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90' + 1'
J. Maddison
Yellow Card
R. Karsdorp
Yellow Card
W. Fofana
Yellow Card
G. Mancini
Yellow Card
T. Abraham
L. Pellegrini
1 - 0

Match Stats

36% 63%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 2
Total Passes 312 539
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Roma have set up a final against Feyenoord, who beat Marseille 3-2 on aggregate in the other game. They'll meet in Albania on the 25th May. Leicester miss out on their first European final, and their attention now turns back to finishing their league campaign, starting with Everton on Sunday.
Roma are through to the Europa Conference League final after a 2-1 aggregate win over Leicester City. It finished 1-0 in the second leg, with Abraham thumping a brilliant early header past Schmeichel. The keeper also made two good saves to deny Pellegrini in the first half. Leicester dominated possession without causing Roma any real problems; their first shot on target came in the 79th minute through Maddison, who also hit a late shot wide, and they just couldn't find a way through.
90' + 5' SAVE! Oliveira gets his head up and decides to have a go from range on the right when he sees the space ahead of him. He gets a lot of power behind his shot and Schmeichel manages to bundle it behind for a corner.
90' + 4' Leicester win a free-kick down the right, and Maddison stands over it. It's another poor cross in the box from him though as Veretout clears it at the front of the crowd.
90' + 2' CHANCE! Justin does brilliantly to push his way past four Roma defenders on the edge of the box and touches it into Maddison's feet. He quickly gets his shot away, but it flashes wide of the near post.
J. Maddison
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow Card James Maddison
90' + 1' Into five minutes of added time here, and Shomurodov is breaking quickly on the counter for Roma. He has three Leicester defenders surrounding him though and he's eventually crowded off the ball.
E. Shomurodov
T. Abraham
88' Abraham has been moving gingerly for the last few minutes or so, and he's taken off now. Shomurodov comes on in his place.
88' Fofana manages to prevent a Roma corner just before Abraham clatters into him. It's not the best challenge, but the forward can't believe the foul has been given against him.
R. Karsdorp
Yellow Card
86' Karsdorp is taking his time over a throw-in, so he has his name taken by the referee.
86' Maddison fizzes it down the right for Castagne and it looks like he's overhit it, but the substitute manages to pull it back. It hits Cristante to go out for a corner, but Leicester can't make anything of it.
M. Viña
N. Zalewski
84' Second change for Roma now as Zalewski is taken off and replaced by Vina.
83' Justin touches it into Iheanacho's path and he gets the ball out of his feet before having a go from just outside the D. His effort whips through the air, but it ends up being a comfortable save for Patricio down the middle.
81' It's a wonderful cross in from Veretout on the right, and he picks out Zalewski, who is unmarked at the far post. The ball got caught under his feet which gave Fofana the chance to get back across and block his shot.
79' It's taken 79 minutes, but Leicester have finally managed their first shot on target. Maddison takes aim for the edge of the box, but it's a tame effort straight down the middle at Patricio.
J. Veretout
N. Zaniolo
78' Roma's first change of the game sees Zaniolo taken off, with Veretout on in his place.
Ayoze Pérez
K. Dewsbury-Hall
77' Leicester are making their fourth change here. Dewsbury-Hall goes off, with Perez on to replace him.
76' Ibanez is back on the field after receiving treatment for that earlier hamstring problem.
74' Ibanez pulled up and he appears to be holding his hamstring as he signals to the bench. The medical team are on, but it looks like Roma are going to be forced into a change.
72' Still, Leicester keep Roma penned back in their own half, but their quality in the final third is letting them down. Maddison's cross hits the first man again, and Tielemans can't pick out a team-mate with his follow-up effort.
T. Castagne
Ricardo Pereira
69' Third change for Leicester now, and it's Pereira that's making way for Castagne.
W. Fofana
Yellow Card
68' Fofana is late to close Abraham down and he ends up tripping the forward after the ball has been knocked past him. He's shown a yellow card.
66' Justin cuts back onto his right, wrong-footing Karsdorp to open up the space for him to clip a cross into the far post. It's just too high for Vardy, but that was better from Leicester.
64' Dewsbury-Hall loses out this time and Zaniolo pushes his way past three Leicester defenders to get forward down the right. Eventually, Tielemans steps across to stop him, but he's got Roma upfield.
62' It's a sloppy pass from Maddison that gifts possession back to Roma and Pellegrini cuts open Leicester's midfield with the switch out to Karsdorp. He tries to pull it back to Abraham, but his cross is cut out by Fofana.
60' Maddison takes the corner short this time, pulling it back to Vardy, who made an unmarked run to the front of the box. He hits the shot first time, but Abraham is in the right place to block it.
