Abia Warriors’ Inyama urges administrators to improve clubs' value

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The chairman of the Warriors has admonished club owners not to lay emphasis on winning alone but should generate money for their clubs

Abia Warriors Chairman, Emeka Inyama charges fellow club managers to improve the marketing value of their various sides so as to reduce financial dependence on government.

Inyama states that alongside delivering improved results for their employers, the administrators should also work on generating revenues for their teams.

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“In football everybody doesn’t have to win. The emphasis in Nigeria is on winning and we do not concentrate on other aspects. We are not bothered about the business of the game and that is why the business of the game is dying,” Inyama told Goal.

"We emphasise on winning because of the ownership that we have; one may get sacked if results are not good. But we should also be bothered about how many players have I sold this season and in the last two or three seasons?

“What have I brought to the table for the owners of the club? There must be an interface between the business side of football and getting favourable results. Club managers must improve the business angle of the game so that we do not rely solely on the government. It is the reason we are having problem with funds in various clubs,” he added.