AIFF's Executive Committee to deliberate on ISL's elevation as India's main league

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ISL all set to be granted AFC Champions League spot after reviewing Clause 5.25...

The All India Football Federation's (AIFF) Executive Committee is set to convene on July 9 in New Delhi to deliberate on some of the crucial issues pertaining to Indian Football. One of the key matter on the agenda is the elevation of Indian Super League (ISL) as the main league in the country.

Goal understands that the committee will review the Master Rights Agreement (MRA) and deliberate on Clause 5.25 of the aforementioned document.

The clause states, "AIFF hereby warrants (as a material condition of this Agreement) that the Company shall have the full and unfettered right and ability to establish the New league as the most senior and prestigious professional football league in India and that the existing I-League may, as a result of the introduction of the New League, be reconstituted, replaced and/or discontinued (temporarily or permanently) and to exploit the New League Rights in the manner contemplated by this Agreement (subject to the right of AIFF to be consulted and to make representations in relation to the New League as contemplated by Schedule &) including without limitation that the Company shall be entitled without any additional payment other than the Fees and without AIFF infringing any third party rights of any kind whatsoever (whether of the clubs or whatsoever) to decide upon the format, rules and structure of the League and the teams and players which will compete in it.

"To this effect AIFF shall ensure that it takes all such steps as the Company shall request in connection with the establishment of the New League including without limitation by taking all such steps as are necessary to implement any decisions taken by or the intentions of the Company in relation to the New League including without limitation as contemplated by this Agreement including by the adoption of all such resolutions as may be required to ensure the due implementation of such intentions or decisions. In addition the AIFF shall not pass or allow to be passed any rules or regulations of any kind which would or might impede the establishment of the New League by the Company.

"The Company agrees to seek to ensure in the manner contemplated by Schedule & that the development and management of the New League shall not be conducted in a manner which is inconsistent or in violation with any FIFA and AFC regulations."

This clause might be taken as the reference point while taking the decision regarding the status of Indian Super League (ISL) and I League.

Goal had earlier revealed that AIFF is all set to award ISL with the AFC Champions League spot and that decision might become official on Tuesday. By virtue of getting the AFC Champions League qualifier spot, ISL can be considered as the top league in India, a position I-League held till now.

Several I-League clubs have already made their opposition to any such move clear and have demanded that the ACL spot remains with the winner of the I-League.

Other notable agendas include taking stock of the National Centre of Excellence which is under construction in Kolkata, approval of construction of Technical Centre under FIFA Forward 2.0 and construction of new artificial turf and floodlights. The federation will also discuss the possible recipients of AIFF Football Awards for outstanding performance in 2018-19.