58' It's Leicester's turn for a quick counter this time, and Tielemans threads it through to Dewsbury-Hall. The space opens up for him just outside the box, but he drags at it and fires well wide of the far post.
56' Leicester have gotten a bit sloppy in possession in the last couple of minutes. Cristante nicks it off Justin and drives down the right, but he can't take advantage as he drills his cross straight at Fofana.
54' Zalewski tries to ease the pressure on his team by hooking a long ball upfield to Abraham. His first touch is poor though and Leicester are back in possession again.
52' Roma are staying compact, so Amartey is forced to go long over the top to try and pick out Justin's run. It's just too high for him though and Mancini sees it out of play.
50' Leicester have made a bright start to this second half and they're keeping Roma penned back in their own half. Iheanacho chips a cross towards Vardy through the middle, but Smalling cuts it out.
48' Leicester win a free-kick near the corner flag and Maddison swings it into the box. He hits the first man again though, with Pellegrini heading it away.
46' Roma get us back underway for the second half!
D. Amartey
A. Lookman
46' And there will be a change in shape as Lookman is also taken off, with Amartey on in his place.
K. Ịheanachọ
H. Barnes
46' Leicester are making a double change at the break as they try to get back into this game. Barnes is replaced by Iheanacho.
Roma looked a threat going forward as well as solid at the back, and Mourinho will be hoping that they can get another early goal to give them a better cushion. Leicester haven't really gotten going so far, but Rodgers will take confidence from the fact that 10 of their 13 goals in the competition have come in the second half.
Abraham's early header has given Roma the lead over Leicester in this tie, taking them in 1-0 at half-time on the night. Roma made a bright start to the game, with Schmeichel making two good saves to deny Pellegrini either side of Abraham's thumping header from a corner. Leicester have seen more of the ball, but they haven't managed a single effort on target to trouble Patricio just yet.
45' + 2' Schmeichel thumps it long and Leicester are looking for a late goal in this half. Pereira cuts inside from the right before drilling a shot on goal himself, but Pellegrini blocks it.
45' All of Leicester's possession is still in front of Roma here, but they have won a free-kick down the left. Maddison swings it in, but Pellegrini clears it at the near post.
43' Leicester are upping the pressure again here and Vardy helps it onto Lookman on the edge of the box. He drags it away from Karsdorp before hitting a shot, but Smalling steps in to block it.
G. Mancini
Yellow Card
41' Mancini slides in on Dewsbury-Hall, and he gets nowhere near the ball, catching the midfielder on the shin with his studs. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
39' Roma are happy to just let Leicester keep possession at the moment. The visitors patiently work it out from the back again, but it bounces up and hits Dewsbury-Hall's hand which ends the attack.
37' Dewsbury-Hall spins away from Cristante and tries to thread it through for Vardy. He's in behind Smalling, but Ibanez steps across to stop it from reaching him.
35' It's all Leicester at the moment, but they're struggling to get in behind Roma. Pereira eventually finds some space down the right but curls his cross straight into Patricio's gloves.
33' Abraham weaves his way out of trouble before driving to the edge of the box and laying it off to Pellegrini to his right. He takes the shot early, but Fofana tracks back quickly to get in the way of it.
31' Zalewski switches it out to Zaniolo on the right, but he tees up Mancini for the cross instead. He curls it deep towards the far post, but Oliveira is on the floor. He's claiming he was pushed by Pereira, but there wasn't much in it.
29' Again, it's worked well out from the back by Leicester and Tielemans switches it out to Lookman on the right. He's being given no space by Oliveira though, and he ends up running it out of play.
27' Vardy is leading from the front and he slides in on Ibanez, who was taking too long over a clearance. The forward got the ball as well as the player, and Ibanez stays down, but it's nothing too serious.
25' Lookman brilliantly holds off Ibanez, and he works with Maddison to open up a pocket of space. It's Pereira that swings the cross in, but it's too close to Patricio, who collects it.
23' Leicester are pushing forward again here and Pereira spots Barnes peeling off the back of Mancini. The long ball over the top is just behind the forward though, and it bounces off his heel.
21' Abraham has scored nine goals in this season's Europa Conference League. The only English players to score more in a single season in a major European competition (excluding qualifiers) are Alan Shearer (11 in 2004-05 UEFA Cup) and Stan Bowles (11 in 1976-77 UEFA Cup).
19' Pellegrini has drifted out to the left and he lifts a good cross over Tielemans into the box. Zaniolo slides forward, but it's just out of his reach on the stretch. It wouldn't have counted anyway as the flag went up against Roma's captain.
