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Huddersfield Town v Manchester United Live Commentary, 05/05/2019

1 - 1
I. Mbenza (60)
S. McTominay (8)
John Smith's Stadium


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So, after Chelsea's win today, United can no longer finish in the top four, but they could still finish in fifth above Arsenal depending on the Gunners' last two results. Huddersfield have ended their eight-match losing streak with that draw in their final home game of the season and Siewert will already be looking ahead to their last game against Southampton as they try to finish their time in the Premier League on a high note. 
United will not finish in the top four of the Premier League this season after drawing 1-1 with Huddersfield. They took an early lead through McTominay after Bacuna's mistake played him in on goal and he slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. Huddersfield improved steadily throughout the game and equalised in the second half through Mbenza, who got on the end of Lossl's long ball downfield. Pogba did hit the crossbar in both halves, first with a header before his curling shot rebounded off the woodwork towards the end of the game. Grant could have added to Huddersfield's goal tally as well, but was denied by two good De Gea saves. 
90' + 7' The game is very open heading into the final moments with both sides getting a bit sloppy in their urgency. United are desperate to get a goal but are wasting chances to get forward with poor passes while Huddersfield are struggling to get out of their own half.
90' + 5' United work the ball upfield really well and Chong squares it into Herrera on the edge of the box. His first touch gets away from him but he manages to recover and hit the shot on the turn, but his effort is weak and it's a comfortable save for Lossl.
J. Lössl
Yellow Card
Huddersfield Town
90' + 4' Lossl is shown a yellow card for time wasting. 
90' + 3' United are struggling to find a way into the box due to the Huddersfield players dropping back and closing down the space. Pogba tries to have a go from very long range, but it's high over the crossbar.
A. Diakhaby
I. Mbenza
Huddersfield Town
90' + 1' Second change for Huddersfield now as the goal scorer Mbenza comes off and is replaced by Diakhaby. 
89' GREAT SAVE BY DE GEA! Huddersfield go straight on the counter-attack after Pogba's change and they have three forward against two United defenders. Grant is played in by Pritchard and he aims his shot low at the target, but just like in the first half, De Gea gets down well to make the save with his foot. 
88' POGBA HITS THE WOODWORK AGAIN! United get the ball back after Lossl's save and this time it's Pogba who gets on the end of it. He tries to curl his effort into the top corner but once again he has to watch his effort rebound off the crossbar.
88' GREAT SAVE BY LOSSL! Chong times his run perfectly to stay onside and is left one-on-one with the keeper as he runs into the box. He drives his shot low from a tight angle and Lossl palms the shot away from his goal. 
87' Huddersfield have stood strong against every United attack so far in this second half and are frustrating the away side who haven't been able to find the back of the net again.
85' Dalot uses his pace and gets ahead of Smith down the right wing. Just before he reaches the byline, he squares the ball towards the near post where McTominay is waiting and the midfielder gets on the end of it, but can only knock it out of play.
Diogo Dalot
V. Lindelöf
Manchester United
83' Final change by Solskjaer now. Dalot comes on in place of Lindelof, who goes straight down the tunnel as soon as he goes off. 
82' GOOD CHANCE FOR RASHFORD! He picks up the ball outside the box and takes on the long-range effort. His shot is heading in at the far post, but Lossl makes a great save to deny him. 
81' Huddersfield look very dangerous on the counter-attack and once again almost find a way in behind the United defence. Pritchard puts a wonderful cross into the box and after Jones and Shaw let it run, De Gea comes off his line to collect the ball. 
79' Every Huddersfield player has dropped back into their own half again at the minute as they close down the space through the middle to make it difficult for United.
77' McTominay is back on his feet now and he's going to be able to carry on. 
75' McTominay is down in the Huddersfield box with a head injury and the medical team are quickly across to give him some treatment. Lossl had come off his line to clear Pogba's cross and accidentally collided with the midfielder in the process. 
