invited to a tournament in South America - Chile, Argentina, Brazil - not for qualification or playing for anything, just a great opportunity for those boys to go on a great trip. We couldn’t afford to do it. 

"These are the things that get rejected all the time because of the games' financial picture."  

Australia's junior teams have been struggling for some time with the Young Socceroos failing to qualify for the upcoming U20's World Cup, while the Olyroos haven't featured at the Olympics since 2008.

Gallop pointing to limited broadcasting revenue as just one reason behind the lack of funding. 

"We haven’t the rivers of gold our competitors have with broadcast rights," he said.

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"We currently get about $50 million a year in broadcast rights, compare that to $300 for the NRL and about $350 for the AFL, a huge amount of money.

"It does mean one of our revenue streams is the registration impost - $30 roughly for adults and $15 for kids. At some angst, we had to go to the grassroots to make the books balance.

"We need to get to a point where we no longer need to go to the grassroots participants to get $6-7 million a year."