17' SAVE! It's a lovely ball over the top from Zalewski to Pellegrini, who times his run perfectly to stay onside. He lets it bounce before hitting a half-volley towards the near post. He doesn't catch it right though and Schmeichel is in the right place to smother it.
15' Leicester are asking for a penalty again here and this time, it's Evans that's on the ground. He got a nudge from Mancini, but again, the referee waves the claims away.
13' Leicester are looking to quickly get themselves level in this tie again and they're moving it upfield much quicker than before. Dewsbury-Hall gets the better of Ibanez but sends his effort wide.
L. Pellegrini
11' Pellegrini's earlier crosses from set-pieces haven't picked out their target, but he got this one spot on.
T. Abraham
11' ABRAHAM SCORES! Roma win another corner, and it's a wonderful cross onto the edge of the six-yard box from Pellegrini. Abraham rises higher than everyone else and thumps his header over Schmeichel, who was beaten by the power, and into the back of the net. 1-0 Roma!
10' CHANCE! Zalewski breezes down the left wing again and this time, he pulls it back to Pellegrini on the edge of the box. He takes the short first time, but a nick off Tielemans takes it just wide.
8' SAVE! Pellegrini takes the free-kick from just outside the left of the box and he forces Schmeichel into a save at his near post. The ball bounces back into the crowd, but Abraham can't get there ahead of Fofana.
7' Zalewski is starting to get a bit of joy down the left as he skips away from Lookman. He tries to take it past Pereira, who leaves a leg trailing to trip him and Roma have a free-kick.
5' The corner is whipped into the box for Leicester and no one gets on the end of it. The visitors are asking for a penalty though after Fofana was clumsily bundled over by Smalling, but the referee waves the claims away.
4' Justin stayed down after that nudge from Oliveira and he's receiving treatment. Thomas was rushed out to start warming up, but it looks like Justin is going to be able to carry on.
2' Leicester are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and they're patiently trying to work it upfield. It's switched out to Justin on the left where he goes over under pressure from Oliveira, but he doesn't get the free-kick he's looking for.
1' Vardy gets the game underway for Leicester!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Roma have won six of their last seven home games played against English opposition in European competition (L1). The most recent two also came in semi-finals, against Liverpool (Champions League 2017-18, 4-2), and Manchester United (Europa League 2020-21, 3-2).
Brendan Rodgers rested a lot of his key players in Sunday's loss to Tottenham, and he makes 10 changes to that team today, with only Schmeichel retaining his place. Evans and Fofana partner in defence, while Vardy leads the lines. Dewsbury-Hall and Maddison have recovered from respective calf and hip injuries to start here.
Jose Mourinho makes six changes to the side that drew with Bologna at the weekend, with Smalling, Karsdorp, Oliveira, Pellegrini, Zalewski and Abraham all coming in. Kumbulla, Maitland-Niles, Veretout, El Shaaraway, Perez and Afena-Gyan drop to the bench. Spinazzola is also among the subs after recovering from his long-term injury.
LEICESTER CITY SUBS: Danny Ward, Caglar Soyuncu, Marc Albrighton, Kelechi Iheanacho, Ayoze Perez, Daniel Amartey, Hamza Choudhury, Jannik Vestergaard, Timothy Castagne, Patson Daka, Luke Thomas, Boubakary Soumare.
LEICESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Kasper Schmeichel; Ricardo Pereira, Wesley Fofana, Jonny Evans, James Justin; James Maddison, Youri Tielemans, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall; Ademola Lookman, Jamie Vardy, Harvey Barnes.
ROMA SUBS: Daniel Fuzato, Matias Vina, Carles Perez, Eldor Shomurodov, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Jordan Veretout, Marash Kumbulla, Leonardo Spinazzola, Amadou Diawara, Edoardo Bove, Felix Afena-Gyan, Stephan El Shaarawy.
ROMA STARTING XI (3-5-2): Rui Patricio; Gianluca Mancini, Chris Smalling, Ibanez; Rick Karsdorp, Bryan Cristante, Sergio Oliveira, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Nicola Zalewski; Nicolo Zaniolo, Tammy Abraham.
It's finely poised coming into this game after a 1-1 draw in the first leg. Leicester are now just one game away from their first-ever European final, while Roma are looking to reach the final stage of a European competition for the first time since the UEFA Cup final in 1990-91. Both teams have struggled for form recently though - Roma are winless in their last four matches (D3 L1), with their last win coming in the quarter-final second-leg against Bodo/Glimt, while Leicester's last win also came at the same stage, with a 2-1 victory over PSV Eindhoven. They're winless in their five games since then (D3 L2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa Conference League semi-final second-leg between Roma and Leicester City at the Stadio Olimpico!