VIDEO: Eden Hazard vs Felipe Massa - Who can handle the pressure?

Two wheels, two scoring drills. Sure put two elite sportsmen to the test by reversing their roles and testing their performance under pressure

The very best can perform when it matters most.

The elite save their best for the big occasions, when the tension reaches fever pitch.

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Formula One star Felipe Massa have carved out exceptional careers by doing exactly that.

But how would they fare when their roles were reversed. Taken out of their comfort zone, could they defy the pressure and perform to their best?

Hazard vs Massa

Eden Hazard vs Felipe Massa: Who can handle the Pressure?

Posted by on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sure put to the duo to the test, asking Hazad to step in as pit crew and Massa to pull on a pair of boots and prove he had what it takes away from the track.

And the stakes were high between the two fierce competitors, whose drive and ambition has catapulted them to the very top of their respective professions.

The loser had to mow the pitches.

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