Young Bafana Series: Part Three - Luiz Weissmann

The weekly series of Young Bafana Soccer Academy continues and in Part Three, we hear from young goalkeeper Luiz Weissmann

One of the youngest players at Young Bafana Luiz Weissmann had a sit-down interview with outreach manager, Veron Peter to discuss his experiences at the academy so far.

The 11-year-old goalkeeper says that he drew his goalkeeping inspiration from Barcelona and German international goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen.

 Luiz says that the discipline and respect which ter Stegen shows towards other players inspires him to do the same.

Despite the relatively young age, Luiz already knows that respect and discipline will have to be his closest attributes if he has any hopes reaching Ter Stegen's level one day.

" One of the greatest lessons he has learnt from football iso far is to always have discipline and respect for people the way they are.," said Luiz.

It is clear that Luiz is managing to include all types of people into his world regardless of their age, race or gender. Young Bafana is an academy which encourages inclusivity and diversity. In fact, one of Luiz’s highlights in football is a tournament in which he participated which was held in Macassar. His team came second, a great accomplishment for this newly formed team.

‘Respect yourself and believe in yourself,’ he concluded. 

What a wonderful mantra to live by and a wonderful message to all our aspiring young footballers.