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Popov wasn't denied selection power - KAFA president

1:48 PM GMT+8 07/11/2017
Kelantan head coach Velizar Popov 2016
Kelantan president Bibi Ramjani Ilias Khan has denied an earlier claim made by Bulgarian coach Velizar Popov regarding their contract negotiations.

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Kelantan FA president Bibi Ramjani Ilias Khan has denied the claim by Bulgarian coach Velizar Popov, that he was denied the power to select his players and staff.

The former Kelantan boss on Sunday announced that negotiations between the two parties to secure his return to Kota Bharu for the 2018 season had fallen through because the club would not allow him to bring in his own players and staff, a condition he will not compromise on.

But on Tuesday Bibi denied his claim on the Red Warriors' social media.

"It's not an issue of personnel selection, as it'd better if he could bring in quality foreign players.

"The issue is another term he had included; that he can leave us anytime he receives an offer from another club. That worries me deeply," said Bibi.