73' Chong just about finds enough space to slip the ball through to Mata who's unmarked on the left. He cuts into the box before squaring his cross to Rashford who takes the shot first time. Ut's a poor attempt by the forward though as his effort flies well wide of the far post. 
71' GREAT CHANCE FOR JONES! Young crosses the free-kick into the near post where Jones is running onto it. It's at a difficult angle and he tries to flick his effort on goal, but he can only send it over the crossbar. 
70' United are struggling to find a way through the middle of the field so are trying to move the ball out wide instead. Chong has drifted out to the left to receive the ball and then wins a free-kick after being caught by Hogg. 
68' Huddersfield have a free-kick in a good position down the right wing which Mooy swings into a good area in the middle of the box. It travels through towards the far post, but Young manages to get it clear before it can reach Grant. 
66' The game is finally back underway after the stoppage for the corner flag and United are slowly trying to build up an attack from the back. 
64' There have been just three occasions of a goalkeeper assisting a Premier League goal against United, with Lossl responsible for two of them. 
62' Play is still yet to resume after the goal as Mbenza broke the corner flag during his celebrations and the stewards are trying to find a replacement for it. 
J. Lössl
Huddersfield Town
60' Lossl chooses to go for the direct option as he aims a long ball upfield and Huddersfield get lucky as Shaw misses the clearance.
I. Mbenza
Huddersfield Town
60' MBENZA PULLS HUDDERSFIELD LEVEL! Lossl's long ball over the top is missed by Shaw and Mbenza doesn't give up on it as he gets on the end of it. He takes a couple of touches to move into the box before slipping it through De Gea's legs and into the back of the net. 1-1!
59' Chong seems to have added a calmness to United's passing in midfield since coming on and he's just slowing down the pace of the game a little bit instead of playing sloppy passes first time. 
57' GOOD CHANCE FOR POGBA! Rashford has dropped back into midfield to pick up the ball and he picks out Pogba's run ahead of him. He tries to curl it towards the top corner from outside the box, but his effort sails over the crossbar. 
56' Pogba holds up the ball really well on the left before squaring the ball back to Herrera who is running onto it at the edge of the box. The Spaniard hits his shot first time but it's a wild effort and it flies well wide of the far post. 
T. Chong
A. Sánchez
Manchester United
54' Sanchez had just gone down holding his ankle before the first change, so he's taken off and goes straight down the tunnel. Chong comes on in his place. 
Ander Herrera
N. Matić
Manchester United
53' Double substitution for United now. First to make way is Matic and he is replaced by Herrera.
52' GRANT COMES CLOSE! Huddersfield break really quickly and Bacuna picks out Grant's run inside from the right. The forward takes a touch before curling his effort towards the top corner, but it's just too high. 
50' Huddersfield once again can't get the ball clear following a United corner and Matic picks it up outside the box. He drives his shot on target, but it's blocked by one of his own team-mates. 
49' Both sides have been sloppy with their passes in the opening minutes of the second half. They've both been gifting possession to their opponents which is breaking up the flow of the game. 
47' Sanchez finds himself unmarked in a lot of space down the left and he cuts a cross back into the middle of the box. Schindler clears it, but only as far Shaw on the edge of the box. He takes a touch before having a go, but he slices his shot and it goes wide. 
46' United get us back underway for the second half!
T. Smith
E. Durm
Huddersfield Town
46' Huddersfield are making a change at the start of the second half as Smith comes on in place of Durm. 
Siewert will be happy with how his side ended the half as they started to look more comfortable on the ball and were creating some good chances for themselves. A lot of their joy has come down the right wing, and if they continue to use that tactic in the second half, then they can continue to cause United some problems. United were moving the ball upfield with a lot of pace in their attacks and Huddersfield were struggling to cope with that at time. If they can get their crosses into the box a little bit quicker then they have a good chance of adding to their goal tally.
