Vingada defends team selection amidst furor

Nelo Vingada has moved to explained that age does not play a factor in his selection for Lebanon

Nelo Vingada has begun his duties as the new Malaysia national team head coach after 14 players turned up for the start of the centralised training camp ahead of Malayan Tigers' first outing in the 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers against Lebanon on 13 June.

With the postponement of the tie against North Korea that was scheduled for 8 June and no replacement friendly planned, Vingada will go head-on into that match against Lebanon without a chance to have a test players in a competitive environment.

However, the Portuguese explained that the arrangement is due to the fact that Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) players will need recovery time after their trip to the Philippines for AFC Cup action and that it wouldn't make sense to test the team without the full quorum. 

"We decided not to have any friendly match because JDT plays and Philippines and they will need time to recuperate. Which is why it wasn't the best condition to have a friendly without the full team available," said Vingada to the press in Johor Bahru.

The former Arab Saudi head coach also went on to address the concern from fans on the team selection. The supporters are worried that the team is still relying on older players and that it may not be forward thinking. To which Vingada notes that whoever he selects, fans can be assured that it's because they are good enough to play and not for any other reason.

"The players who are quality will be fielded. If the veteran players are fit and have the qualities required, they will be selected. What is important is for us to find the right balance and combination between the players who have experience, quality and talent. That is the toughest part of my job," added Vingada.

Commonly referred to as The Professor, Vingada will also be hoping that no JDT players competing in the match against Ceres-Negros FC will pick up any injury that may caused them to miss out on the Lebanon game.