Manchester United lead Huddersfield 1-0 at half-time. United made a bright start to the game and forged ahead after Bacuna gave the ball away to McTominay. He hit his shot low into the bottom corner to put United in front, but Lossl will feel that he could've done better after getting something on the shot. Huddersfield did improve as the half went on and Grant had a good chance to draw his side level but was denied by De Gea. Pogba then saw his header rebound off the crossbar just before the break. 
45' + 2' Pogba plays a sloppy pass into Rashford which Mooy intercepts and he instantly sets off on the counter-attack. He tries to play it wide to Grant, but Jones is always ahead of him and reaches the ball first to put it out of play. 
45' Rashford is down receiving treatment after being caught in the face by Kongolo. He's back on his feet and it looks like he's going to be able to carry on. 
44' Pritchard whips a wonderful cross into the near post from the byline on the right wing and Grant has made a run to get on the end of it. He gets close, but Lindelof just gets to the ball ahead of him to clear it away. 
42' POGBA HITS THE CROSSBAR! Mata turns and quickly puts a cross into the middle of the box to pick out Pogba. The cross is behind the Frenchman but he leans back and is able to get on the end of it and direct his header towards goal. The goalkeeper is beaten, but the shot rebounds off the woodwork. 
41' Pogba has drifted out to the right wing now and he puts a good cross to the edge of the box where Rashford is waiting, but he can't bring the ball down and Schindler is able to get it clear.
39' GOOD SAVE BY DE GEA! Bacuna intercepted a pass from Jones and instantly turns and slips the ball through to Grant who has pulled away from his defender. The striker hits his shot low down the centre of the goal and De Gea gets down to turn the effort away. 
38' Pritchard is allowed a lot of space on the right wing and he has time to pick out his cross. He drives it low through Jones' legs, but Lindelof gets ahead of Mbenza and hits it against the Huddersfield player to knock it out play. 
37' Pogba loops the ball over Huddersfield's midfield to pick out Mata who squares a throughball to Rashford. The striker is always behind the pass, but he does get a touch on it after Lossl spills it to knock it out of play. 
35' Huddersfield are looking a lot more confident on the ball now and are pushing upfield with more pace than they were earlier in the match. They're causing United more problems, but the defenders are coping with the threat so far. 
P. Jones
Yellow Card
Manchester United
33' Jones is shown the first yellow card of the game after a foul on Hogg. 
32' Grant has gone to ground holding his head and the medical team are quickly across to give him some treatment, but he's quickly back to his feet and he'll be able to carry on. 
31' Huddersfield have a free-kick in a good position on the edge of the box after Pogba was penalised for a high boot. Lowe touches it onto Bacuna who curls his effort over the wall, but it takes a deflection on its way through which takes it wide of the post. 
29' Grant pulls away from his defender to get on the end of Pritchard's loose pass and puts a good cross back into the middle of the box. Pritchard is in the middle but Lindelof does really well to get there ahead of him and clear the danger for United.
28' Huddersfield are dropping deeper into their own box to try and stop United from getting through. Pogba plays a wonderful backheel to Rashford though, but the striker can't do the same to play in Sanchez. 
26' Sanchez times his run perfectly to stay onside and whips a brilliant cross into Pogba at the far post from the right wing. The Frenchman throws himself forward to reach it and keeps the ball in play but Lossl comes off his line to collect it. 
25' MATA COMES CLOSE! United work the ball upfield brilliantly with some one-touch passes. Rashford knocks it onto Mata on the edge of the box and after taking a touch, he tries to curl his shot into the far post, but his effort is wide.
24' GOOD CHANCE FOR BACUNA! Mata gives the ball away to Bacuna in midfield and he drives straight at the United defence before having a go from the edge of the box. He can't get his effort on target though and it bounces wide of the post. 
23' Pogba gets his head up and sees that Sanchez is making a good run into the middle of the box. He tries to pick him out with a throughball, but it's just overhit and rolls through to Lossl. 
21' As soon as United get the ball, they are quick to move upfield and into the final third and Huddersfield are having to drop everybody back to try and close down the space in midfield. 
19' Whenever Huddersfield do win the ball back, there is no movement in the final third from their forward players and they are struggling to get in behind the United defence because of this. 
17' McTominay has scored in back-to-back starts in the Premier League for United, this after having scored none in his first 14 for the club beforehand. 
15' United have a free-kick in a good position on the edge of the box and Mata steps up to take it this time. He tries to curl his shot towards goal, but it rebounds off the wall and he ends up giving away a free-kick when he goes to win it back. 
14' Huddersfield are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute. They're trying to play out from the back which is causing them a lot of problems as United are closing them down high up the field. 
12' Young swings a corner into the box and picks out Lindelof who is unmarked near the penalty spot. He brings it down on his chest but can't control it and Kongolo misses his clearance altogether. The ball falls to McTominay but the referee awards Huddersfield a free-kick before he can have a shot. 
10' Huddersfield are enjoying a spell of possession now after barely touching the ball in the opening 10 minutes of the game. They work it well to Mooy in midfield, and he tries to switch play out to the right wing, but Shaw gets ahead of Mbenza to clear it for United. 
S. McTominay
Manchester United
8' MCTOMINAY GIVES UNITED AN EARLY LEAD! Bacuna intercepted a pass from Pogba but he knocks the ball straight back into McTominay's path. The midfielder took it around the defenders in front of him before hitting his strike low across goal. Lossl almost got to it, but it bounced through his legs to find the bottom corner of the net. 1-0 United!
6' Sanchez is brought down and United have a free-kick quite far outside the box. Rashford is stood over it and he goes for goal, but his effort it straight at Lossl who is able to catch the shot. 
4' United are moving the ball upfield quickly in the opening minutes of the game. Lindelof's pass picks out Rashford this time and he tries to pick out one of his team-mates with a backheel into the box, but no one has made the run ahead of him and the chance goes to waste. 
2' Lindelof tries to loop a pass over the top of Huddersfield's defence to pick out Pogba, but Durm was tracking his run the whole way and managed to get ahead of him to reach the ball first. 
1' Grant gets the game underway for Huddersfield!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away. 
United haven't won their last away league game of the season since the 2011-12 campaign when they won 1-0 at Sunderland on the final day. 
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also makes three changes after United's draw with Chelsea last weekend. Jones, Sanchez and McTominay are the players to come in. Herrera gets a start on the bench, while Eric Bailly and Romelu Lukaku both drop out of the squad with injuries. 
Jan Siewert makes three changes to the Huddersfield side that lost to Liverpool in their last game. Lowe, Mooy and Pritchard all come into the starting line-up to replace Mounie, Smith and Stankovic, who drop down to the bench. 
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Lee Grant, Fred, Chris Smalling, Diogo Dalot, Ander Herrera, Andreas Pereira, Tahith Chong. 
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): David de Gea; Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Victor Lindelof, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba; Juan Mata, Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez.
HUDDERSFIELD TOWN SUBS: Joel Coleman, Elias Kachunga, Tommy Smith, Jon Gorenc Stankovic, Adama Diakhaby, Matty Daly, Steve Mounie. 
HUDDERSFIELD TOWN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Jonas Lossl; Erik Durm, Christopher Schindler, Terrence Kongolo, Chris Lowe; Aaron Mooy, Jonathan Hogg, Juninho Bacuna; Alex Pritchard, Karlan Grant, Isaac Mbenza.
United are still fighting for a top-four finish heading into the final two games of the season, but haven't been on the best run of form in recent weeks - they are winless in their last four matches in all competitions (D1 L3). Meanwhile, already relegated Huddersfield are currently on an eight-match losing streak in the league and haven't registered a win in the competition since they beat Wolves in February. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Huddersfield Town and Manchester United at the John Smith's Stadium!